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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Continuing Series > Hannah of the Pirate Caves: Part Three

Hannah of the Pirate Caves: Part Three

by chocolateisamust

“Aye, if it isn’t me ol’ brother’s partner, Wood!”

     The Aisha smiled. "'Ello Drawlred! I see ye've dropped by fer a visit!"

      "Yes I 'ave!" Drawlred exclaimed.

      "Who does tha girl belong ta?" Wood then inquired.

      "Ah, I brought 'er to be hired by me brother, but he said she be too weak fer working!"

      "Weak, eh?" Wood stared at Hannah, and then pinched her cheek to test Lyle's synopsis.

      This, of course, hurt the Usul and she yelped out in pain. The Aisha nodded at the yelp.

      "Aye, very weak, mate! O'course that isn't too bad if ye think 'bout it!"

      "What ain't bad 'bout it, Wood?" Lyle interrupted.

      "Ye see mate, she be fine fer smugglin' in goods. Nobody ev'r suspects a young girl of crime!"

      Lyle nodded, suddenly rethinking his plans. Maybe this child would not be so bad! Afterall, as Wood had just said, nobody ever suspects a child of crime.

      "Aye, nevermind 'bout me not hirin' 'er, Drawlred! She be hired! What be 'er name?"

      "Hannah," Drawlred replied.

      "Aye." Lyle nodded, and then stared directly at Hannah. "You, Hannah, are now employed by me partner and I!"

      Hannah nodded weakly. "O-okay," she stammered.

      "Yar, ye may leave now, Drawlred! Thank ye for tha employee!"

      Drawlred nodded. "Yer welcome, mate." The Krawk gave a short wave to Hannah, and then limped out of the cave. The Usul was alone with Wood and Lyle.

      "Well, ye get ta work, girl! There's much ta do! Come with me and I'll show ye all that needs ta be done!" Wood exclaimed.

      "One question," Hannah whispered. "I have one question."

      "What is it, aye?" Lyle inquired.

      "What do you exactly do?"

      "Aye, good question," Wood replied. "We be tha Krawk Island smugglers!"


The days soon became habitual for Hannah. She'd wake up at dawn, eat a breakfast of whatever Wood or Lyle gave her, set out to do work until 12, eat lunch, rest for an hour, do work until 3, rest until dinner, eat dinner, do work until 9, then go to bed. The schedule was tedious, but Hannah couldn't say anything to the smugglers to change it. Their ways were set in stone; indestructible stone.

      Days eventually turned into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into whole years.

      Hannah barely ever thought of her old home, and of her mother and brother and father, but there were those few times in the dead of the night when thoughts about them crossed their mind. She missed them dearly at those times, but there was no way she could go back to them now. Afterall, now, 7 complete years had passed by.


"Ar, wake up, Hannah!" Wood yelled, shaking the Usul awake.

      Hannah yawned. "Mornin' already?" she asked.

      "Aye," he replied. He grabbed onto the Usul's paws and pulled her into the upright position.

      At the age of sixteen, Hannah looked a lot different than she had when she arrived to Krawk Island 7 years back. Her once rather chubby figure had slimmed out, and she was tall. Her brown hair was wavier than it had once been, flowing freely until it reached down to her knees. She also dressed differently, wearing raggedy old dressed rather than clean skirts and spotless white blouses.

      Hannah sighed, and then smiled wearily at Wood. "What am I gonna be doing today?" she asked.

      "Yarr, we have a surprise fer ye!" Lyle, who was standing a few feet from Wood and Hannah, exclaimed.

      Hannah perked up; surprises were rare among the trio. "What is it?" she inquired eagerly.

      Lyle and Wood turned toward the mouth of cave. Hannah followed their lead. She gasped at what she saw.

      Striding into the cave was somebody she'd never ever forget; Drawlred! He had visited only four times since Hannah had been dropped off, each only to bid a quick hello to his brother, Wood and the child who'd grown up so much between each trip.

      "Hi Drawlred!" Hannah cried out. "Why are ya here?"

      He grinned slightly. "'Cording ta Krawk Island law, ye're now old enough ta work in me tavern! Wood and Lyle though it might be time for a change! With their permission, I've hired ye!"

      Hannah smiled, remembering him telling her that she was too young to work there so long ago. Then, though, she frowned. Just like that, Drawlred had hired her? After being with Wood and Lyle for seven years they literally just sold her away? She was hurt, but did not say anything to express her feelings. She did not want to get any of them angry.

      "When do I leave?" Hannah merely asked.

      "Aye, now! Come along!"

      "B-but, what about my belongings?" Hannah thought of the necklace she had put together with a thick line of braided thread and seashells she found on a beach 3 years ago, and of the three dresses she had sewn for herself.

      "Yar, I have stuff at me place. Come along now, Hannah! Tha customers will start arriving very soon, aye, yes they will! Say g'bye ta Wood and Lyle! We will visit them later!"

