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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 11 > Short Stories > Chocolicious


by SweetahCheetahz

"Lemme have that Chocolate Lupe for 10 NP."

"No ... How about 20 NP."

"How about 12 NP?"

"No way! 18 NP for this delicious Chocolate Lupe."

"15 NP is my final offer."

"Okay. Okay. You're a regular customer. I'll let you slide this time."

"Thanks Mr. Chocolate Factory man."

"You're welcome Sugar."

Mr. Chocolate Factory man took the Chocolate Lupe from the case and slipped it into a Mr. Chocolate goody bag. My eyes were glittering because I was so happy. I love chocolate. I come here at least 3 times a day to buy chocolate. So you're probably wondering ... who I am? Lemme introduce myself. My name is SweetahSugarz ... also known as Sugar. Ever since I can remember, I have loved chocolate. Its just so yummy and sweet and mmmmm sugary. I live with my Mum SweetahCheetahz. She's sweet too! We have a lot of fun. She is a chocolate lover too. I also have a pet. My Mum and me call her ChoKoLaTe. She's a Turdle and she likes chocolate too. Sometimes she steals my chocolate and hides it under her shell. But that's OK. I have a stash of chocolate no one knows about.

I am the only pet in my family. It's just Mum, my ChoKoLaTe and me. Like I said before, we are always having fun. We have gone to a lot of chocolate conventions and taken tours in people's chocolate galleries. One day, after going to some chocolate galleries, I decided I wanted one of my own. I told my Mum and she thought it was a great idea. So we bought a shop in the Neopian marketplace. It started out real little and we couldn't afford to buy the chocolate but we worked hard to do it. I played games with my Mum. ChoKoLaTe and I went around Neopia hoping to find some codestones and stuff. One day during a visit to Coltzan's shrine, he gave me a faerie. That same day, we went to the Tombola and I got a codestone and a paintbrush. We always went to the Money Tree but by the time we got there...everything was all gone. But it's OK, we were always blessed by the faeries. But anyway I would always give the things I found to my Mum and she would sell it in our shop. We made a lot of NP anytime we received good stuff. So we bought some more space in our shop. And went chocolate shopping. We first hit the Neopian marketplace. We bought a lot of chocolate that day, real cheap to. And every time we bought some, I would always eat it. By the end of sundown, I had eaten 5 dark chocolate Chias, 4 mint chocolate Shoyrus and 10 milk Chocolate Acaras. Mmmmmm Mmmmm good. *Licks Lips* Everyday we did this and by the time we knew it we had a nice sized shop filled with lots of chocolate. After an excursion on the 20th day of Relaxing, I decided to go visit my friend LuciousLimeDrop; she's a green Aisha.

"Mom, can I go visit LuciousLimeDrop?"

"Sure. Just be home before 7, OK?"

"OK Mum."

I went to LuciousLimeDrop's house, which was two doors down from mine.

"Hi Sugar!"

"Hi Limie!"

"What do you want to do today?" I asked.

"Let's get some chocolate," said Limie.

"Yum ... OK! Let's go."

On our way there, I was looking around as usual and I noticed a cute brown bag covered in sparkly things. I picked it up and took a peak. Inside the bag was a pretty box covered with brown and white ribbons.

"What is it Sugar?"

"I don't know Limie."

"Open it. Open It!"

"I am."

I pulled the ribbons off the box and opened it very slowly. Out of the box came a familiar smell.

"Sugar, it smells like chocolate."

"It does Limie. It does."

"Finish opening it."

"I am. Have patience."

"I can't I'm excited but nervous."

"Me too Limie. Me too."

When I finally opened the box to my surprise was a beautiful piece of chocolate. It was in the shape of an Aisha, like me. It smelled like chocolate and looked like it too ... but it was very pretty and almost looked like there were bits and pieces of diamonds in it because it was sparkling so much.

"Eat it."

"No way Limie. Its too pretty."

"It is very pretty."

"I'm going to put it away with my secret stash of chocolate."

"The one under the floor board under bed where your toy box is it."

"Ummm ... yeah. How did you know that?"

"ChoKoLaTe showed me... hehe."

"Grrr ... She's in big trouble."

"Well, we better get to the chocolate factory before our curfew."


So we continued to walk to the chocolate factory. I ended up buying some new candy for my gallery and some chocolate Chias for me. We stopped by the Money Tree on our way home but again there was nothing there but a ghost. *Sigh*

"Well I'll see you tomorrow Limie."

"OK Sugar ... Night Night"

"Night Night."

I walked in my house and my Mum was waiting for me.

"Dinner is ready."

"I don't want any. I'm full."

"Full of chocolate."

