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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 31st day of Running, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Articles > Taking Care Of Your Yurble - The Basics

Taking Care Of Your Yurble - The Basics

by blubblub317

YOUR NEOHOME - Since the wonderful and exciting world of Neopia was created, there have been many changes that have been placed across the fun-providing site. New games have appeared, adventurous plots have been added and of course, new pets have been created so that us owners may take care of them and love them forever. So it's no surprise that everyone is enthusiastic about the newest addition to Neopia: YURBLES! This group of uncanny looking pets have recently been released and are causing a frenzy amongst owners and pets alike. They are the 47th species to be released and are one of the most interesting, if I may say so myself.

When I first laid my eyes upon these bizarre but adorable pets, I was quite intrigued. I knew immediately that they had something special about them... something unique. So of course, I started racking my brain and began researching on these new types of pets. I have come across tons of information that will surely help any owner of a Yurble so that they can take care of their pet easily and efficiently. The topics that I'll be discussing today are: feeding your Yurble the proper food, grooming them the correct way and choosing the efficient toys and books for your Yurble. If you yourself are an owner of these new pets, I highly suggest that you read on so that your beloved Yurble will be delighted and healthy. Enjoy!

Feeding Your Yurble

Yurbles are a species that need quite a bit of food so make sure that you're stocked up on NP before you decide on creating or adopting one. Now, when it comes to food, Yurbles are very picky about this topic so it is going to take a while before you discover the food that your Yurble most enjoys. The first thing you can try out is taking your Yurble to the Food and/or Health shop and letting them decide what they want. There is a good chance that they will snatch something from one of the shelves and hand it over to you. Be warned though that Yurbles may ask for foods that are costly so like I said before, grab that wallet of yours because it may come in handy.

However, there is always the possibility that they will not like anything from the Food and/or Health shop. If this has happened to you, my next suggestion is taking them to the Pizzaroo, the Chocolate Factory and The Bakery. There is a 85.67% chance that they'll want something from one or more of these three shops. Baked goods are one of the few foods that many Yurbles enjoy so don't be surprised if your own Yurble asks for many sweets and treats at the Bakery.

[sighs] Please don't tell me you're Yurble still hasn't chosen ANYTHING! YES?! Well, this calls for drastic measures!

The first thing you'll want to do is give a piece of paper to your Yurble and let him or her write the foods that they'd like to have. I'm telling you now that you'll most likely receive a list that will have strange foods written on it. Foods that you've never even heard of before! Now it's time to rack up your OWN brain. Who's the person *coughs*orfaerie*coughs* that knows the most about mixing different foods? I'll give you 5 seconds to guess. You done? If you guessed Jhudiah the Island Faerie, you're right! Now you most likely have an outline of what you need to do. You'll have to go visit Jhudiah and show her the foods your Yurble has placed upon their list. She'll be right there to help you and give you a kind hand in any of your Yurble's food needs.

Now, if you're pet hasn't chosen any foods from the five different shops, hasn't written any foods that they want on their list and doesn't seem to want anything that you've given to him or her, your Yurble has a very serious eating sickness. I strongly and highly suggest that you take your Yurble to the Hospital and get a doctor to examine him or her. Your doctor will exactly know what is wrong with your Yurble and will prescribe medicine to your pet so that your Yurble will eat at least a few different types of foods, even though your Yurble won't enjoy them that much.

Grooming And Cleaning Your Yurble

This procedure is MUCH more simpler to do then the feeding aspect of your pet. When it comes to the grooming of your Yurble, make sure that you purchase a strong and sturdy Long Hair Brush. Yurbles DO have very thick and long hair and fur, don't they? You should let them decide on which color they'd like their brush to be. This way, their grooming will be much more fun and enjoyable. When grooming, make sure that you comb the top of their head, chest, neck and their back. Do it slowly and gently and make sure that all knots have been untangled, especially around the backside region where most of the fur is located. You'll notice that the more you brush, the shinier your Yurble's coat becomes!

Cleaning your adorable Yurble is also relatively simple. Purchase them a nice and thick shampoo so that their fur and hair will be spotless. In addition, purchase them a toothbrush so that their incredibly sharp teeth will always be glimmering. Like before, you should let your Yurble decide on which shampoo and toothbrush they'd like to have. Always remember that having their own personalized items will make Yurbles much more content and stress-free.

A note that all grooming and cleaning supplies may be purchased at the Grooming Parlour which is located at the Neopian Bazaar.

Choosing The Efficient Toys And Books

You should not have one single worry or problem when it comes to choosing the right toys and books for your beloved Yurble. They'll play with almost anything you hand to them! Either it be a small toy or a toy train, your Yurbles will be content with it and will have heaps of fun playing with it. An extra treat that you could give your Yurble is their very own petpet! Having a petpet is every Neopet's dream! Just imagine the look on their face if you ever hand one to them. Priceless. And you don't have to worry about going overboard with your NP spending. Many petpets are priced very low prices and are greats ways for your Yurble to learn different types of responsibilities while at the same time, having fun!

Now, finding a BOOK for your Yurble is the most simplest thing you can do when it comes to taking care of it. Just go visit the Book Shop and let your Yurble do the rest! If you're a writer, you can make up your own stories and read them aloud to your Yurble! Now wouldn't that be a treat? There are actually 4 books that are mainly directed towards Yurbles: Yurble Manual, Yurble Spy, Yurble Adventures, and Yurble Tales. Every single book should be a great read for your Yurble and even for you!

It's The End

Well, there you have it! All the basic needs that your Yurble requires when taking care of it! We've reviewed choosing the right food for your Yurble, grooming and cleaning it properly and deciding on the efficient toys and books that it needs. I sincerely hope this guide has helped you in your quest to be an excellent Yurble owner and that you and your beloved pet will have heaps of fun together for the rest of your days! This is blubblub317 signing off for yet another fun-filled, informative article!

Author's Note: Hope you had fun reading the article and I hope that it'll help you take care of your new Yurble (if you have one that is)! Any comments regarding the article would be deeply appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Another Note: Not all the facts in this article are true. They are merely opinions from my observations that I thought would help readers.

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