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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Articles > One Potato, Two Potato...

One Potato, Two Potato...

by icedude912

IN THE KITCHEN - What do you think vegetables are for besides eating? You’d probably say, “Vegetables are just food. What more can you do with them besides eat them?” I had thought that too, until FaerieStar32560 pointed out to me that there were things useful with plain old vegetables.

Vegetables are the most useful things ever to exist in Neopia. Without them, could we ever have guaranteed wins in the Battledome? Would we ever have anything to count when we were bored? The answer to both of those is ‘NO.’

Attack Peas

Why don’t we use some attack peas as examples of vegetables being useful? Attack peas are one of the most expensive Battledome items ever. You’d say, “Oh sure. I guess my opponent is going to be so weak, he’ll fall at the throwing of a small pea I could eat at anytime.” If you say that, then you’re sadly mistaken. Looks can be deceiving, and that applies to all attack peas.

The simplest of attack peas would be so hard on your opponent; they won’t know what hit them! Well, they’ll know that an attack pea hit them, but you know what I mean! An attack pea looks delicious and weak, but when used in the Battledome, it can be a deadly weapon.

Let’s move on to a new form of vegetable use, shall we? You might find this one quite surprising…

Potato Counting!

Extreme and non-extreme potato counting are the latest and greatest activities to ever hit the Meri Acres Farm. I’m sure you know of these games already, but have you ever really wondered why it has become a favorite pastime?

Well, people have always been saying to never play with your food. It can become a bad habit, and it’s just bad table manners.

A young yellow Kacheek was exploring the streets of Meridell when he came to the marketplace. The Kacheek and his friends saved up money and bought thousands of potatoes. Most of the money came from a few Neopoints they found on the streets. Wow! They must’ve gotten rich of finding those randomly! I wish I could’ve gotten so much money randomly.

Anyway, the Kacheek and his friends wanted to eat all the potatoes. They had only eaten ten each when the Kacheek had a crazy idea. I went over to interview him, and he shared this conversation during our chat. He remembered it precisely the way it was, so everything in here is exact:

Kacheek: Hey! Why don’t we use our extra potatoes to make a game?

Ixi: What kind of game do you have in mind?

Kacheek: I think a nice counting game would be great.

Wocky: That’s a good idea. Maybe we should have a Neopoint prize for this too!

Kacheek: Fine idea. Okay, so it’s settled. We’ll make a potato counting game called ‘Potato Counter.’

Wocky: Wait! Maybe there should be a challenge! We’ll send the potatoes flying with other vegetables and objects to make the potatoes harder to count!

Kacheek: Nah. I think just potatoes are fine. It’ll be hard enough already with the thousand potatoes we’ll dump out.

Wocky: Hmph! If you don’t like my idea, I’m going to make my own potato counting game and say that it was my idea!

Kacheek: You can’t do that!

Wocky: Watch me! I’ll call it ‘Extreme Potato Counter’ because it’s WAY better than your game could ever be!

Well, you get the point. The rest of the conversation got pretty rough. I think it had something to do with jesting or something like that…

Veggie Toss

Last but not least, there’s the vegetable toss. Try to throw as many vegetables as you can into the basket that’s hanging up in a tree! You can throw potatoes, carrots, broccoli, or peas! Just don’t throw that asparagus around. I think we should save that for Adam to eat anytime!

The game of Veggie Toss is simple. One of your two teammates is the defender and the other is the interceptor. You are the shooter. It’s your job to shoot the vegetables into the other team’s basket up in a tree. The interceptor can only intercept the other team when they try to shoot the vegetable. The defender keeps the veggie away from the other team to prevent them from stealing it. They can’t intercept, because that’s the interceptor’s job. You can steal the veggie, or you can pass it. You can’t hold it and run. You must dribble the veggie, even if it’s not that bouncy.

However, there is something you can do for extra points. You can toss asparagus into the ‘Save Bin’ for Adam to get later, after the game. Maybe I should make a Save Bin for myself so you don’t waste that entire broccoli supply…

By saving the asparagus, you can get 10 points just from that one shot. If you shoot a half-court shot with the asparagus and make it, you win 50 points and the game! Unfortunately, dropping the asparagus at any time causes you to lose 10 points. That’s not good…

The REALLY Last Activity

Thought my article was over, did you? Well, there’s still one more thing you can do with vegetables that I have just come up with while I am here in the Games Room. Accessories! You need lots of them to survive in the Neopian world. What would you do without those vegetable grooming supplies? Without that Pea Soap, would your pet ever feel clean? I don’t think so. You should really go and buy some bars of Pea Soap to keep your pets fur clean and pea-scented.

And how about some school supplies? Where would you ever be without that pea pen? It’s surprisingly comfortable to write with you know! How do I know? Well, what do you think I wrote the rough draft of this article with? One of those silly Flexible Pencils? I am a veggie lover because I use them in crafty ways besides eating!

The Summary

Well, let’s just take a view with everything we can find in Neopia that’s a useful vegetable! There are peas, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, and even more! Don’t think vegetables are boring. Think of them as fun and useful items! You might even go to school and say, “Look! I have a new Pea Eraser!”

The Conclusion

So, next time vegetables are served at dinner, save the leftovers for games that you could play with your friends, or use it as ammunition for those slingshots you buy at the stores for battling. Just make sure to say to your friends that vegetables are fun and useful. You can even create a new recipe! Make sure to tell me about that recipe, because I’m feeling a bit peckish right now. Bye for now, and be sure to stock up on vegetables!

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