"Well ... Ummm ... ermmm...."

"Gimme that bag." "Why?"

"That's enough chocolate for you."


"Because you never eat your dinner."


"So... you need healthy food, not candy."

"But Mum..."

"No buts young lady. Give me that bag."

I put on my sad face in hopes she wouldn't take my chocolate.

"That doesn't work Sugar," she said taking the bag full of yummy chocolate away from me. "Now go wash up and come back for dinner."

"OK," I said sadly.

I went to the bathroom to clean up. And then I went to my room to change. On my bed was ChoKoLaTe.

"Hey ChoKoLaTe," I said sadly.

She got happy and began to walk towards me. I pet her head and gave her a Turdle treat.

"Mum took my chocolate away. I am very sad."

"SUGAR!" called my Mum. "Hurry up. Your dinner is getting cold."

I went downstairs and ate my dinner, which was a ham and radish sandwich and a cup of tea. Twenty minutes later I finished my dinner.

"I'm done Mum."

"Good girl. Now go to sleep. We have a busy day in the shop tomorrow."

"No dessert."


"Oh man."

"And don't bother looking for your secret stash. It's all gone."

"You know too."


"Gimme a kiss and go upstairs."

I gave my Mum a kiss *muahhh* and sadly walked to my room. I laid down in my bed and tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't. I needed something sweet. I looked all around my room but nothing. I couldn't find any piece of chocolate anywhere. I went to sit on my rocking chair and I sat on something pointy. *Ouch* I got up and looked ... it was the box I found in the marketplace. And there was the radiant smell of chocolate. I couldn't resist it any longer. I took it out the box and ate it really fast. It was sooooooooo good. I was happy. So then I went to sleep. The next day I couldn't move, my stomach hurt really bad. As if I had Bloaty Belly.

"Mum!" I screamed.

She ran into the room and was shocked.

*Gasp*"What happened to you Sugar."

"I don't know Mum. I woke up this way. I can't move either."

"We must go to the hospital. You might have Bloaty Belly again."

Mum and ChoKoLaTe rushed me to the NeoHospital. After being checked in and examined by the doctors, they didn't know what it was but diagnosed me with Bloaty Belly. So they gave me Flat-U-Less and some "Get Well" potions.

"Give her one potion and one Flat-U-Less every 3 hours."

"OK Doctor."

"And keep her away from junk food and candy."

"No Problem," said my Mum.

We went home and I was confined to my room without chocolate and sugar. And I got in trouble more because Mum found the box from which I ate the sparkly Aisha chocolate. She tucked me in bed and turned on the TV to watch Bugs Bruce & Friends. I fell asleep in less than five minutes. While I was sleeping I started having a dream that I turned into a chocolate Aisha. It was cool. But then I was awoken by crashing glass.

"Oh my gosh," said my Mum.

"What Mum? What?"

"What is wrong with you? You have brown spots all over your little body."


"Look," she said handing me the mirror.

"Oh my gosh!"

"I have to call a doctor."

She went into the kitchen to get the phone. I sat in bed, looking in the mirror smiling.

"What are you smiling about Sugar?" asked my Mum.

"I'm turning brown, like a chocolate Aisha."

"What? I don't get it," said my Mum with a puzzled face.

"Yesterday I found this cool piece of chocolate in Neopia Central near the magic shop. It was glittery and really pretty. I was going to keep it and put it in my gallery but when you said I couldn't have any more chocolate. I got desperate so I ate it. Then I got really sick. But it wasn't really a sickness it was more like something strange happening to me."

"Uh huh. So that's when you called me in?"


"Whoa...I can't believe this. Are you lying to ……….Oh my."


"Your spots are bigger."


"Yes Sugar…look at them."

Moments later my whole face began to glitter and glow and then my arms began to glow and my whole body completely glowed. The glow and glitter was bright for about 5 minutes and slowly faded into a subtle light.

"OMG," said my shocked mother.

"What?" I said looking into the mirror once again. All I did was smile. I couldn't believe it. It was so amazing. ChoKoLaTe was even smiling and even giggled once or twice.

"You're, you're…" said my mother. "You're a chocolate coloured Aisha. You're brown."

It was quite amazing to be transformed into a chocolate coloured Aisha. I was happy and I was the coolest attraction in my gallery. OK, so you're thinking..."so what, there are a lot of brown pets??" I'm the only one of my kind that actually smelled like a piece of chocolate...but I wasn't as yummy. ChoKoLaTe licked me and made this really weird face that I wasn't a real piece of chocolate. It was really fun. Well that's my story about how I changed into a chocolate Aisha. Until next time Neopians...BYE!!!

The End

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