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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider: Part Four

Doomsday Rider: Part Four

by yugo149

Previously, our hero found out about the End Game, a tournament launched by Armos and Scorpio to help destroy Neopia's best fighters. One of these fighters was Anubis III, the greatest shape-shifter in Neopia, and when he went up against Orbiknaught, he was completely outclassed. And as Chao, Evanda, Boomdogg, Anubis, and Chaos watch Doomsday_Rider battle Armos, they are getting anxious to find out who wins, Rider, we're counting on you!

I began charging at Armos as fast as I could, and slammed the Million Degree Sword right through his chest. I looked up at his head, sparks were shooting out everywhere. I ripped the sword out of Armos' chest, and slashed through his waist. He broke in half like a cracked eggshell, and his torso hit the ground with a loud clank. I sheathed my sword, and the spectators started cheering.

"I did it," I said to myself. "I beat Armos." I looked over to Scorpio, who was completely surprised that Armos was defeated once and for all.

"All right, Shoyru, I don't know how you beat Armos, but you won't be able to defeat me," Scorpio said. Immediately I saw the steel he wore begin to crack, and shatter. Eventually, it all just flew off, and Scorpio's stats shot through the roof. "Heh heh."

"I'm in trouble," I said, and began slashing at Scorpio with the Million Degree Sword. He took a shot at me with his scorpion-tail, I tried to dodge it, but he managed to slice into my shoulder. Next, he hit my sword with his tail, and it flew to the borderline of the ring. He grabbed my head, picked me up, and threw me out of the ring. When I landed, I landed right next to Boomdogg, who had won the first Bloodsport tournament.

"Well Rider, I guess you're not so good in fighting tournaments, are you?" Boomdogg asked.

"Oh, put a Negg in it," I said, getting off my head and sitting on the ground to try and gather my bearings.

"You just can't handle the fact that you can't beat Scorpio," he said, standing up and jumping into the ring and stretching. He did know how to use the tournament ring to his advantage, but I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into. He motioned to the crowd, and the End Game had drawn a pretty big crowd. "Bring it on, Scorpio." Immediately, Scorpio struck at Boomdogg, but Boomdogg was across the ring before Scorpio's tail hit the ground.

"You little punk. Heh heh. I haven't had to use my full speed for years," Scorpio said. Immediately, Scorpio disappeared, showed up behind Boomdogg, and punched him to the other side of the ring.

"He'll be feeling that in the morning," Chao said.

Boomdogg was struggling to get up, he already had a gash over his eye. Things weren't looking good for him, let's say that. But lo and behold, Boomdogg jumped up and used his Heal ability. However, Heal abilities won't heal something like a cut. "Scorpio, you can't defeat me," Boomdogg said.

"Oh no?" Scorpio said, then began to glow and transform into something I never thought I'd see. Scorpio had shape-shifted into the Phoenix, the symbol of Phoenicia. It looked like Boomdogg couldn't win now. Scorpio flew up and threw a fireball at Boomdogg, it barely missed, but sent him flying over to where I was.

"What's your strategy now, Boom?" I asked him.

"I'm going to lead him around for a while, and when his powers run out, he'll come crashing to the ground, and it'll be a knockout," Boomdogg replied. Scorpio flew at Boomdogg, and he ran all over the ring. Eventually, like he planned, Scorpio's energy ran out, and he crashed to the ground, but he landed on his feet. Scorpio began chasing Boomdogg, and Boomdogg made a sharp turn at the edge of the ring, and Scorpio slipped right out. The End Game was over. Boomdogg had defeated Scorpio like I couldn't. It was a total upset.


We were watching yugo149 at a comedy show. He was doing great. Everybody was laughing.

"You don't drink? Why? It never happens with anything else does it? You don't use mayonnaise? Why? Are you addicted to mayonnaise? Is it okay if I use mayonnaise? I can go outside," he said, and the audience was laughing really hard. As yugo149 was finishing a joke, the back wall exploded, and none other than Scorpio emerged from the collapsing rubble.

"You fools may have defeated me before, but you'll never defeat the warrior coming to take my place!" Scorpio shouted. Boomdogg had done some training after the End Game, and had learned two new abilities, Bless, and Flash. Boomdogg unleashed his hidden strength, and unleashed a few of his abilities as well. The color was draining from his eyes as his strength began to rise far past mine.

"Scorpio, bring it on you Phoenician freak!" Boomdogg shouted. "Flash! Spark! Smokescreen! Magic Pebbles!" Boomdogg unleashed the abilities in that order, first blinding Scorpio with the flash, stunning him with the Spark, making himself invisible with the Smokescreen, and k.o.'d Scorpio with the Magic Pebbles. And then, out of nowhere, Scorpio exploded, leaving everybody staring at the wall in disbelief, and slowly, Boomdogg charged his hidden strength.

"It's finally over," he said, looking at me, Chao, Evanda, and Beast IV, things were peaceful again.


I was still wondering how Boomdogg had pulled that sudden burst of strength out of the blue like that, when, he came over to tell me he had been training since long before the tournament.

"You see, Rider, psychodogg had somehow known about this before it happened, so he told me to start training intensively," Boomdogg said.

"Oh," I simply replied, things were back to normal, and, we didn't have to worry about any other threats to Neopia.

The End

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