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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Gathering, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Articles > Chia Bomber - The Guide

Chia Bomber - The Guide

by umbreon_of_the_moon

TYRANNIA – After receiving so much praise and thanks from my last guide, “Kreludan Mining Corporation – The Guide” in issue 143 of the Neopian Times, I decided to write another guide. This time, the game I will be writing the guide for is Chia Bomber.

Over the past few months, I must have played this over 500 times. I’ve stuck to my strategy, like I had for Kreludan Mines, and it ended me up with a Gold Trophy for Chia Bomber. Currently, my high score is 2,040. Way beyond avatar-receiving scores, but not as high as some people get.

This article will go through all the aspects of the game, from controls, to ways to become a better shooter!

Basic Game Idea

In this game, you play a yellow Chia, who’s neighbourhood has been invaded by ugly, evil Chias, that have a hairdo sense worse than Dr. Sloth’s attempts at taking over Neopia. These Chias are out to turn you into a mud pie, using their Mud-Slinging Bazookas, and in return, Geoffrey, the yellow Chia, is trying to flush them away with a water-balloon gun.


The default controls for this game are shown below.

Left, Right, Up, & Down: The directional arrows. These are the basic, default controls for most games.

Fire Water Bomb: Space bar. This is your only weapon against these mud-slinging Chias.

Lay A Mine: M button. This will lay one of five mines that you get on each level. They are circular, and have a green dot in the middle. You can walk over these safely. If an enemy runs over your mine, it will die, no matter how many hits (we’ll talk more about this in the next section) they have left.

Enemies & Scoring

There are seven different colours of enemy Chias – Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Gold, and Black.

Green Chias only require one hit to be destroyed. They award you 5 points upon defeat. Green Chias only move 50% of the speed that you move. That means for every two squares you move Geoffrey, they will only move one square.

Blue Chias require two hits to be destroyed. They award you with 7 points upon defeat. Blue Chias, like the Green Chias, move at 50% of the speed that you move.

Purple Chias require three hits to be destroyed. They award you with 10 points upon defeat. When you get to levels where these are common enemies, you need to start being careful, as the enemies will start following you. Purple Chia’s move at 50% of the speed that you do.

Red Chias require four hits to be destroyed. They award you with 12 points upon defeat. These enemies are faster than the Green, Blue, & Purple Chias, and move at the same speed as you do.

Orange Chias require five hits to be destroyed. Now we’re getting onto the tough enemies. By the time these come up, seven out of the starting eight enemies of a level will start to follow you. These Orange Chias award you with 15 points upon defeat. Like the Red Chias, they move at the same speed as you.

Gold Chias require six hits to be destroyed. No more nice Chias here. They are out to get you. If you make a mistake, they’ll catch you. The Gold Chias award you 20 points upon defeat. They move at 150% of the speed that you can move. That means for every two squares you can move, they can move three. It is a good idea to use your mines for these, unless a Gold Chia is the last enemy on a level. If this is the case, you can put down your mines, if you haven’t already, and go after him.

Black Chias are the strongest enemies in the game, and require seven hits to be destroyed. We’re talking seriously evil Chia here! They award you a huge 30 points upon defeat (and a small sense of accomplishment too, seeing one flattened by a water bomb ^_^). Like the Gold Chias, they move at 150% of the speed that you can move. It is highly recommended that you use your mines on these. They will follow you, and like the Gold Chias, one mistake, and you’ll be starting the level over, which can get very annoying if you’re on the last enemy of a level.

Red Mines: There are small, silver circles with a red dot in the middle. These are dropped by the enemy Chias The amount of mines that they can drop varies by level. The enemy Chias can drop three mines for every level you’ve been on. For example, if you’re on Level 5, they can drop 15 mines. For Level 10, 30 mines. I believe this is the maximum, as I have never seen them drop more than 30 mines. You cannot destroy these.

Remember! If any enemy runs over one of your mines, they AUTOMATICALLY die, no matter how many hits they have left!

As well as the points you receive from killing enemies, as described above, you can also get bonus points at the end of a level. The amount of bonus points you can get depends upon how fast you complete the level, and what your hit percentage is. The exact formula is (Hit %)/(Time Taken)*10=Bonus. To show you how it works, a few examples have been listed below.

Completing the level in 20 seconds with a 50% Hit-Rate:

50/20 = 2.5*10 = 25 bonus points.

Completing the level in 15 seconds with a 100% Hit-Rate:

100/15 = 6 2/3*10 = 66.67 bonus points, rounded down, is 66 bonus points.

Completing the level in 30 seconds, with a 90% Hit-Rate:

90/30 = 3*10 = 30 bonus points.


A good idea for getting a better shot, is to kill all but one of the enemies on the first level, and practice long-distance shooting. In the later levels, enemies like to move in long straight lines more than diagonal-movement, e.g. one square left, one square down, one square left, one square down.

Also, take note of where enemies like to go, and put your mines there, this can lead to many, many more bonus points!

Good luck all!


I’d like to personally thank those that gave their strategies to me for this article, and those who made comments on the neoboard I had created asking for help.


Comments? Questions? Feel free to Neomail!


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