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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Celebrating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Short Stories > New Neopet on the Block

New Neopet on the Block

by jen4ever4ree

It was hard being the newest species to Neopets. Sure, many crazed Neopians who loved the idea and look of a Yurble adopted a new friend, but the other Neopets weren't so nice.

     Seradoikes, a yellow Turble, held on tight to her Blue Yurble Plushie. She gazed around Neopia Central. A Christmas Uni came bustling past, carrying heaps of bags full of Grooming Supplies and Clothing. "Hey! Watch out!" Seradoikes cried, suddenly tumbling to the ground. The Uni stopped, examined her hooves, and then said in her delicate voice, "You need something, honey?"

     "Uh -- no, just you bumped into me…" Seradoikes began, but was soon interrupted.

     "Hah, lookie dear!" the Uni said. "It's you 'new' species! I hear all you Yurbles go around talking about how you're so special and new and wonderful and all that. I mean, if you rock so much, why aren't any of you guys painted? Huh?"

     "But - Missy - uh, Ma'am, I'm not like that, you know!" Seradoikes wailed. "Not everyone's like that…and because we're new, we just don't have much colors…yet!"

     The Uni tossed her mane. "There you go again! Just 'cause you're new, you have no special colors! Hah!" She stomped off, her head high in the air.

     "They'll make a Christmas Yurble or something soon," Seradoikes said quietly. She heaved herself up off the ground.

     Seradoikes groaned, and entered the Chocolate Factory in the hopes to buy a treat to make her feel better. Eating a good snack almost always cheered her up a bit. She walked to the front counter, and faced the Kiko Shopkeeper with the fancy cane and top hat. "I like your hat, Mister," she commented politely, trying honestly to make a good impression this time. She gazed around at the shelves of chocolates and candies and jellies.

     The Kiko grunted. "Hurry up and choose somethin'!"

     "Well…okay…" The Yurble searched around and picked a White Chocolate Jetsam. "Too bad there isn't a Yurble one."

     "Yurble this, Yurble that! Your pet species acts like it's all that! I mean, why don't some other Neopet get a secret avatar with them name? We have a default Kiko avatar, that's what, Yurble! You guys ain't got no default, but your Yurble super secret avatar!"

     "That's not us Yurbles faults, is it? We don't make the avatars," Seradoinkes pointed out in a small, timid voice.

     "Aha! Actin' like a smarty-pants now, eh?" the Kiko demanded, swinging his cane and nearly jabbing it at Seradoikes. She backed away, knowing that he'd done that on purpose. "Here," the Kiko announced gruffly, pushing the paper bag with the chocolate roughly to Seradoikes. "Take your stuff and pay me."

     "It's 1030 NP, right?" Seradoikes murmured, not bothering to haggle.

     "No way," the Kiko protested, his voice whiny and loud.

     "Why not? It's the original price!"


     "1070, how about that?" Seradoikes insisted fairly.

     "1099 NP, then!"

     "Fine!" Seradoikes shoved her hand in her purse, pulled out a sack of NP, and slammed it angrily on the counter. Just because that Kiko didn't like Yurbles, he had to treat her like scum off the bottom of Wellington boots? Why didn't anyone give Yurbles a chance? The Kiko Shopkeeper carefully counted up the money. "Uh-uh! Cheater! Off by 7 NP, here!"

     "Huh? What, oh, uh, sorry." Seradoikes took out her spare sack of NP and took out 7 NP. She looked at the pile of money already sitting on the table. "Hey! Sir, that's 1099. That is, see, just count."

     The Kiko's face turned tomato red so he looked like he was fed a Tomato Chia Pop and it worked on Kikos. He muttered quietly, shook his head, and dumped the bag of white chocolate into Seradoikes's paws. Seradoikes tried again not to look too bad and nodded kindly. The Kiko stuck out his jaw and turned away to serve the next customers, a group of wild-looking Moehogs.

     Seradoikes shook her head sadly. All she wanted was to be nice, have some friends. Was it always so hard to be a new Neopet in Neopia? She longed to find her owner, but she couldn't see her past the busy Neopia Central crowd. Everyone was going in and out shops for the restocks. The Yurble hung down her head, left the busy shopping place, and turned to the Rainbow Pool.

     She decided she might as well stare into the rainbow and wished for Yurbles to be able to be painted Faerie or Baby or Pirate or Striped. Anything. She wished the other Neopets wouldn't tease her and taunt her. Seradoikes dipped her left paw into the crystal clear water and splashed it gently. Everyone thought Yurbles were snotty and rude. But you know what? Everyone else were the rude ones. She frowned, and nodded. Yes, all those Korbats and Shoyrus and Scorchios were all mean. Why couldn't they just accept a new species?

     She watched past the rainbow at two little Yurbles being bullied by an even younger pair of red Grarrls. The two Yurbles yelped and scrambled away. A yellow Yurble was saying shrilly to a mean-looking Gelert who was teasing about how Yurbles are so funny looking and not normal. "Duh -- what other Neopets gots those weird-lookin' ear thingies?" Seradoikes heard the Gelert state loudly.

     She looked around. She was pretty much alone. The closest Neopet was the mean Gelert, who was now chasing the other Yurble farther away. Seradoikes motioned to help at first, but she didn't want her day to get any worse. Pulling open the bag of chocolate, Seradoikes took out the White Chocolate Jetsam. She bent off the end and began to bite it when she noticed a Kougra happily walking towards her.

     Prepare for the teasing. Seradoikes held back a gulp and shuffled in her seat.

     The Kougra looked around nearby. She looked at her reflection in the clear Rainbow Pool water for a moment, and then turned to Seradoikes.

     "Hello. If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing here? Just, your species doesn't have many colors yet," the Kougra said gently in a singsong way.

     "I came here because I wanted to," Seradoikes replied dully.

     "Am I disturbing you?" the Kougra asked. "Sorry if I am."

     Seradoikes was surprised. This Kougra was being nice. She actually apologized! Seradoikes straightened up and gave a slight smile. "No, you're not disturbing me. I'm glad you came, really."

     The Kougra grinned. "You're a lot nicer than that lot at Mystery Island. This group of Yurbles is saying how they're the greatest species. Of course, your species might be, but I'm glad you don't act like them."

     "So that why everyone was treating me like dung! Just because of some other Yurbles on the other side of Neopia?" Seradoikes said, astonished.

     The Kougra stuck out her paw. "Yes, some Neopets are being a bit snotty, if you ask me. Trust me though, I'm definitely not like that!"

     The Yurble's eyes shined cheerfully. "You've been the nicest person to me all day. Everyone else was being really rude to me." She looked down at her chocolate, broke off half of it, and offered it to the Kougra.

     The Kougra smiled and graciously took the chocolate. "You're very kind yourself. Some Neopets can act so indecent without even knowing people. Do you want to see Chomby and the Fungus Balls with me and my owner tomorrow?"


     "Great. Hey, I'm Lithe Nele, by the way! You?"

     "Seradoikes. But you can call me Sera. All my friends do."

The End

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