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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 7 > Continuing Series > The Society of Dark Kyrii: Part Three

The Society of Dark Kyrii: Part Three

by daverboy

Okay, Before I start, I just want to tell you, that this is the part with one of the major action scenes. Actually it's one of the only action scenes...But that's not the point! The point is, that this is where stuff starts to heat up. But, of course with the major action scene, comes the major tragedy scene. So you better get ready for some butt woopin!

"Hey Kyriisaac," whispered Mikar. "There's another passage here. Come on, let's get as much distance between us and this thing as we can."

So they crawled for a while, and since the first action scene is coming up, I'm not gonna describe the crawling, so basically, they crawl and come to the opening, which is where I am starting again. Ahem.

"What are all those things?" asked Kyriisaac.

"They're the robot pets," said a mysterious voice nearby.

"W-wh-who a-ar-are y-yo-you?" stuttered Mikar.

"That is not important. Here take this," said the voice, as a mysterious figure in brown robes handed Kyriisaac what looked like a glove.

"It looks like a glove," said Kyriisaac.

"Not exactly. It's a Kyrii Shocker. It's a special Kyrii weapon. You also have the Kyrii Cork Gun, and the Kyrii Slingshot."


"The stick and the bottle thingy?"

"Oh, so that's what they are." Kyriisaac took out the slingshot and cork gun. He turned back to the Robed Techo, only to discover that he was gone. Kyriisaac turned to the Robots.

"I swore to protect those less fortunate. If these guys get out, the less fortunate will be destroyed. I swore to protect Kyrii and their owners. If this evil plan succeeds, all pets and owners, Kyrii or otherwise, will be hurt. I promised to fulfill the requests of the Faeries. They want those things destroyed. And I intend on keeping those promises.

And with that, he ran out and screaming, and attacked the robots.


P.S. This is the action scene

Mikar watched in awe as his friend ran out to attack the robots on his own. A Kougra leaped at him, and slashed at him. Kyriisaac leap over the claws, and shot a rock down at the Kougra with his slingshot. The rock blasted through the Kougra Then he stopped. These are innocent NeoPets, he thought. No they aren't. Those pet's minds have been destroyed and they're never coming back.

"And that makes me mad."

A Chomby came running at him. Kyriisaac, jumped up, and stuck out his feet, catching the head of the robot with them, then blasting a rock into it's viewer. He pushed off of the head and backflipped toward the wall, kicked off, twisted around, and blasted ten rocks into the robot's head. He landed and spun around just in time to see an Acara coming at him, the stalks growing from it's head pointed down like spears. Kyriisaac flipped sideways, blasting two rocks at the Acara, knocking off the stalks. It charged at him, and he blasted a rock into the front of it's head. It froze, then tipped over sideways. Kyriisaac would've laughed if it wasn't for the situation at hand.

He turned around, and grinned at the rest of the army. He pulled out a handful of Rock Bombs, and putting them all in the slingshot at once, and blasted them at the army. To put it simply, they went KABOOM! Kyriisaac twirled the slingshot around, then blew a small bit of smoke off the top of it. He twirled it around and put it in it's holster. Then through the smoke, came an army of Robot Kyrii. They stood there, staring at him. Then they, in unison, lifted up their blasters, and fired.

Kyriisaac roared, jumping over the blasts, and he went running through the robots, slashing at them, then ran back again, claws still blazing. When he left the army, he stopped. And all of the Robot's exploded behind him.

Mikar crawled out of the tunnel and ran to congratulate his friend. "THAT... WAS SO... COOL!!!!!!!" he yelled as he ran up.

A blaster sounded and a hole was burned straight through Mikar.

"Mikar!" Kyriisaac yelled as he ran to his fallen friend. Mikar was gone by the time Kyriisaac reached him.

"Aww, so touching. But I'm afraid I can't stay. After all, I have all of Neopia to conquer," said a voice from behind him.

Kyriisaac recognised that voice. He whirled around. "ROUGE!" he yelled, as he saw a dark robed figure disappear down the a hallway at the other side of the huge cavern. He turned back to Mikar

"Rouge did this. That traitor. I'll bet that he sent us on this mission to get rid of us. Those Robots were the rest of the Society of Dark Kyrii. He was destroying us off." Kyriisaac turned around, facing the hallway.

"Well he didn't do a good enough job. And now.... He...WILL...PAY!!!!!!!!!"

And with that, he charged down the hallway after Rouge.

To be continued...

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