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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 143 > Articles > Gründo - The Space Band of Our Millennium

Gründo - The Space Band of Our Millennium

by britpower787

TYRANNIAN CONCERT HALL - Look out, Neopia! Gründo’s here, and they’ve brought along a whole new trend, taking music to the next level! They aren’t just a band…they’re a new way of life, and they come straight from the starry depths of our universe! Originating from Kreludor, Neopia’s recently discovered moon, Gründo made the trip all the way to Neopia to introduce their space-age music to our Neopian culture. They premiered live at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, Neopia’s most prestigious performance location which hosts popular bands such as Jazzmosis, Sticks N Stones, and Yes Boy Ice Cream. And what an incredible success they started out as, producing just a handful of quickly sold-out shows and attracting millions of fans within a short period of two weeks!

What makes Gründo such a phenomenal band? Perhaps it’s their unique, futuristic, upbeat musical style that inspires us. Or maybe it’s their foreign heritage from a culture that we long to know more about, being that of our own moon, on which there is still so much yet to be discovered. Or perhaps it’s their colorful, creative look that catches our eye, with their Technicolor hairstyles and clothing, bright orange glow, and retro instruments. Whatever it is, Gründo is ‘out of this world‘!

I was there at Gründo’s most recent concert to check out the band myself. At first I didn‘t think that a band from outside of Neopia was going to be so great, until I actually witnessed it among the millions of other anxious goers. Gründo’s presence struck me like lightning; I had never heard anything like their music or seen anything like their expressed sense of style; it was utterly mesmerizing and inspiring. Their music was rock, metal, and techno all at the same time -- what a thrilling combination!

I got the chance to interview some of the passer-bys and fans at Tyrannian Hall at this time. According to the ticket booth personnel, ‘There were massive crowds of people pouring in early this morning just to get their hands on tickets…it was unbelievable.’ One crazy fan exclaimed, ‘I LOVE Gründo!’ as their concert concluded. ‘The millennium tunes were really catchy! I would like to see them again,’ raved another. Not only did fans rave about Gründo’s unique tunes, but also they expressed a liking for Gründo’s cool look. ‘Gründo inspired me to show off my true side and express my inner personality in the way I dress and act,’ stated one excited fan. Gründo’s unique dance moves, expressions, and presence allowed the band to capture the hearts of numerous fans.

Another cause for such a large crowd was that so many Neopians were extremely curious about life on Kreludor, since the moon is still new to many of them. There is still much to explore in our big universe, and many are becoming increasingly interested in space-related themes. As Kreludor was only discovered about 3 weeks ago, many Neopians have not yet visited its surface and don’t know anything about its culture. According to them, Gründo gave these curious fans a ‘taste of Kreludor’ through the style of music and decorum presented at their concert. One fan explained, ‘Seeing Gründo’s concert gave me a feeling of what life may be like on Kreludor; it made me want to become more involved in different cultures and styles.’ In a way, Gründo is a form of advertising Neopia’s new moon and broadening foreign interests.

As a result of such a successful first concert, many fans are buying the Gründo-based merchandise in order to express their admiration and loyalty to the band. Fans go wild to get their hands on items such as Gründo specialty T-shirts, decorative mugs, elaborate posters, one-of-a-kind guitars, and idolized plushies so that they, too, can express their loud, multicultural side. ‘I can’t wait until the Gründo CD comes out,’ exclaim numerous Neopians.

But what, perhaps, is the future for this outer-space band? Will they be able to maintain such a high status as they hold currently? I interviewed some of the other bands that attended Gründo’s concert to get some input on this varying factor. The Hikalakas, also a relatively new band with a very different style than that of Gründo, responds with a positive theorem,

‘In my opinion, difference in culture, and therefore style, helps a band because the Neopians always want something unique and different, rather than a repeat of the same old thing. A band from Kreludor, for example, is bound to attract many because they want to know more about the obscure landscape and a band is a perfect way to show off that new discovery. Coming from Mystery Island, we have quite a diverse style compared to the other, veteran bands, and we are doing quite well so far, even though we’ve only been out for a month or so. I hope this means the same for Gründo.’

Jazzmosis commends Gründo for their ability to inspire by elaborate style. ‘Gründo are loud, extremely expressive, attractive, cool, and unafraid of being different. Those are the qualities that make up a great, successful band. What I like best about them is that they are so involved in their own style, which doesn’t exist anywhere on Neopia. They don’t copy off of everyone else; they set their own trend. That is what Neopians admire; that’s what makes Gründo special. And I think they have a good chance of going far because of that factor.’

Hopefully, Gründo’s efforts in being true to their heritage will pay off, big time. However, one may not know for sure. It’s hard being in the music industry, for you never know what will happen to you or your future; sometimes a band may end up being the biggest hit of the year, or it may fail completely. I admire Gründo for taking that big leap to give their fame and stardom a chance. Let’s hope that Gründo makes it to the top! I will be rooting for them the entire way. Whatever happens, in either case, I will always remember Gründo as the band who expressed themselves the most out of any band I’ve ever heard. Best of luck to you, Gründo!

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