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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Short Stories > Of Air Faeries and Alien Aishas

Of Air Faeries and Alien Aishas

by tennisblondie16

Alexia, the starry Kacheek, picked up a lavender crystal ring, and put it on her finger to admire it. She had found it along with a jar. She opened the jar and freed the Air Faerie inside. "Wow, thanks, I was, like, getting bored in there! And my highlights were looking a bit dull..." she turned to look at Alexia. "Oh, right! I'm supposed to give you something! Uhh, what do you want, kid?" Alexia pondered for a moment. Normally, faeries would just bless the pet that freed them, but this faerie would give her whatever she wanted!

     "I know what I want, Miss Air Faerie! I want an Alien Aisha plushie to play with!"

     "Well, those don't really exist, but...okay, then, your wish is my command!" The Air Faerie whispered a little spell, and a ball of lavender mist came from her index finger. It grew and grew, until the faint form of an Alien Aisha showed. When she released the mist, the Alien Aisha came into clear view. "Whoa..." Alexia said.

     "Okay, now that my job is done, I really must be going!" Alexia was just about to ask her something when the Air Faerie flew off.

     "Hmm, this Alien Aisha Plushie looks so authentic...maybe I can get Fyora to buy this for her Hidden Tower! Since no one else owns it, I'm sure to get some Neopoints off of this!" She picked up her plushie and headed for the Neopian carriages. She got the last ride to Faerieland. When she reached the Hidden Tower, Fyora and an Air Faerie were bickering. Alexia shrugged and entered.

     "You took it from its planet? Priscilla, dear, you have got to return it! Do you realize what this could do to the economy?! Oh, what in Neopia are we going to do? The little Kacheek's probably already sold it," came the voice of Fyora. It seemed neither faerie realized Alexia was standing in the entrance. Alexia's eyes widened and she turned to look at the "plushie." The eyes from within the helmet blinked and nodded its head. Alexia panicked.

     This was a real Alien Aisha! She knew she had to hightail it out of there fast. She would be in so much trouble if Fyora knew she had the Aisha! The Aisha blinked and nodded its head at Alexia again. Alexia, not knowing if the Alien Aisha would understand the language, put a finger to her lips to symbolize silence. The Aisha did seem to understand for she nodded and closed her eyes. It seemed she had gone back to sleep. Then a brilliant idea struck Alexia. If she went to the Virtupets Space Station and dropped off the Aisha, no one would ever know it was her! Then she wouldn't be in any trouble at all!

     She smiled gleefully at her own intelligence. When she reached the carriages, a long line was forming. She cursed inside her head and waited impatiently in line. When she was up to buy her ticket, she saw the Air Faerie flying towards her in a distance! She ran past the ticket stand and hopped over the security bars. Guards yelled out, which brought even more attention to herself as she hopped onto a shadow Uni. The Uni, not understanding what was going on, spread her wings and took off.

     "Uh, hello! I was wondering if you could make it fast to Virtupets Space Station? I'm-er, late for an appointment!"

     "Sure thing, fellow Neopian!" The Shadow Uni winked at Alexia, who smiled nervously back. The Uni went even faster until they were up away from Neopia and Faerieland. Alexia never dared look back at the Air Faerie or the trouble she had caused. When Alexia arrived at Virtupets, there were few people in Grundo's Café, so she decided to go there to drop off the Aisha. When she entered, however, a group of Air Faeries including the one after Alexia ran out of the Space Weapons shop. "There she is! Catch that Kacheek!" Priscilla called out. Alexia knew she couldn't just leave the Aisha now-it was too easy for Fyora to track her fingerprints. The other Air Faeries charged toward the café. Now everyone who was inside was staring at Alexia, and they seemed to notice the Alien Aisha in her hands.

     "Hey, it's an Alien Aisha! Lets jump the Kacheek!" called out a dangerous looking group of pirate pets. Alexia at this time panicked and ran out of the café, the Air Faeries and pirates right behind her. The pirates were able to move faster since they had a head start and a pirate Uni was so close to Alexia now she could have grabbed her. Alexia screamed and grabbed a book out of a random person's hand. She whacked the Uni with it, who fell backwards grabbing her nose where the book had hit her.

     Since she fell, the pirates all ran into her and skidded across the cold floor. They had cuts and bruises and some couldn't get up. Alexia moaned at herself as she saw the Air Faeries glide over the pirates and continue their pursuit at catching Alexia. The person who Alexia had stolen the book from (Alexia still held it in her hand) was after her now. The Alien Aisha seemed to grow in weight with each running step taken.

     The Air Faeries were gaining on her. Alexia passed by one of her friends, Jas, a ghost Zafara. "Hey, Alex, what's going on-"

     "Jas, help! Please, just help I'll explain later...if I get to live that long!" Alexia cried out, still running. Jas ran, jumping and going through people to get to Alexia. She handed her an earth sceptre.

     "Use it wisely!" was the last words Jas said before Alexia reached the exit to Virtupets and hopped on somebody else's Uni. One of the Air Faeries, which turned out to be Priscilla, grabbed Alexia's tail. Alexia blasted her with the Earth Sceptre, which she threw back to Jas who caught it in mid air.

     "HEY! I PAID FOR THAT UNI, MISS!" So now the pirates that could run, the Air Faeries, the person with the book, and the person she stole this Uni from were after her! She tapped the Uni with the reins, and they took off.

