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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Hiding, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 16 > Articles > How to Play Food Club and Play it Well

How to Play Food Club and Play it Well

by isssac

Today, I am going to touch on a game that will be able to turn you into a millionaire overnight! YES OVERNIGHT!!! This game can earn you an easy few hundred thousands in one night alone! Right, this game is called the Food Club!

Rules of the game (Extract from the rules of Food Club):

What Is It: At Food Club, the objective of this game is to place bets on the pirate(s) that you think will win in an eating competition.

Who Is Competing: There are twenty pirates that compete in each round. Each round consists of five matches with four pirates each, which are held in one of the five arenas.

When Is It: The Food Club matches are held once per day at the designated time.

Placing Bets: When placing a bet, you have the option to bet on single or multiple matches. Single matches are straightforward. If your pirate wins the match, then you win your bet! In order to win on multiple matches, you must correctly choose the winning pirate for each match that you bet on. For example, if you were to place a multiple bet on the matches that are being held at Shipwreck and Lagoon, you must choose the winning pirate for both of those matches in order to win the bet. There are no partial winners for multiple match bets, but your winnings are much higher if you are successful!

Odds: Your winnings will be based on the odds for the pirate(s) you have chosen to win. The current odds are next to the pirate's name, although they may fluctuate throughout the day.

Collecting Your Bets: To collect your winnings bets, simply go the Collect Winnings page. REMEMBER: You must collect your winning bets within 7 days of the match, or your winnings may be forfeited!

Betting Strategies: When you are placing bets, you need to remember that there are many different things to take into consideration. If you are simply using their win/loss record, you are bound to lose a lot of Neopoints. First thing to do is to take a look at each pirate in the match. You should do some comparisons between their strength (stamina) and their weights. Also, more importantly, look at the foods that could possibly be served for the match. If you place a bet on a strong pirate, but he happens to be allergic to many of the foods that could be served for his match, you are almost guaranteed to lose! To research the possible food courses for a match, simply click on the Next Round link and choose which match you want to look up.

And no, I don't play it everyday and I don't really look at the courses that the pirates like and dislike. WHY? That's because I always look at the odds for each pirates before I place my bets. The smaller the odds the better the chances of winning! Sometimes the odds are good sometimes they are bad.

Example of a GOOD odd:
Pirates Winning Odds
Gooblah the Grarrl 2:1
Peg Leg Percival 13:1
Young Sproggie 13:1
Stuff-A-Roo 13:1

In this scenario, by just looking at the odds, Gooblah the Grarrl will almost have 100% chance of winning.

Example of a BAD odd:
Pirates Winning Odds
Gooblah the Grarrl 2:1
Peg Leg Percival 2:1
Young Sproggie 3:1
Stuff-A-Roo 5:1

Both Gooblah the Grarrl and Peg Leg Percival have a chance of winning too. Captain Crossblades has an outside chance of winning and Stuff-A-Roo is the dark horse of this competition. I would suggest not to place any bet on this one. :)

I have sum up all the 20 pirates in the table below:

Strength Weight Favourites Allergies
Scurvy Dan the Blade 87 166 Salty foods, Meats Candy
Young Sproggie 73 112 Meats, Neggs Gross foods
Orvinn the First Mate 52 221 Candy, Slushies, Pizza Fruits
Lucky McKyriggan 82 182 Gross foods Pizza
Sir Edmund Ogletree 79 177 Dairy Breads (pastries, pancakes, etc.)
Peg Leg Percival 73 202 Spicy foods Smoothies
Bonnie Pip Culliford 76 116 Candy, Smoothies Spicy foods
Puffo the Waister 68 180 Candy, Smoothies, Slushies Meats
Stuff-A-Roo 59 211 Pizza Neggs
Squire Venable 61 213 Breads (pastries, pancakes, etc.) Fruits
Captain Crossblades 66 185 Slushies, Pizza Salty foods
Ol' Stripey 74 189 Meats, Slushies Breads (pastries, pancakes, etc.)
Ned the Skipper 79 169 Meats Dairy
Fairfax the Deckhand 71 151 Vegetables, Fruits Salty foods
Gooblah the Grarrl 93 199 Meats Slushies
Franchisco Corvallio 81 165 Spicy foods, Meats Candy
Federismo Corvallio 81 166 Gross foods, Pizza Smoothies
Admiral Blackbeard 76 171 Vegetables, Fruits Dairy
Buck Cutlass 89 189 Candy Vegetables
The Tailhook Kid 81 201 Vegetables Neggs

I have sum up all the 40 courses in the table below:

