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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 147 > Articles > Cooking With The Dawg

Cooking With The Dawg

by taggerung_num1

A CHEF'S KITCHEN - Hello, I am Dawg, A.K.A. NiceDoggie. I am a professional chef, I, uh, guess. Anyway, if you are like me, you like to make your own food, not buy it. So I am going to tell you some of the best recipes, and how to make them home made.

We will first make an appetizer, soup, then a main dish, and of course, a dessert. Hopefully every week you will tune in.

For the first week we will start slow. The appetizer we will make is Mini Baby Hot Dogs. Small, yes but appetizing. Which is the main purpose for the appetizer.


We will start by getting two raw hot dogs, which you can buy especially from Hubert, and when asking, you might want to say, Dawg sent you.

One more great thing about making these, they are cheaper, than buying them, and more fun!

You will cut each one into two pieces. You put them in a pan with boiling water in top of the stove (if you don’t have a stove, above the fireplace) for about 30 seconds. While it is cooking, you will need to cut two the buns in half.

You should then be ready to take the hot dogs off the fire, or pot. Put them aside on a small plate, considering they are small. You should then dress your bun with any dressings, Mud ‘N Mayo, Ketchup (Made by squishing a tomato. You can even buy a Squished Tomato, where the work is half done!), Chia Yummy Mustard, pickle relish (which you make by finely dicing a pickle from a Cheese and Pickle Packed Lunch), or cutting up a Pickled Onion (To prevent crying, put swimming goggles on securely, put a burnt out match in mouth, black part out, and light several scented candles.) anything you want.


Now it is time for the soup, which is Potato and Sweetcorn Soup. First we need about five potatoes and, 2 Corn On The Cobs. First, you need to scrape all of the corn of both cobs, and cut up the five potatoes in little half-inch cubes. Set the corn on the side in a bowl of sugar water.

Now, put the potatoes cubes in a pot of boiling water. Now you need to add a couple of teaspoons of chicken Bouillon (you can probably get it at the Soup Faerie’s Kitchen. It is your choice to steal it or buy it.). Now allow that to boil. Now set the water aside. Put it in a blender. Make sure that the potatoes and water are well blended. Now drain the corn. Lightly rinse the corn of water. Now add the corn to the potato soup. Let it boil then take it off. Pour it into a nice big bowl and serve warm. You can serve it with a nice, fresh loaf of Neowaiian Bread.


Dun dun dun! Now it is time for the main dish! This week it will be a BLT Croissant. You need to purchase a Tomato, Lettuce, Bacon, and you guessed it, a croissant.

But the problem is where are you going to find a regular Croissant. You have several choices. First, buy one specially made from the bakery, pick out all the grapefruit from a Grapefruit Croissant, make a BLT Croissant With Cheese, pick out all the scrambled eggs and bacon from a Breakfast Croissant and give it to your kid, or buy a BLT Croissant instead of making one.

Now cut the croissant into halves, and spread Mayo over the bread and set aside. Get your Lettuce head and take off slices of lettuce to taste. Meaning, as much as you like. Cut the tomato into slices and take as many as you want and put them with the lettuce.

The next thing you will do is fry your bacon in a Long-Handled Pot. Two or three is usually enough to not take over the good taste of tomatoes and lettuce. You will now need to stack the lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon on the bottom croissant half. Top with the other croissant.


Now this is the best part, dessert! We will make Valentines Cookies.

This recipe is quite fun. You will need any negg, flour (I buy pounds of regular flour from the bakery), Stick of Butter, Bag of Sugar, and a Giant Bar of Chocolate.

Now about the negg, the negg you use depends on your mood. For this recipe it is probably best to use a Sweetheart Negg. Not only will it go with the mood of the cookies, but also you will get something else from it!

In a large bowl mix the negg, butter, sugar, and flour until well mixed. Take your chocolate and chop into cubes, your choice of size, and add to the dough. You will now need to divide the dough into small spheres. Put them on a slab of metal, evenly spaced, for a cookie sheet, and place it in the middle of a field of flowers. Put a daisy on the top of your head and jump around in circles around the cookie dough saying, “I love my sweetheart so much! I’ll give him these cookies to munch!” This will cast a spell on them to make them come out of the oven in heart shapes (This spell has been approved by the Faerie Queen). Now place them in your oven, a Fire Faerie Oven works best, for about twenty minutes.

If you choose to serve this for lunch all at once, it is best to serve it with a bottle of Red Wine from Scenic drive, Meridell, twenty years.

Well, I hope my recipes will serve you well. Tune in next week for even more yummy foods. Until next time, TTFN, Ta-Ta-For-Now.

Author’s Comments: I would just like to say, if you are reading this, this is the first time, out of about ten, they have entered my work. It took a lot of work to do this, so I am not sure if I will be able to make this a weekly commitment, but I will try.

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