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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > New Series > The Fuzzle Exploits: Part One

The Fuzzle Exploits: Part One

by chimesjon

Before this story begins, you should all know about Zack the Fuzzle...

Have you ever heard of Zack T. Fuzzle? He's a Striped Jubjub who has been through a lot of things so far over a total of six months. He has friends, a new owner, and a strange enemy. Strangely enough, Zack was a Fuzzle, who had turned into a full grown, average Jubjub. As he thrives to know more about Neopia, Zack is desperate to try to learn everything that no Neopian should miss.

Zack was originally an Orange Fuzzle, who had been bought by a rich owner of a popcorn factory. He was given to a mean, cruel, and spoiled Acara, named Averay Delinski Hobbes. She had a reputation for destroying perfectly good toys that she hated. Averay had once gotten rid of the expensive Pop Star Usuki. Zack had run away from Averay, and was found in the Money Tree later on by a White Aisha named Whoopi. Unlike Averay, Whoopi's more caring and lovable than that Acara. Under Whoopi's roof, Zack met a Pink Fuzzle named Zoey. They were the best of friends. Whoopi took care of Zack for about two months, until he was evolved into an Evil Fuzzle, known as a Fuzzle's "teenage" form.

In about a month, Zack was evolved once again, this time to a Jubjub. Then the Jubjub became a real friend of Whoopi, along with Rhenae, a female purple Shoyru, and Popcornmaster, a male Christmas Chia. This is exactly when Zack struggles in everyday life.

In Halloween, Zack didn't know what it was. He called it "Haha Low Wings." After some frustration, Zack found the meaning, and "accidentally" got a Halloween costume with the pumpkin shape that Jubjubs have when they're painted Halloween. Halloween was the same night that Averay had escaped from a Neo Military. (She had been sent there for her actions etc.) Averay swore on that day that she would destroy Zack and all Fuzzles of Neopia. (Don't forget world domination.)

Zack had also encountered a couple of people or certain pets. He had met Punchbag Bob, who called Zack his pal. And though never mentioned before, he offered loads of donations to the Money Tree since it was where Zack had been found.

After being adopted a while ago by a thirteen year old boy named King. He lives in Tyrannian Close, Tyrannia. He was given a PetPet Doglefox named Hallo after the memory of Halloween. Zack's home being in Tyrannia kept him away from Neopia Central where all his friends were. His only friend there was Teruh, a fire Pteri.

Wanna know who Zack crushes on? He likes a female Faerie Jubjub whose name is unknown. This is to be revealed soon enough later on.

Zack's a level 5 Jubjub. He never knew how, but it made him successful in the Battledome. He had defeated a Skeith in battle once. And that was the ONLY time Zack had battled. He was sent to the Neopian Pound for a while since he was an orphan when he turned into a Jubjub. Then King finally adopted him.

This is almost everything you need to know about Zack.

Zack was in the Lost Desert. He was with King to make a documentary on the Anubis of the wild. Sen Gao, a blue Mynci from Tyrannia was there along with Zack's new cousin, Joey. Zack and Joey didn't really get along since they didn't know each other too well. Joey had once put some ants into Zack's cereal as a trick, and Zack got even by making him fall into a HUGE pile of dung. Then as Zack was sitting down, Joey came up to him.

"Look, I know we don't really know each other. So how about having a treaty with no tricks. Okay?"

"Uh...Sure," replied Zack, and then they shook hands.

King was already on his way to the Anubis area. Sen was too busy eating Fudges. He had already eaten eighteen. Sen wasn't fat, but he was sure hungry. He was found in a volcanic cavern several days ago, with no owner. King had only taken him in for a while with permission from the Neopian Adoption Center.

Joey spoke again to Zack. "Hey, let's check out the tombs."

"You sure it's open?"

"Duh! It's always open."

Three minutes later...

"What do you mean the tomb's not open?" said Joey.

A golden Gelert replied, "The tomb's not open to visitors. It's too dangerous."

Zack smiled. "Oh..I heard that the tomb's always open. Now where did I get that?" Joey realized that Zack was pointing him out.

"You're pushing it," said Joey.

Sen looked around as the three were looking around the village. Zack's Anubis, Royo followed him around playfully. Royo jumped up into Zack's arms. Zack thought about how mean he was to Joey.

"So Joey, where do you wanna go."

"You're asking me?" questioned Joey, quite amazed. "Take a walk?"

"Great idea!" replied Zack. Not!

Sen finally spoke, "Hey, can I hold Royo please, Zack?"


Things were okay, as long as you don't mind walking around the desert for two hours! "Joey, what are you doing?" asked Zack, exhausted.

Joey backed up a little, until he came across some lose sand, and fell into a hole. "AHHHH!" Zack and Sen quickly ran toward the hole to see what happened. "Joey? Where are you?"

And at that point they too fell into the hole. The crash landing had knocked them unconscious and on the floor at the bottom of the dark hole.

To be continued...

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