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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 7 > Continuing Series > The Struggle: Part Three

The Struggle: Part Three

by whitechimaera

Through the glass, they could see the Meerca commentator speaking rapidly with a Battledome official. As they talked, he bounced faster and faster. Once the official left the box, he turned and grabbed the microphone.

“Folks, if you liked that match, you ain’t seen nothing yet! It’s been decided that this next fight will be multiplayer! That’s right, boys and girls, it’s gonna be team versus team! And it’s my honour and privilege to announce one of the teams in the next battle! Please welcome…the Sangre brothers!!!”

Instead of cheering, the crowd exclaimed in astonishment as three Lupes entered the ring.

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me!” Kur’s eyes were as large as a Kiko’s.

“They got the Sangre brothers!” Kahliss and Rahne felt the same. The brothers were some of the most vicious fighters in Neopia. They had never lost a match before, but they had never won a competition either. That was because they always dropped out before the final round. No one knew why. The Sangre brothers were enigmas. But enigmas who could fight like hell. The audience held its breath as the brothers grouped together. The youngest, Il Asante, was a Fire Lupe. Where his fur wasn’t alive with dancing flames, he was as black as midnight. Chazz Mezzine was a Desert Lupe, with a deep blue headdress concealing all of his features except for his hypnotic azure eyes. The eldest of the brothers, and the most powerful, was a White Lupe. Kato stood tall and proud. Whenever his gaze met yours, you were forced to look away.

“The Sangre brothers, ladies and gentlepets!” Sparky said, breaking the silence. “Brilliant fighters, unpenetrable secrets, gorgeous hunks, however you see them, they’re here to battle it out for you! Annnd let’s meet their challengers!”

War cries filled the arena as many figures clad in black swarmed the ring. A red and gold insignia was visible on each of their tunics.

Kur groaned. “Geez, they got ninjas.”

“Yes that’s right, everybody!” the Meerca shouted. “The Sangre brothers are facing the Crimson Light ninjas today! Trained in the deepest recesses of Mystery Island, these boys in black are ready to throw down with the best there is, and who better than the Sangre brothers? Lock your doors, disconnect the phone, turn up the set, because this is one match you DON’T want to miss!”

All eyes were on the arena now. The brothers put their heads together, preparing for battle. The ninjas, meanwhile, removed their hoods, revealing the faces of Kougras, Nimmos, Kyriis, and a lone Grundo. They turned towards the sun and bowed.

“Both sides now readying themselves for the fight,” Sparky said in a softer tone. “The Crimson Light ninjas are paying respect to their spiritual guide, the Light Faerie, so we can be sure to expect quite a few light attacks from their side. I’m told that the ninjas originally sent only three contestants, in order to be fair. But the brothers insisted that they bring more, so here they are, nine ninjas versus the three Sangre brothers. Unfair, you say? Dishonourable, you say? Well, we’ll just have to see! And it looks like both camps are ready! A traditional bow, something both teams do at the beginning of every match, annnnd… there’s the horn!”

It was anybody’s guess as to how the fighters could have concentrated in such a din, for the crowd was screaming itself hoarse, rooting for either side. But as soon as the horn went, both teams merged to form one huge moving mass.

The Crimson Light ninjas were formidable. The Kougras moved with breathtaking agility and delivered blows with devastating force. The Nimmos leapt from spot to spot, making it almost impossible to catch them. The Kyriis were the smallest ones out there, but they were the fastest. They liked to zip in close, unleash their attack, then zip back out of harm’s way. The Grundo wasn’t the largest, nor the strongest, nor the fastest, but his ability to ram opponents when they least expected it was unmatched. The ninjas fought hard, hit hard, and moved fast. The Sangre brothers did it all too, only harder and faster. They made their way through the conglomeration like a Peophin through water, methodically attacking and beating back every ninja they came across. IL Asante brandished a Fire Sword while Chazz Mezzine preferred to wield an Ice Scimitar. Kato, on the other hand, had Arm Shields, which he used to block a ninja’s attack, then moved in for a strike of his own. The brothers worked as one. They knew where each of them were at all times, and they used it to their full advantage. They formed a triangle and gradually surrounded the ninjas, holding their ground, and thus forcing their opponents to come to them. Hit points on both sides diminished, but the ninjas’ went down at a faster pace. “Can you be-lieve it!” Sparky was now blue in the face, which clashed horribly with his bright green fur. “The three of them are grinding the Crimson Light ninjas into the ground! A Kougra leapt at Chazz Mezzine, ready to destroy him with, oh my, a Staff of Supernova! But…now how did that happen?!” The audience’s noise level increased. “In a move too fast to catch, Chazz Mezzine brought his Ice Shield up and stopped the Supernova! Not only that, but he managed to freeze the Staff! That’s 100,000 Neopoints down the drain, my friends! Meanwhile, the Grundo goes for Kato. He’s a living cannonball! He’s aiming for Kato’s chest! He’s going to hit! He’s…oh.” The cheers were deafening as Kato jumped over the barreling Grundo and tossed a fire bomb, with the word “Fitey” clearly inscribed on the side, over his shoulder and directly onto the unsuspecting Grundo. “Wow-wee!!! How does he do that! All over Neopia, young and old alike are asking to ‘rewind that, please!!!’ One fire bomb and the Grundo is down for the count! I can’t make these things up, folks! Now THAT’S a move that the Training School can’t teach you!” The crowd was on its feet, shouting at the top of their lungs (and gills), and stamping their feet (and talons, and fins). The arena was shaking and vibrating with noise.

“Did you see that!” Kur kept shouting.

“Did you see that! I wish I had brought my camcorder! That was unbelievable!”

“What?” Kahliss shouted back.

“I said that it’s unbelievable!”

“Really? I thought that it was unbelievable!”

There was no doubt about it, this was the best fight any of them had seen. A Nimmo flung three Throwing Stars at IL Asante, who deflected them with his Fire Sword. One got past and embedded itself in his shoulder. There was a collective gasp. He ignored the protruding weapon and threw up his Sword to block another Star. On this last one, he angled his Sword so that it would bounce back towards its owner. The Nimmo jumped backwards as the Star hit the ground right in front of him. Then he leapt forwards again with impossible speed, intending to land on top of IL Asante. Instead, he found himself at the receiving end of a brutal punch in the face. The Sangre brother had anticipated the Nimmo’s move and had stepped backwards. When the ninja landed, all he needed to do was punch. The crowd went wild. The Fire Lupe twirled his Sword for them, then went back into the battle.

To be continued...

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