      Her head whirling, Hannah waved goodbye to Lyle and Wood, and then turned back toward Drawlred. The events were so sudden… so unfair…

      Before she could think of the situation more, Drawlred walked over, grabbed her paw and led her out of the cave.


Hannah worked at the tavern for 3 years. Not only was it dreadfully boring, but it was also badly paid. True, Drawlred did lend her the tiny spare bedroom in his cramped residence, but she had to buy everything else needed for living with her own Neopoints.

      After three years, though, when Hannah found the book, everything changed.


The book was lying in the sand, alone and dirty. It had a cloth cover, and seemed to be fairly old. Hannah picked it up out of pure curiosity.

      Later that night, when the tavern was at it's slowest hour, she sat back on a barstool and started flipping throughout its worn pages. The words spoke of ancient caves, built by an unknown crew of pirates ages back. They had stored their prized treasure chests in it, but they had not done so stupidly. Not just any old pet could retrieve it, as they had set up monster guards in many places.

      Hannah sighed, thinking about when she dreamed of being like the Kacheek from that old book she was always obsessing over. How she wished to explore old caves, and become a hero to the world.

      "Yar, Hannah, what be ye doing?"

      Hannah snapped out of her trance and stared at Drawlred.

      "I'm reading," she replied blankly.

      "What? Readin'? Aye, don't let that pointless rubbish fill yer brain! Anyway, ye need ta be working, lassie! I didn't hire ye to slack off!"

      Hannah nodded, but then questioned, "Do you mind if I take the rest of the night off? I need to catch up on sleep."

      Drawlred frowned, but then nodded. "Aye, I s'pose, but ye better be 'ere bright and early in tha mornin'! 'Ear me?"

      "Yes." Hannah stood up, scooped the book into her paws, and then walked out of the tavern.

      Drawlred watched from behind the safety of a window. He thought it was rather odd for her to be turning right instead of left, but he did not give the matter a second thought.

      He should've though.


Hannah walked for about 10 minutes, but then plopped down onto the sand. She quickly opened the book, and turned to page 289, where a map of how to get to the pirate caves was printed. The location was far away, but she knew that if she walked fast, she could arrive within a few days.

      "I'm going to live out my childhood dreams," she whispered as she set off towards where the map specified. "I will be Hannah of the pirate caves."


Many years later, when she was old and gray, Cecelia was walking around the area where the bookshop was located. She was about to pass it when she stopped and decided to purchase another book to read.

      Slowly, she stepped inside and started browsing through dozens of shelves of books. Most didn't interest her; they seemed boring, with cliché plots and weak writing. But one, though, did in fact catch her eye. The spine read Hannah of the Pirate Caves in shiny gold writing, and the cover was navy blue.

      Cecelia tugged it out of the shelf, and started reading the first page of the story.

      The young green Usul sat on her Wooden Bed, flipping slowly throughout her leather-bound storybook. The pages were old and yellowed, torn in some corners and ink slightly smudged every few paragraphs. The appearance of the book was enough to tell that it had been read constantly, as also was the fact that the Usul had her nose buried in it more often than not.

      "Hannah," the Usul's mother said from the doorway, staring harshly at her daughter, "have you done your homework yet?"

      The Usul, Hannah, briefly glanced up from her reading. "Some of it," she replied blankly.

      Cecelia quickly shut the book and looked at the author's name. Hannah. Simply Hannah. Hugging the book tightly against her chest, Cecelia made her way over to the register.

      "How much for this?" she asked the shopkeeper.

      "Uh… how 'bout 4,000?"

      "Alright." Cecelia fished 4,000 Neopoints out of her purse and handed them to the shopkeeper.

      "Thanks for your purchase. I hope you come aga -"

      Cecelia left before the Nimmo could finish. She quick-walked home, and once she arrived there, opened the door and plopped down into the nearest chair. After reading only a few pages, she knew that this Usul was her little Hannah… the one she had lost so long ago.

      Smiling, Cecelia picked up a blank journal and Air Faerie Pen from the coffee table a few feet over. Word by word, she copied her daughter's book onto the paper, and then added a little part of her own at the end.

      She then ripped out a still-blank piece of paper from the end of the composition book and scribbled her own little note on it:

      This story is called 'Hannah of the Pirate Caves'. I know that it's a real book, but please don't just send it back with a rejection letter. My daughter, Hannah, wrote this. That's the author. Just Hannah.

      Cecelia dropped the piece of paper and journal into an envelope. She then wrote the Neopian Times Submission address onto the front of it in her finest handwriting, and stamped the envelope shut.

      Following that, the Usul went outside and dropped the story into the mailbox. As she walked back inside her house, she replayed her own ending in her head, and then the second-to last sentence.

      What you've just finished reading is Hannah's story.

      And that is the second to last sentence in this story as well, because the two are one in the same.

The End

Author’s Note: Heh, I hope you enjoyed ‘Hannah of the Pirate Caves’^-^ I had loads of fun writing it! Feel free to Neomail me with any comments about the story; I love comments. And no, I did write this story, not Hannah =P So muwahaha X__x
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