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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Articles > A Petpet Encyclopedia (Volume L – R)

A Petpet Encyclopedia (Volume L – R)

by playmobil_is_my_life

PETPETS – If you happened to catch volumes A – E and F – K then boy do I have good news for you. Yes! It’s another Petpet Encyclopedia, these petpets ranging from letters L through R. Join me as my search for all of the petpets continues:

Leeble Aquatic petpets such as the Leeble love to sing songs. Well, technically, they hum, but that’s pretty good for a petpet!

Lil Frankie This Spooky petpet was created from parts of other petpets. Creeeeepy!

Lyins Lyins loves to bury himself in the sands of the Lost Desert and hunt for tasty treats.

Magaral This petpet is perfect for your Neopet, but you’ll find that the only word it can pronounce is “meep”.

Magtile The Magtile is related to the Cobrall and the Reptillior. Watch out, these petpets deliver a powerful bite!

Mallard Aww, what a cute little Mallard. He seems so friendly to everyone, and he loves every type of petpet. But did you know that he makes a loud wailing noise when he’s scared?

Mazzew Mazzews love green Neggs and cheese. And if you equip one to your pet for 250 days, you also get a spiffy new avatar!

Meekins You may think that a Meekins is the best petpet for your Neopet, but Meekins scream over and over again until you feed them.

Meepit The Meepit is such an adorable little petpet. He is also the star of Meepit Juice Break.

Melton Melton is a fiery petpet that can give you a third degree burn when he brushes up against you. Keep him away from water, or say goodbye to your Neopet’s expensive friend…

Melvie Some think that the Melvie is a tough guy, but he’s actually quite timid. When he is frightened, he curls up into a ball and begins to shiver.

Meowclops This cycloptic petpet just wants to be groomed and taken care of.

Miamouse Miamice travel in groups around Neopia. They are naturally curious and love to scope out cheese.

Mirgle A Mirgle is the co-star of the game Deckball. Do you think he can beat the Pawkeet?

Moltenore Even though a Moltenore may look hot, he is cold to the touch. The heat is stored inside of his body.

Moink Cousins of the Snorkles, Moinks make great petpets for baby Neopets.

Mortog Hmm, which one do you want to kiss? You’ll either get a handsome Prince, or an explosion in your face. Both are worth your Neopoints!

Mummy Baby Who couldn’t be frightened of this adorable little mummy impersonator?

N-4 Information Retrieval Bot These robotic petpets work at the Virtupets Space Station, where they carry all sorts of information.

Narwhool This pirate petpet live in the deepest darkest place of the sea where it hides from pirate ships that come to Krawk Island.

Neotrak There is a good reason why the Neotrak is so expensive: it caters to your Neopet’s every needs.

Niptor Using his sharp teeth, the Tyrannian Niptor bites everything it sees. Yikes, keep your fingers away from him!

Noil A Noil will be loyal to your Neopet for as long as he lives.

Noilkeet The Noilkeet is a combination of a Pawkeet and a Noil. It roars and plays Deckball.

Nuranna Nurannas are extremely unusual because they live in the water, but they can float in the air for a short time.

Octorna An Octorna is a pirate petpet that leaves a slimy trail wherever it goes.

Ona Just like the Angelpuss, the Ona is also a very sweet and adorable petpet.

Ownow Whatever do, never take an Ownow home. They will eat EVERYTHING in your Neohome, including your Neopets!

Pawkeet A Pawkeet is the second star of the game Deckball. Let me tell you, this petpet has amazing defense!

Peadackle This petpet is the perfect wake-up call for your Neopet. Every morning he climbs to the roof of your Neohome and yells: “Pea-da-doodle-doo!”

Peo Peos can be very demanding petpets. If you don’t give them what they want, they throw a temper tantrum!

Pepito Pepitos are know as “Neopets-best-friend”. They are very docile and can be trained to do several tricks for treats.

Pfish A Pfish is an aquatic Neopet that loves to play tricks, but they can also be very loving.

Phnard Woah, possibly the strangest Aquatic petpet? Phnards like to hide in rock caves. They are very lazy and very grumpy.

Pickulsaur This little guy is a bit strange looking, but he is pretty tough because he lost his home between lettuce and tomatoes on sandwiches.

Pinceron Pincerons are mean little robot petpets who will nip at you if you startle it. He works at the Virtupets Space Station in his spare time.

Pinklet If you are thinking about playing a game of Cheat, you should take a Pinklet with you. He is the master at cheating at card games.

Pirakeet The Pirakeet, like any other feathered petpet, looks small, but his screech can be heard for miles.

Plathydon This pirate petpet is very easy to take care of—you don’t need to amuse him and he’ll never run away.

Pooka Pooka are Aquatic petpets that have very shiny scales. If you are looking at one in the water, he glows purple.

Polarchuck Polarchucks are very good listeners. You can be sure that your Neopet’s cuddly friend hears everything they say.

Popblew Yikes! A mix between a Buzzer and a Puppyblew? This petpet will fetch a frisbee and buzz around Neopia.

Poppit Poppit is a strange petpet… it can attach itself to a wall using it’s suction cup feet then spring into the air. A perfect petpet for a Blumaroo!

Powtry The only place you will find a Powtry is on Terror Mountain. They will melt everywhere else.

Primella Primella are very beautiful Aquatic pets. Your Neopet must take very good care of them to keep them pretty.

Psimouse This three eyed petpet is rumored to be able to see into the future.

Puppyblew Aww, what a cute little puppy! He will fetch anything his Neopet throws and he is a great family petpet.

Pwerko Pwerkos have very little patience and on top of that, they’re stubborn. Not the greatest petpet in the world, huh?

Quadrapus An aquatic petpet like the Quadrapus excels in the game Gormball, thanks to its two extra arms.

Raindorf Raindorfs can be seen sledding with other wintery petpets from the top of Terror Mountain. They are quite fearless when it comes to an adventure.

Ramosan Like the Quadrapus, Ramosans are also aquatic petpets. Most of the time, they are as friendly as can be, but if you upset them, you’ll get a nasty shock!

Reptillior A Reptillior is a…more evil version of the Cobrall. While the Cobrall only nips when it wants to play, the Reptillior gives more of a bite.

Roaderie 1000 Roaderie 1000s are cool because they move so fast that they are seldom ever seen.

Roburg 3T3 The Roburg 3T3 is frightened almost all of the time. It stays well hidden with its feet tucked in and it’s head concealed.

Rock Well, Rocks are certainly very… unique. They’re more of a cheap petpet. You can find one easily in your front lawn. You don’t have to feed it, care for it or train it. It just sits there.

Rotoblur 4000 This robot petpet uses the propeller on top of its head to zoom around your Neohome.

Author’s Note: And the final edition of A Petpet Encyclopedia will be coming soon to the Neopian Times, (volume S – Z)!

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