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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 6 > Continuing Series > The Return of the Black Lupes: Part Three

The Return of the Black Lupes: Part Three

by Lupebreeder10

When the four friends finally approached the volcano they searched for an opening. After nearly twenty minutes of looking RiverBed finally found something.

"Hey! Guys! Come here!"

She had found a large hole behind a bush. They all agreed that Flame should go first and then come back when he was sure they could withstand it. Flame slid down the hole and came out into what seemed like a trail. It looped around a large hole with only a little lava at the bottom. At the end of the trail there was what looked like some sort of door. Flame shimmied back up the hole.

"Well what did you see? Is it safe?" Petal asked. Flame told them what he had seen.

"Well, it sounds safe enough," CoalBalt said. "Let's start now."

He hurried forward and slid down the hole with the others close behind him. "Hey! That must lead to the portal!" Petal said excitedly.

And she ran forward before anyone could stop her and reached the door in seconds.

"C'mon guys it's safe!" Then she tried to open the door as the others hurried after her. "Ouch! It's really hot!"

By that time the others had reached her. "Here let me try," Flame said.

He pushed on it hard and in a moment it had swung right open leading into a long corridor with some sort of a black hole at the end. Only CoalBalt was not happy.

"It's too easy! There must be some other traps around here. Let me show you."

He took a organic peach from the bag and threw it into the corridor. As soon as the peach hit the ground it started to break away showing lava underneath. They all stared at CoalBalt.

"Wow, good call CoalBalt!" Flame told him. Petal just stared at him in admiration.

"That was a close call back there thanks!" said Riverbed smiling.

"Anyway, how will we get across?" Petal asked.

"Well you have wings don't you? You can fly us across one by one, but do Flame first because if you drop him he can just swim back through the lava," Riverbed told her.

Petal laughed, "How comforting!"

But she picked up Flame and flew him steadily across the lava. But when they got to the black hole they didn't know what to do.

"I think it's the portal!" Riverbed called out.

"I agree!" Petal called back. "But I have and idea!" She reached over and took brimstone from the wall and threw it in. It went through.

"You're next!" she said to Flame with a grin and gently tossed him into the hole. Then she came back for Riverbed and then CoalBalt. And then she went through herself. It was like falling through a cloud, but in this case the cloud was more like thick black fog. Finally Petal's feet hit solid ground. She fell forward from the force of the fall. She got up quickly and looked around and gasped. Her friends were fighting a great Monocerous! But this was no ordinary Monocerous, this one was nearly forty feet tall! Petal rushed forward to help her friends. She flew up and controlled a gust of wind in which knocked the Monocerous of its feet. Petal dived down and hit the Monocerous hard in the face. While the Monocerous was dazed CoalBalt shot a powerful blast of psychic power at it. Then Petal shot a jet of water at it and then Flame finished it off with a blast of fire. The Monocerous burst into a thousand tiny wisps of smoke. While they were all catching their breath Petal looked at her friends. Riverbed had a thin cut across her shoulder but other then that she and Flame and Coalbalt looked fine.

"Where did that thing come from anyway?" Petal asked them.

"Well, I guess it came on the Dark Faerie's command." Flame said.

"Where do we go now?" Riverbed asked CoalBalt.

CoalBalt looked around for something that could lead them to Galilobo. Suddenly a huge gapping hole appeared as if by magic.

"Perfect!" Petal said, standing up.

"Wait Petal, we don't know where it might lead to," CoalBalt said uncertainly, also standing up.

"Well, I don't think were going to find out by standing here wondering what's at the bottom!" Riverbed said, and ran over to the hole and looked down.

"What's down there?" Flame asked, joining her .At the bottom of the hole there was a giant tree with the top cut off and at the top some sort of bubble was there at the flat part.

Two giant black Lupes stood at the base of the tree trunk, talking with a smaller black Lupe. The Lupes went into a room across the hole and the door slammed shut.

"Here's our chance!" Flame whispered.

The jump was only five feet or so, so Flame jumped easily to ground. Once the rest of the group had jumped down to, they looked up at the tree and tried to see what was in the bubble. Finally Petal flew up and screamed.


To be continued...

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