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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Articles > Cheese, If You Please!

Cheese, If You Please!

by smiley_star_09

MERIDELL- An interesting inspiration happened to me as I was reading an article in the Neopian Times 141. This article, you see, was written by marlowefsh. Do you know what it is? Yes, you’re right, it was While You Are Waiting… As I was reading this article and possibly considering trying out some of the waiting ideas for the Wheel of Monotony when my eyes skimmed across number thirty-four on that list. My eyes lit up as they thirstily took in the idea. Yes, it said…

“Get a story about cheese in the Neopian Times”

Now the people that know me well and have talked to me before will let you know that is exactly what I intend on doing. So just sit back enjoy as you discover the wonderful world of cheese.

‘The Power of Cheese’. Everyone has heard it before, but who has really thought about it? In my opinion, cheese does not get it’s fair share of fame. There should be a national cheese day. There would be free cheese for everyone; a day to appreciate the great and mighty wonders of this amazing substance. With all the cheese Neopians probably have stored safely in their SDB there could be a great cheese statue made. The possibilities are endless.

Many Neopians do not realize how many items there are with cheese in them. There are many Neopian delicacies that are cheese smothered in chocolate; it adds a nice zest! If you think you’d enjoy munching on some of that, try Chocolate Coated Cheese Strings, Chocolate Coated Blue Cheese, and Chocolate Coated Tangy Cheese. Looking to give your neopet a sandwich for lunch? Oh there are many sandwiches with cheese. Ham and Cheese, Purplum and Cheese, Cheese and Pickle, Regal Cheese, and Nutty Cheese Surprise. What’s for dessert? Why, Regal Cheese Cheesecake will have your neopet in a frenzy! You can even give them a nice Cheese Slushie to wash it all down.

Of course, you’ve all been waiting for the answer to the question wandering in your mind: Why is there are slice out of the Cheeseroller cheese? Oh, many Neopians have gone in and out of Neopets with this question on their mind. Well my friend, have you ever tried looking for that missing piece? The truth is, you may find a few wandering cheese wedges if you search carefully through many shops…

On the subject of Cheeseroller, I’ve heard many users complaining that they don’t know what types of Cheese there are for Cheeseroller. Here are the cheeses I’ve found and what they’re priced at (in order from cheapest to most expensive):

Spicy Juppie Cheese – 150 NP

Smoked Snorkle Cheese – 300 NP

Triple Mustard Cheese – 450 NP

Honey Cheese – 600 NP

Big Beefy Cheese – 750 NP

Purple Spotted Cheese – 900 NP

Brain Cheese – 1050 NP

Alkenore Cheese – 1200 NP

Mutated Cheese –1350 NP

Bubbling Blueberry Cheese – 1500 NP

Tyrannian Dung Cheese – 1650 NP

Quadruple Fudge Cheese – 1800 NP

Brick Cheese – 1950 NP

Gooey Snot Cheese – 2100 NP

Peppermint Cheese – 2250 NP

Overgrown Cheese – 2400 NP

Heavy Bark Cheese – 2550 NP

Fragrant Ummagcheese Cheese – 2850 NP

Furry Chocomint Cheese – 3000 NP

It has been said that the more expensive cheeses will be easier to win with, but personally I’ve had no difference between some of the more expensive ones and the cheaper ones. You should try it and see if there is a difference between your results.

Well we’ve covered the fact that cheese is DEFINITELY for eating and even playing games, but believe me, there’s even more to cheese than that. If you somehow were strangely thinking that cheese would look lovely with the décor in your Neohome, you are in luck! You may be able to find a Cheese Lamp, Mat, Pillow, or Chair. The prices of these items are pretty high up there, but believe me, it’s well worth it to have cheese to sleep or sit on. Can’t you just imagine waking up to the sultry smell of cheese?

Enclosed is a poem that I’ve written about what else? Cheese.

Soft and yellow

A power so vague and unrecognized

Neopians pass it by

And neglect it’s strength

To make everything better.


Nothing seems as sweet.

And good to the taste

Hungry mouths openly receive it

As it warmly greets their system.


Nothing comes closer

To perfection

Yet it is not appreciated

As it should be

Every day it should be recognized.


So there you have it. You can sleep on a pillow made of cheese, wake up to eat a delicious Cheese Omelette, have a Cheese and Pickle sandwich for lunch, roll some cheese down the hill on your lunch break, grab a Chocolate Cherry Cheesesteak for supper, and wash it all down with a delicious Cheesy Slushie. Now that’s a cheesy day. Literally. Maybe we’ll even have a Cheese Day someday, like I mentioned earlier.

Well, I bet you’re wondering, how do I find all this wondrous cheese? I can tell you that! Many stores sell cheese including the Health Food Shop, and the Food Shop. Of course, you’ll always be able to find cheesy hot dogs at Hubert's Hotdogs, and cheesy pizza at Pizzaroo! Also, many people will have cheese in trades at the Trading Post on Mystery Island, or in their own shops. Let’s also not forget that you get to keep the cheese that you use to roll down the hill on Cheeseroller, so that’s a good source of some awesome cheese! Cheeseburger Slushies are carefully stocked on the shelves of the Slushie Shop on the chilly Terror Mountain. Come to think of it, you can probably find cheese on almost all of the lands in Neopia! Keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re still not understanding the power of cheese, maybe skim through a few of those facts up there again. Cheese, of course is the best food in the world, as you now are aware of. But let’s not forget the cheesy jokes are also awesome! Listen to this, although it’s not related to cheese: Q. What did one potato chip say to the other? A. “Shall we go for a dip?”. Now that’s a corny joke! Hey that reminds me, corn is such a cool food…

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