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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > New Series > Raquessa's Day: Part One

Raquessa's Day: Part One

by Funangel4

"But Mommy, do I have to go to school?" Raquessa whined while her owner buttoned up her periwinkle jacket. Her mother, Justine, gave Raquessa her look saying to be quiet. Raquessa grumbled. She was a playful Acara who loved to play with her dolls. She was young, too. Raquessa didn't want to go to kindergarten. She didn't care if she grew up to be an old Acara who spent all her life working in a Cheesy Neos factory. Her sister, Coeurange had terrified her with chilling tales of school.

"One time, this Kougra talked in class," was one of her stories, the most frightening story for Raquessa, "and he was sent to the principal's office, and was never seen again. All that remains of him is his Chomby and the Fungus Balls Jacket, bloodstained."

Raquessa had to sleep with Justine for two weeks because of that story. Justine handed Raquessa her Light Faerie Lunch box.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Justine exclaimed. She dashed up the stairs and came back, carrying a small box with air holes dotted around. A faint clicking noise came inside. "Don't forget your 'Show-and-Tell' item," she grinned down at her pet. The blue Acara gripped the box tightly. With her backpack on her back, and lunch box in her grasp, Raquessa went out the door of her NeoHome and headed for the school bus.

Coeurange the Acara, her sister was waiting for her, by the bus. "Come on, Raxie, hurry up or we'll be late, and you remember what happened to that Lupe who was late for school..." Coeurange teased.

"I'm not listening, I'm not listening!" she told her sister, pressing her hands over her ears.

The bus was stuffy and stunk of gas. Raquessa gradually walked to an empty seat. All of the pet's eyes seemed to be hooked on Raquessa's somber face. She quietly sat down and gazed out the window. It was a bitter fall morning, leaves were scattered over the sidewalk. The bus slowly began to move. Raquessa watched as her house became a tiny speck and then vanished in the distance. She felt like crying, but all she could do was whimper.

The school bus made an abrupt stop, whiplashing Raquessa's neck. The pets dismounted the bus, still chatting. Raquessa stared at the school. Coeurange had said the school was a log cabin, but this was certainly not a log cabin. It was a gigantic concrete building with windows sprinkled all over. Several steps were before the doorway. All the other pets made it look easy, just climbing up the stairs and pushing the door. The door... she thought. That door was the entrance of another world for her. A world with unlimited books, homework, bullies, friends. But was she ready for this new world? It seemed just like yesterday Justine handed Raquessa her very first toy. I don't want to put up with this, she thought. She turned around and tried to run off, but a large Kyrii bumped into her.

"Well, I think that's the wrong way," he smiled. He helped Raquessa up and they both entered the building.

Drats, Raquessa thought.

The school inside was nothing Raquessa had ever seen. The walls were a soft emerald colour, and millions of posters were plastered on the walls. Bright red lockers stretched down the hall. A large variety of pets were there, from a hall monitor Moehog to a bunch of stuck up Unis.

"Wow..." Raquessa breathed.

The Kyrii smiled at the Acara. "Well, I better get going. Third graders don't teach themselves!" he yelled as he ran to one of the doors.

Raquessa's happiness soon turned into fear. She looked at all the doors. Which one is mine? she thought.

A bell loudly rang, forming the scattered pets into various lines. Then she remembered--her owner told her it was class 10, Mrs. Winburn's room. Raquessa ran through the hallway, attempting to read the signs on the door, even though she couldn't read. Room 22 - Mr. Leigh, Room 21 - Ms. Copperfield.... Ah! Raquessa stared at a door. Room 10. At least she thought it said room ten. Without giving it a second thought, she barged in through the door. She looked around. It looked weird for a classroom. It had dark blue walls and sinks attached to the walls. Against the other wall were stalls. "Hmm... This looks really weird for a classroom..." Raquessa mumbled to herself. Suddenly, a voice said:

"So, Rick, when's the big Gormball game?"

"Tonight," the other voice replied.

"Tonight?! Aw, man, I promised my dad I'll baby-sit my little sister tonight. Awww...."

"To bad. I bet little sisters are big pains."

"Tell me about it. And they're sooo dumb."

"Are not!" Raquessa yelled, her cheeks magenta red.

The two stopped. She looked at the stalls.


The stalls' doors slowly opened. Inside where a Wocky and a Gelert, both gawking at Raquessa. Behind them were toilets.

"Uh, oh..." she whispered.

To be continued...

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