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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Continuing Series > The Thunderbolts: Part Four

The Thunderbolts: Part Four

by yellowlabs765

Dear Montana,

This is Tansy, you know, the girl you threw away for the high life, but that’s another story. How did I find this address? Well, if you find the address of the agent, you’ve found your address. You may be happy to know that we’re never coming back to play with you anymore, especially seeing how you’ll always be giving concerts and stuff.

We started our own band yesterday, but the others left because we were singing a song that they didn’t like. A song about you.

Well, I won’t keep you probably have some big concert to get ready for. I can practically hear your “fans” cheering for you. But I just want to let you know...we are definitely not cheering for you. And even though we miss you, that doesn’t mean we want to see you again.

You may also find it interesting that Wynn and Mike have left the band that we started to start their own. See what you’ve done? You’ve set all of our friendships on a negative domino effect.

Good Luck (Pssht...yeah right),



The young black Gelert looked nervously around him. There he was, trapped in the middle of a large blank room. Four cement walls stood coldly surrounding him. The only objects in the room were a drum set and two other pets, a brown Poogle named Scratch and a red Aisha named Mash. Montana winced as the large microphone in front of him squealed loudly.

     The Gelert didn’t feel welcome. From the minute he arrived at the studio, not a single word was spoken to him except orders. When he was introduced to Mash and Scratch, they simply growled at him. He winced whenever they ran their black polished nails through their sleek fur and smirked evilly at him. But there was no time to worry about being welcome. If only his friends were here with them, he missed them so much...

     “Okay,” a voice crackled in the microphone, “we’re going to do this right the first time. We have a concert tomorrow, and if you guys sound like trash like you’ve been sounding, no concert, you hear? We’re taking it from the top. One! Two! Ready, go!”


Dear Tansy,

This is Montana. I cried when I got your letter. Your words really cut me deep. I thought I knew you better than that. I thought you’d be a friend even when you were disappointed. But I didn’t disappoint you on purpose. I’m no heartless fool, though I may have seemed like it at times.

To tell you the truth, I do have a concert. Tomorrow. At the Concert Hall. I really don’t feel ready for it. I wish you guys were here. I really do. But sometimes you just have to let things go...

Maybe someday I’ll come back home. Maybe we can restart our band. Or maybe our friendship.

Your (former) Friend,



“So, tell me Mike,” Wynn asked as he lazily sipped from his tall glass of Neocola, “when’s the last time we played some real music?”

     “Uh...” The Eyrie rested a head in his paws and thought deeply for awhile. “Uh...what about that time in fourth grade when we had to play recorder in music?”

     Wynn growled and rolled his eyes. “No, not that kind of music! Rock music!”

     “Oh.” The Eyrie again rested his head in his paws, his eyes wandering aimlessly. “Probably...last Monday. At practice.”

     “No!” Wynn slammed the small table with his paws. “Don’t you see?” The Mynci firmly grasped his friend’s wrists and started shaking him gently. “It’s time for us to let it go! Fly the coop! We’ve got to set ourselves free!”

     “What...” Mike’s eyes flashed question marks. “What do you mean? We have to leave the soda shop?”

     “No, we don’t have to set ourselves free from here!” Wynn leapt on top of the table and spread his paws wide in front of him, a broad grin on his face. “It’s time to strike it out on our own. We have to start our own band!”

     “For real?” Mike rose from the table and smiled. “Ooh, that would be awesome! I know what we should name it!”


     “Okay, you won’t believe this,” Mike beamed. “Here it is...The Two Pets That Were Originally a Part of a Band Called the Thunderbolts That Was Led by a Mean Snob But Then We Had To Leave It Because The Leader Was Being Mean To Us Band!”

     Wynn’s face dropped. “Whatever. Let’s go. We have to get started.”


Dear Montana,

This is Wynn and Mike. We just wanted to let you know Tansy gave you this address so that we could all bomb you with nasty letters! Ha ha!

We’re starting our own band. We don’t know what we’re going to call it yet, but just be happy that we’re not coming back! Now you can boss around all the other pets that you want! Hear us out, we are never coming back to your house ever again, not for anything!

Not Yours,

Mike and Wynn

PS - We are NEVER coming back! We’re serious!

PPS - Send Money for Snacks We are REALLY not coming back!


Dear Mike, Wynn and Tansy,

I don’t know what to say to you guys. It seems like you’ve turned on me forever, but I still miss you guys. To tell the truth, I feel like an outcast from the rest of the world. But this letter is not really a plea for sympathy, it’s an apology. Even now as I get ready for the big concert tonight, I still think about all of the fans that will crowd the arena, the flashing and dancing lights of the stage, and I know that you guys won’t be there to share it with me. I can hear the shouting enthusiasts and can feel them pushing and shoving me on all sides begging me to sign their programs. But I can feel my paw stiffening. I know I can’t sign them without you guys signing them first.

I really, really, REALLY miss you guys >._.

The End

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