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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Celebrating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Articles > Finding the Perfect Petpet For Your Pet With One Hundred Thousand Neopoints or Less!

Finding the Perfect Petpet For Your Pet With One Hundred Thousand Neopoints or Less!

by evilmarionette

RAINBOW POOL - Throughtout Neopian history, prices on items have steadily gone up and are still continuing to increase. This is not a mistake, and with more and more pet-owners emerging into Neopia, inflation will follow.

Exactly what are the chances that you will be able to buy a Royal Paint Brush, or a Candychan? With all these high prices, obtaining a rare item is almost impossible! Buying that "cool" paint brush will never be harder to buy, and getting a Turmac for your petpet definitely won't be easier. I remember when the Faerie Paint Brushes could actually be bought on the Shop Wizard. Neopia was a happy place then, and two years ago from where it now stands. Today, Faerie Paint Brushes are one of the most elusive items in Neopia, but still one of the most prized colors any pet could ever have.

This is not a guide on how to make Neopoints, but I will share a few tips with you on that subject. A key to making Neopoints is to save. Make goals for yourself, and don't let any obstacles distract you. If you want a Faerie Paint Brush go for it! Make Neopoints by games, or restocking. Once you have made profit don't spend your Neopoints! I don't care if you want "that new plushie" or a gourmet club card. Stick with the plan.

Well, let's get to what you came here for. Petpets. Who doesn't love them? Petpet's are cherished little creatures who will add more value, to you and your pet. It's hard to pick out a petpet because there are so many to choose from. I will admit that the brilliant looking ones are the rarest and most expensive. I don't know why it always works out that way, but in my opinion it stinks.

As you will see in the next few segments of this article, most of it is made up of my opinions. If you disagree or agree you can always send me a Neomail. Just don't thrash me.

Alrighty, let's get started. The goal here is to, find the perfect petpet for your pet with one-hundred thousand Neopoints or less. PHEW!

Spotting the perfect petpet (without Neopoints being involved): Being creative or creatively inept you can always make your way to the petpet puddle and choose from a list of petpets and their colors. Here are a few steps when you choose a petpet (not buying one).

[1] What is your pet's color? Which petpet will match the color, and the mold of your pet? EX: If your pet is a round JubJub or Kiko a Baby Fireball, a Bloop, or Bilguss could all work as a petpet.

[2]Cute or Ugly? If your pet is hideous you don't want to give it a cute petpet that will make your pet look ridiculous. Although almost everything in Neopia is cute and lovable, it's not that hard to find something ugly, i.e.: mutants, darigans, and sometimes babies.

[3]Matching it all up. Pets and petpets are more compatible when they have more things in common. If you have a Jetsam, Flotsam, or Koi it will work out best if you give them a petpet that's aquatic. Character matching is a very important thing to do when choosing a petpet.

Color? Is it really necessary?: When buying a petpet you don't want to automatically think color. Coloring petpets is rather expensive, and wouldn't you want to paint your pet, than your petpet first? Here is a list of my top ten petpets, I think are irresistible without extra color. NOTE: Not all these petpets are under one-hundred thousand Neopoints

10. Bloopy

9. Bubbles

8. Candychan

7. Doglefox

6. Faellie

5. Dua

4. Mazzew

3. Gallion

2. Harris

1. Hasee

See, you don't always need to paint petpets to make them cute. Petpets were once cute you know before the petpet puddle arrived. =)

The five best petpets under ten thousand Neopoints

This is just an opinion. I found all prices by using the Shop Wizard.

5. Leeble - 4,900 NP

4. Barbat - 4,090 NP

3. Snowbunny - 8,900 NP

2. Abominable Snowball (THEY ROCK!) - 780 NP

1. Slorg - 6,515 NP

The five best petpets under twenty thousand Neopoints

This is just an opinion. I found all prices by using the Shop Wizard.

5. Gnar - 10,000 NP or even less!

4. Bluna - 19,400 NP

3. Spardel - 16,555 NP

2. Miamouse - 14,600 NP

1. Harris - 7,000 NP

...and we're going to skip ahead...

The five best petpets under fifty thousand Neopoints

This is just an opinion. I found all prices by using the Shop Wizard.

5. Alkenore - 28,756 NP

4. Babaa - 21,000 NP

3. Fangy - 33,000 NP

2. Drackonack - 40,000 NP

1. Primella - 34,265 NP

The ten best petpets under one-hundred thousand Neopoints

This is just an opinion. I found all prices by using the Shop Wizard.

10. Leeble - Definitely a must! This petpet can go with just about anything. How can you resist it's unique aquatic look?

9. Miamouse - The makeover is what makes this one really worth it. It's fresh a new looking and goes with any faerie or "girly" pet.

8. Fangy - It's hoofs are toooooo cool. It looks strong but still cute at the same time. It's cheap and fun to give to any pet.

7. Alkenore - Just like the Miamouse it goes with about every faerie pet. It was a hit when it came out, but now it's just seemed invisible. The wings are too adorable.

6. Angelpuss - This wasn't on any of our past lists but it would fit under ten thousand Neopoints It's cheap, happy, and has a ton of colors to choose from if you feel like painting it.

5. Babaa - Who doesn't love a Babaa, possibly one of my most favorite petpets but there are just too many! If I was rating pet colors the Tyrannian Babaa would win. (YEE!)

4. Anubis - A classic and a winner. The Anubis is swift, and clever. It's design is brilliant as well. The faerie one is just lovely.

3. Doglefox - It was hard to decide where this one should go, but it seems that all the pets I have owned, they owned a Doglefox. An old favorite.

2. Harris - Cutest faerie petpet alive, and super cheap as well. The colors it can be painted as are perfectly done. This one fits with most pets, ugly or cute.

1. Slorg - What's not to say about it? Overall it's appearance is cute, ugly, demented, and strong. It's compatible with just about every pet and are cheap enough to buy over and over and over! SLORGS are uglylicious XD.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Everything here is basically my opinion. Remember you can always Neomail me if you have an opinion on this article. Thanks for reading!

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