     "Where would we be going, Miss?" the Uni asked.

     "Uhh-Terror Mountain!" Alexia was thinking maybe hiding in Taelia's house of snow would help keep the faeries off of her track for a while.

     "Aren't you a bit young to be going to Terror Mountain alone?"

     "Oh, no, well-I'm meeting my mother down there...she had me stop to...pick up this book!" Alexia said, holding up the stolen book.

     "All right, then!" The talkative Uni put on a burst of speed towards the snowy mountain. "Do you see your mother anywhere?" the Uni said when they arrived, not letting Alexia off.

     "Uh-yes, she's right there!" Alexia said, pointing randomly. It turns out she was pointing at a crying, baby Wocky.

     "But how-"

     "Boochi...uh, zapped her, and uh, she's crying because she can't see me!" Alexia said, making up a story.

     "Okie dokie! There you go, little one, have a nice day!" Alexia ran away from the inquisitive pet and was on her way to Taelia's House. When she got there, there was a terrible snowstorm blowing through, so it made it hard to talk.

     "I was wondering if you could help me! You see, everyone thinks I stole this Aisha but I didn't, and I was wondering if I could borrow your faerie racer and go return it?" Alexia said over the storm. Although it was a lie, she needed to get that racer!


     Alexia sighed exasperatedly-Taelia had misunderstood her words because the snowstorm was too loud. Now Taelia would be chasing her, along with the line of other pets, people, and faeries. She knew she had nothing to lose so she grabbed the icy blue keys hanging on a nail in the wall and climbed into the racer.

     "WAIT! YOU THIEF! STOP!" Now everyone in Terror Mountain had their eyes on the Faerie Kacheek, with a stolen Alien Aisha stealing the Snow Faerie's expensive cloud racer. And if you looked up in the sky, you could see the Air Faeries, pirates, and two humans flying on Unis toward the little Kacheek. Everyone looked from the Kacheek starting the racer to the running Taelia to the flying people, faeries and pets. It was all so confusing, and they didn't know what to do.

     Alexia jammed her foot on the gas petal of the racer, but before she could take off, Taelia grabbed hold of the edge of the racer. So Alexia was dragging the Snow Faerie. When she stepped on the gas harder, to make the racer go faster, fire shot out of the back and onto Taelia's wing, who let go of the racer in surprise.

     "AH! MY WING!" she cried out, and started patting her wing frantically. Alexia was now feeling so bad she could almost throw up. How much trouble she would be in if she got caught! Since Taelia was occupied with her burning wing, Alexia flew off in the racer towards Neopia Central where, she realized, she would be easy to lose in the crowd. It would also be easy to drop off the Aisha, buy a paint brush and change her appearance.

     It seemed her plan was working fine when the racer started messing up. Instead of veering towards the right, Alexia could only go straight. And straight happened to be Meridell and Faerieland. Her racer started running out of gas, but she still had another mile in. She realized that extra mile would take her just above Faerieland-one place she didn't want to be! She panicked and tried to land. It was no use; she was heading for Faerieland whether she liked it or not.

     Sure enough, she landed on the edges of the cloud. Along with Fyora, the other Uber Faeries were standing around, looking cross. When Alexia reluctantly landed, they flew over to her. Passersby stopped to watch the scene. First the Air Faeries landed, then the pirates and humans on their Unis, and then Taelia, who had a charred wing on one side. Alexia turned to the human who she had taken the book from, and gave her the book.

     Surprisingly, after her whole adventure this day, it had stayed in perfect condition. The Alien Aisha oddly remained sleeping. The human who she had taken the Uni from walked up to Alexia. Alexia reached in the pocket of her jeans and handed over the Neopoints to pay for the Uni. The girl nodded, and stepped back. The Air Faerie, Priscilla, stepped forward now, and held out her hand. Alexia awkwardly tried to give her the Aisha, but she shook her head.

     "The ring. You can take it off now."

     "Huh? But isn't the Aisha what you wanted? I mean they hardly even exist in Neopia!"

     The Air Faerie and all the other faeries laughed. Some were laughing so hard they were on the floor.

     "I don't understand! Why are you laughing?"

     Priscilla took enough time to stop laughing and said, "The Aisha I gave you is a plushie! It can just open and close its eyes and nod its head up and down when you speak to it! We were chasing you because of the ring! That ring belongs to the Faerie Queen, Miss Fyora and I accidentally lost it when I took it from its home planet." Fyora stepped out from the crowd.

     "We thought you wanted to sell it for a profit! And you thought we were after you because of a stupid plushie..." Fyora chuckled. Alexia took the ring off and handed it to Fyora.

     "I am really, really sorry about all the trouble I've caused! How will I ever make up for it?"

     Fyora pondered for a moment. "Hmm, give me that plushie and the deal is done!"

     "So-wait just a moment! I give you this plushie and things are taken care of? But how?"

     "Because the plushie doesn't exist and this is the first one ever made. I think I will make a nice profit out of it...more than enough to pay for the damage," Fyora said.

     "But that's not fair! All I did was free a faerie..."


Author's Note: I know this has nothing to do with the series I've been working on, but the idea of this story popped into my head so I made it! Haha, Neomail with comments if you want.

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