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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Collecting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Short Stories > Dieter's Destiny

Dieter's Destiny

by softcouch

Dieter held paws with his new owner, who had just recently picked out the cute Polarchuck from the winter petpets shop, and were on their way home. Suddenly, a terrible thing happened.

     Neopets screamed and ran for cover, protecting all their important belongings or dragging them inside their igloos. Dieter and his owner stood baffled in the center of Happy Valley. A cold chill swept over their backs and bit their necks harder than Von Roo upon the neck of his prey. That's when it hit them; literally. A cold gush of wind blew harder than a sick Meuka and shook the trees, which still gripped the snowy depths with their roots.

     Dieter's owner grabbed him and hugged him close to his body as he crouched low so that the wind wouldn't blow either of them away. Snow started to fall rapidly from the cloudy sky, blinding their views. Yet, they still hung on. Yelling through the storm, Dieter's new owner said, "We must find shelter until this blizzard pulls over!" Dieter nodded his head, but of course, his owner didn't see.

     So, picking both of themselves up from the ground, Dieter and his owner struggled fiercely against the wind and snow to find a bit of shelter. After what seemed hours of trudging through the frozen snow, they miraculously found a cave where they could hide until the worst of the storm was over. The fell down on the stone flooring, catching their breath and trying to warm themselves up.

     "I'll go explore the back part of the cave to make sure it's safe," Dieter's owner said, patting his new petpet on the head. "You stay here. I'll be right back."

     Dieter did as he was told, for he was a good little Polarchuck. He sat and sat, waited and waited, minute after minute. Then, he heard his owner's voice. "Hey, I think I found something! Come here Dieter!"

     With a smile upon his furry white face, Dieter waddled to the back of the cave towards his owner's voice. But then, his Polarchuck ears twitched suddenly. Dieter lifted his button nose and gazed at the ceiling. He squealed and ran back a ways away just as the top of the cave collapsed in front of his feet. He wiped his brow with a phew as he could've been squashed by all the snow that fell through.

     Then he realized it; his owner was trapped behind all of the snow! He squealed frantically as he heard his owner's voice once more. "Don't worry Dieter! I'll dig myself out!" Dieter stopped panicking for a second and waited patiently for his owner's head to stick out. After but a few moments, his owner said some more. "It's too deep for me! Dieter, you'll after to dig me out! Polarchucks are known for their excellent digging claws!" Dieter looked down at his sharp black claws and sighed. If his owner was in trouble, only HE could save him in time!

     Taking the plunge, Dieter leapt into the heaping pile of snow and tried to dig through the snow with his mighty Polarchuck digging claws. But, since he was still young for a Polarchuck, his claws grew tired after but a few digs of snow. He stepped back and looked over the barrier once more. Just then, as he stuck his tongue out in his thinking process, a little heap of snow fell onto his tongue. As if by instinct, he pulled his pink tongue in his mouth and swallowed the frozen water. He licked his lips in delight as his eyes grew wide with an idea.

     Opening his mouth, he began to chomp on the snow. To his surprise, it didn't feel that cold in his mouth! And it was quite tasty, too. He kept up his process by chomping more and more on the delectable icy water. His belly grew full after a while and it felt like he could just explode. In the corner of his big eye, he saw it; A Bloat-B-Gone! He waddled as fast as his fat Polarchuck legs could carry him as he drank the bottle dry and burped with delight. How handy he was to have found one of those in this pile of sludge! He just hoped that he wouldn't find a nasty yellow snow surprise on his tongue!

     So, he puffed out his chest and started to munch away on the snow once more, now that his belly was empty and rumbling uncontrollably. His stomach grew wider as he proceeded through the maze of snow, and it was beginning to be harder and harder to find one of those Bloat-B-Gone. He spotted one just in time but, to his dismay, it was guarded by a dangerous snow worm, who was still trapped in his ice prison. Sucking up some bravery, Dieter tiptoed as quietly as a Miamouse around the slumbering beast. And grabbed the medicine as quickly and quietly as he could.

     Slurp, slurp, slurp. Dieter drank the Bloat-B-Gone and watched as his tummy grew lighter and lighter with each sip. Satisfied, he let out a long, echoing burp. To his surprise, his burp was louder than he thought. It bounced of the cave's stone walls, crushing snow around him and three snow worms, including the one that he was right beside. The snow worms spat angrily, turned their snakelike bodies back and force, narrowed their eyes upon Dieter whom they promised they would catch him for waking up their peaceful nap.

     Panicking now, Dieter turned his head this way and that, hoping for an exit. The snow worms were creeping up on him just as the poor Polarchuck spotted the resting area between each new pile of snow. It could not have been missed for it was made of pure ice, and shone brightly, even through the dark depths of the cave and snow. So, Dieter opened his mouth and began to chew rapidly on the delicious 'food', racing towards that shiny ice shard. The snow worms almost grasped his tail between their ice-shard-like teeth when Dieter plunged out of the snow and onto that resting place.

     His belly was immediately cured of the bloating and with a huff and a puff, he set forth on his journey once more. As he bit through each new chuck of snow, his mind focused on getting to the end of the great snow barrier and into his owner's warm arms. He would bring him back through the tunnel he made with his jaws, and out into Happy Valley, where they would go home, safe and sound. He was so busy thinking about how nice it would be to be sitting by a warm fire inside his new home when he heard a growl and hiss behind him. He stopped his munching and looked above him.

     Gadzooks! He had accidentally dug out a humongous snow worm from its icy barrier. It was now squirming angrily towards the brave Polarchuck, but with instant ingenuity, Dieter munched on a couple of snow blocks next to him, then causing a chain reaction on other snow blocks, resulting in the snow worm being crushed by thousands of kilograms of snow.

     Dieter sighed triumphantly and sat down for a quick catch of his breath. His stomach felt like it was going to explode once more, but Dieter couldn't eat another bite, otherwise he would definitely explode! He sighed and wondered what to do. As if by luck, a Bloat-B-Gone was sitting right next to him, he reached out his claws and grabbed the bottle of no-bloat-ness and slurped it all up happily. As soon as he was done with his little drink, his ears twitched like crazy. He stuck his nose up in the air once more, and squealed with fright as his eyes perceived a rumbling of snow directly above him!

     Not even thinking, he rolled out of the way as snow came crashing down. The force of the snow was so great, that even some more snow beneath that began to crumble and fall. Before he knew it, Dieter was on a one-way trip via crumbling snow. He crouched in fear as he placed his paws over his head and closed his eyes tight, as if on a fast roller coaster.

     As soon as the ground stopped shaking, Dieter opened his eyes slowly one-by-one and took his quivering paws off of his head. He got up and began to munch harder and faster as he saw that the icy resting area was not far up ahead. He breathed a sigh of relief as he was two snow blocks away from his destination. His eyelids drooped and he yawned. Thinking that he would be fine only two blocks away from the resting area, he dozed off for just a couple of minutes.

     His ears twitched minutes later and he opened his eyes slowly, but shot open when he saw what was right in front of him.

     Snow worm.

     It has hissing and growling violently, as drool slipped from it's open mouth. Frozen by fear, Dieter stood aimlessly in front of the beast. The Snow worm clasped onto the tail of Dieter and flung him through the tunnel of snow that he had made all the way back to the opening of the cave. The snow worm then banged his tail against the side of the cave so hard, that all the snow collapsed into Dieter's tunnel he had made. Grumbling under his breath, Dieter took a deep breath in and began to chomp once more on the snow. His owner was depending on him, and nothing would stand in his way…

The End

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