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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 8 > Continuing Series > The Society of Dark Kyrii: Part Four

The Society of Dark Kyrii: Part Four

by daverboy

Hello! It's me! Are you ready to be bored out of your wits? Are you ready for a yawn-a-thon? Are you prepared for a snooze fest? I hope you said no to all of those questions, because this isn't gonna be any of those. This, is the thrilling climax, the grand finale, the big cheese, the...the um....uh...well you get the picture. THIS IS BIG! Will the evil Rouge escape? Will Kyriisaac survive his encounter with the evil cracked Kyrii? Will we reveal the identity of the Robed Techo? Will I ever SHUT UP(as if)? Well it's time to answer some of those questions, and...ah, the heck with it, let's just get on with the story. AFTER THE STORY ENDS, KEEP READING. IT'S NOT QUITE OVER.

Kyriisaac ran down the hallway, and came to the end, in a dark room. He looked around.

"I know you're here Rouge! Come out and fight you coward!"

"If you insist," replied Rouge as all the lights came on and he jumped down on Kyriisaac. Kyriisaac pulled out the cork gun, held it up and fired. The cork hit Rouge in the face, and he stumbled back. Kyriisaac took his opportunity, and pulled out the Slingshot, and a Rock Bomb, and blasted the bomb at Rouge. For those of you who aren't so smart, the bomb exploded. Just in case you didn't realise that. Anyway, the cloud of smoke rose from where the bomb hit. Oh come on. Seriously. This is the big one, remember? Like I'm gonna dispose of Rouge that easily?

"That was easy," said Kyriisaac. "A little too easy."

He was right. A robot Kyrii leap out of the smoke. "Rouge? He's a Robot? And he's got a slave collar?"

"MUST SeRVe MASTeR," the robot said in a mechanical voice "MUST DeSTROY KYRIISAAC."

"I think not," Kyriisaac replied coldly. "You're gonna pay Rouge."

Kyriisaac leap at the robot, swinging his paw forward at the him. Rouge held up his own paw and caught the fist, then flipped Kyriisaac over his shoulder at the wall. Kyriisaac smashed into the wall. He got up and jumped, kicking at the demented Robot's back, smashing him into the wall. Kyriisaac ran forward, and dug his paw into the robot's face, then started slashing aimlessly. The robot seemed helpless so Kyriisaac stopped for a moment.

"This is for the faeries," he said and stabbed his paw into the Rouge's generator. "And this is for The Society of Dark Kyrii." He stabbed again. "And this is for me." Another stab. "AND THIS!" he yelled, "THIS IS FOR MIKAR!" And with one more stab, he ripped straight through the power generator. He tossed the Robot to the floor, and walked back out to the hall. Suddenly something big hit him and knocked him down. He turned to see Rouge, the visor over his Optical Sensor cracked, one arm hanging by a wire, electricity jumping from each side of the generator to the other, the Robot shaking like mad. He held up a paw, and the claws popped off, revealing missile launchers. "AND THIS IS FOR MASTeR SLOTH! !!!!!" Kyriisaac desperately thrust out his paw. He had forgotten that he was wearing the Shocker. The button pushed against Rouge's face, and activated, electrifying him. Kyriisaac tossed the robot to the ground, and blasted a Rock Bomb at him, blowing him to pieces. The head fell at Kyriisaac's feet.

"And this is just because you're really starting to tick me of."

"M MA MAS MAST MASTe MASTeR!" Kyriisac stomped on the head. "MA AS ST Te eR...."

"Good riddance," Kyriisaac said as he turned away. He was surprised to find himself facing the Battle Faerie.

"Kyriisaac, you have shown great valor today. Thanks to you, Neopia has been saved. Your will be forever known as not Kyriisaac the Swift. But Kyriisaac the Courageous. To show my respect for you, I will grant you one wish. What is it that you most desire?"

"Well..." said Kyriisaac.

"Come on Meercaman, we're gonna be late," I said to my pet Meerca.

"Sorry daverboy," he replied. "We reached the place the Battle Faerie described."

"Welcome!" she said. "I'd like you to meet the newest member of you're family, Kyriisaac the Courageous Kyrii."

The End

"Hi! It's me, Kyriisaac. I'd just like to thank the Robed Techo for those Battledome items. They rocked!" Please note, this is a fictional story. Kyriisaac and meercaman really are my pets, and Kyriisaac really is blue, and my name really is daverboy, and the robed Techo, was my brother's Techo, but aside from that, THIS STORY IS TOTALLY PHONY! IT'S A FRAUD! IT NEVER REALLY HAPPENED! THE FAERIES ARE NOT KEEPING SECRETS FROM YOU, AND THERE IS NO PLOT TO STEAL AWAY YOUR PET TO BECOME PART OF AN ARMY FOR DR. SLOTH! (I THINK) AND THERE IS NO SOCIETY OF DARK KYRII!!!!! Thank you.

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