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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 19 > Continuing Series > The Fine Line: Breaking Reality - Part Four

The Fine Line: Breaking Reality - Part Four

by gundamblaze

V: The Mysterious Neomail
"Yes! I win again!" Willie yelled as he Neomailed the user he had just beaten in the Battledome. "Another victory! Way to go Cubix!" Willie was the owner of that Halloween Nimmo. Just as he was about to challenge another user, a new Neomail message had arrived for him. He figured it was the guy he was annoying about the victory, but the sender was simply labeled 1001010. There was no subject. Willie opened up the Neomail. It read:

To the reader of this letter,

You have been chosen to travel through the Internet and Ethereal Plains to come to the true Neopia. Constantly check your inventory for a Ethereal Connection Port, no Something Has Happened! alert will appear. The item will just show up in your inventory.

-Creator of the R2

Willie started laughing. He was thinking someone would have to be a real loser to write something like this. But, just to mock the poor sap, he went to his inventory. No Ethereal Connection Port. Just as he had expected. So he started looking around the message boards, Shop Wizard, and lookups for it. No such item. He knew it. So he started stocking up on his shop. Just as he was going around the site, a something has happened! icon appeared. He found a Codestone! He went to his inventory to get his Codestone, and there it was: an Ethereal Connection Port.

"No way..." Willie muttered to himself. He opened it up, and there was that option: CONNECT. And he chose it. He waited for something to happen, but the window just closed. And his scanner started to glow.

"Ah! What's happening!?" he yelled as he shielded his eyes from the radiance coming from the scanner. The scanner then turned into pure light, and transformed into a Green NeoP0rt.

"No way... I must be dreaming," Willie said as he picked it up. He took the new wire that appeared and hooked the NeoP0rt to his computer. He tried a lot of things, but nothing worked. That is until he found P0rtal Connection.

"This can't be real... so I want to see what this does." He selected P0rtal Connection, and his monitor shot out blue light. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was in that black plain: The Internet.

"This is... impossible..." he said as he started at the NeoP0rt, telling him he was in the Internet Data Transfer Network. And then, it happened. The NeoP0rtal snuck up right behind him. And he started running away from it.

"Why is this giant bubble following me around!?" he yelled as he tried to outrun it. And then he tripped on his own foot. He hit the invisible floor hard, making him pass out...


"Hey, come on man!" I kept shoving him, trying to get him to wake up. We were in the Battledome. He wearily opened up his eyes. He saw the NeoPets, and, well, freaked. He got up and cautiously backed away.

"AH! They can't be... they are! NeoPets! AHH!" He was totally scared. Of course, I tried my best to calm him down.

"Yeah, that was my first reaction too. You would be Willie, I presume."

"Hey, kid, how did you know my name!?"

"Your Nimmo here, Cubix, told me." Okay, so I was making it sound TOO simple.

"My Nimmo told you!?"

"Okay, okay. Just sit down and I'll explain this to you." And after a few calming tones and some elbows in the gut I got him to stay still. And I explained everything to him.


Willie was in shock. "This is really weird... but it seems to make a little sense."

"Really? I beg to differ. So, how did you become aware of it? Did you just see it in your inventory?"

"Actually, I was sent a Neomail It must've been sent by you." That's when I freaked out.

"Umm... we didn't send any Neomails."

"But... then who sent it?" I was at a loss for answers. What was I supposed to tell this guy? He was expecting me to answer, but I couldn't. So I just said that I didn't know.

"Well... okay then. So, what do we do now?" He was surprisingly calm, especially after nearly trying to destroy me. I had an idea of what we should do.

"Let's battle."


"Hey Cubix, I'll try not to beat you too bad," Orichalkon said. The fight was about to begin.

"I know... to do that you'd have to beat me period." The bell rang, and the two NeoPets jumped at each other. With Cubix getting in the first hit.

"Orichalkon, get up!" I yelled at him. He got back up to his feet, and I commanded him into battle. "Slide on the ground and sweep!" Orichalkon complied, but Cubix flew over. "Orichalkon, use both Improved Lightning Beams!" And with that, two massive bolts of lightning shot out of Orichalkon's hands, with one hitting and one blowing a hole in the ceiling.

"Brad, I'm surprised I never took you on when this was just a game!" Willie yelled across the dome.

"Well it isn't a game anymore! Orichalkon, use them again!" We used them in futility, as they all missed.

"You'll have to do better than that! Cubix, dive at him!" Willie was ordering Cubix around like a soldier. I knew I had to act fast, that attack would knock Orichalkon out cold.

"Orichalkon, think fast!" I tossed a Large Metal Shield to Orichalkon, and he guarded with it. And Cubix flew right into it. Knocking Orichalkon back and costing Cubix a lot of energy.

"Okay Orichalkon, use the Improved Lightning Beams to finish him off!" Just has Orichalkon was about to fire the beams, an explosion was heard down the corridor. "What was that!?" I yelled.

"I don't know, but we'll have to put our fight on hold!" Willie exclaimed across the room. Then, Ryo and SnowOhki showed up, emerging from the smoke. Ryo then spoke.

"Time to go, you guys."

To be continued...

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