Courses Type Courses Type
Hotfish Salty foods, Meats Broccoli Vegetables
Wriggling Grub Gross foods Joint Of Ham Meats
Rainbow Negg Neggs Streaky Bacon Meats
Ultimate Burger Meats Bacon Muffin Meats, Breads
Hot Cakes Breads Spicy Wings Spicy foods, Meats
Apple Onion Rings Fruits, Gross foods Sushi Salty foods, Meats
Negg Stew Neggs Ice Chocolate Cake Candy
Strochal Candy Mallowicious Bar Candy
Fungi Pizza Gross foods, Pizza Broccoli & Cheese Pizza Vegetables, Dairy, Pizza
Bubbling Blueberry Pizza Fruits, Pizza Grapity Slush Slushies
Rainborific Slush Slushies Tangy Tropic Slush Slushies
Blueberry Tomato Blend Fruits, Dairy, Smoothies Lemon Blitz Fruits, Dairy, Smoothies
Fresh Seaweed Pie Salty foods, Gross foods Flaming Burnumup Spicy foods, Vegetables
Hot Tyrannian Pepper Spicy foods, Vegetables Eye Candy Candy, Gross foods
Cheese and Tomato Sub Fruits, Breads, Dairy Asparagus Pie Vegetables
Wild Chocomato Dairy, Smoothies Cinnamon Swirl Candy, Breads
Anchovies Salty foods, Meats Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza Spicy foods, Vegetables, Pizza
Orange Negg Neggs Fish Negg Neggs
Super Lemon Grape Slush Slushies Rasmelon Dairy, Smoothies
Mustard Ice Cream Dairy, Gross foods Worm and Leech Pizza Gross foods, Pizza

In this game, you can place up to 10 bets in 5 arenas(Not more than 2 bets per arena):
Shipwreck, Lagoon, Treasure Island, Hidden Cove & Harpoon Harry's

You might want to ask me, "How to earn a few hundred thousands in one night?". The answer is simple. I would suggest you to place multiple bets. All you have to do is to predict the winning pirate of each arena. Do remember you can only place 10 bets and you will have to use them wisely! I will illustrate a scenario in the following tables below:

Shipwreck: Lagoon: Treasure Island:
Pirates Winning Odds Pirates Winning Odds Pirates Winning Odds
Gooblah the Grarrl 2:1 Puffo the Waister 2:1 Buck Cutlass 2:1
Peg Leg Percival 13:1 Squire Venable 13:1 The Tailhook Kid 5:1
Young Sproggie 12:1 Ol' Stripey 12:1 Lucky McKyriggan 11:1
Stuff-A-Roo 12:1 Ned the Skipper 11:1 Cpt Crossblades 11:1

Hidden Cove: Harpoon Harry's:
Pirates Winning Odds Pirates Winning Odds
Scurvy Dan the Blade 2:1 Orvinn the First Mate 2:1
Sir Edmund Ogletree 7:1 Franchisco Corvallio 2:1
Bonnie Pip Culliford 11:1 Federismo Corvallio 3:1
Fairfax the Deckhand 11:1 Admiral Blackbeard 5:1

The amount you can bet is 50 NP + 2 * (every day you have been playing NeoPets) NP. For me, I can place 1000 NP per bet. By looking at the odds alone, you can assure that both Gooblah the Grarrl and Puffo the Waister have almost 100% chance of winning in their own arena. So, I place 1000 NP for both of them and place a multiple bet on them too.
Possible Earnings:(1000*2)+(1000*2)+(1000*2*2)=8000 NP(3 bets so far)

Next up is a more tricky. In Treasure Island, Buck Cutlass is not guaranteed to win. So, I have to place "safety" bets. So, I placed multiple bets (add with Shipwreck and Lagoon) of 1000 NP to Buck Cutlass and The Tailhook Kid.
Possible Earnings:8000+(1000*2*2*2)=16000 NP or
Possible Earnings:8000+(1000*2*2*5)=28000 NP (5 bets so far)

As for Hidden Cove, I also placed "safety" multiple-bets on Scurvy Dan the Blade and Sir Edmund Ogletree.
Possible Earnings:16000+(1000*2*2*2*2)=32000 NP or
Possible Earnings:16000+(1000*2*2*2*7)=72000 NP or
Possible Earnings:28000+(1000*2*2*5*2)=68000 NP or
Possible Earnings:28000+(1000*2*2*5*7)=168000 NP (9 bets so far)

As for Harpoon Harry's, you only have 1 bet available and it is a bad odd given, as all of them have a chance of winning! I would suggest not to bet on this one.

In conclusion, you can earn up to from a range of 32k-168k NP in one single night alone (provided with the generous odds given)! One of main tricks is to place "safety" bets on the pirates that have close odds between them and of course, you don't have to place all your 10 bets on those 5 arenas! This is isssac signing off and have fun betting!

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