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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Short Stories > The Snowagers Cry

The Snowagers Cry

by arula100

Naomi, a sky blue Shoyru, and her friend Fae, a yellow ixi, were playing on the lofty mountainsides of Terror Mountain. In most cases, it would have been a wonderful idea to enjoy the warmer weather of the season, but not at this particular time. The land had been calm lately, too calm to escape the notice of most Neopians. They had heard of the quiet before the storm, and didn’t dare mess with the elements. All could tell a storm was brewing, but they didn’t know when it would come. Many were restless, and stared anxiously out of their windows every hour. Even the greedier Neopians avoided the treasure in the Snowager’s cave; it was too high up for comfort. Even the Snowager himself seemed restless.

     Naomi and Fae had just finished their game of tag and were now busy making snow angels. Naomi laughed as they sat up. “Fae, your angel has little horns, see?” She pointed down to Fae’s angel.

     She pointed where the ixi’s horns had been. They both laughed. Fae looked at the clear sky and sighed. “Perhaps we should go back home soon.”

     Naomi sighed too. “Yeah, I guess so. We can’t stay here forever, can we? It’s such a beautiful day, or at least…it was.” She nervously pointed at some dark clouds she had just noticed, rolling dangerously towards them.

     Fae gulped. “I think we should go…” A gust of wind buffeted the two friends, nearly blowing them flat against the cold snow.

     Naomi grabbed Fae’s hoof. “Come on! We have to get out of here!”

     Miles away, the Snowager stirred in his cave. The howling winds had awoken him. He knew this would be a terrible storm, and out of the sheer pain of needing to wait through it he let out a terrible cry. It could be heard by anyone in the general vicinity of his cave, anybody farther away who merely listened could have heard it. Residents of Terror Mountain heeded his warning, choking back tears at the sorrow in the sound. Naomi and Fae heard it, too.

     Fae spun around, scared. “What was that?”

     Naomi pulled her harder. “Come ON! We’ll find out later, we have to get to shelter!”

     A rumble sounded behind them, and both were quite sure it wasn’t thunder. Naomi risked a quick glance and wished she hadn’t. The Snowager’s cry had disturbed a large bank of snow, which was now chasing them. It grew with the powder underneath it and the blizzard that had enveloped the mountain.

     Naomi tried to fly off clutching Fae, but the blizzard was too strong and Fae too heavy. She managed a single shout, “Avalanche!”

     The snow rolled heavily on top of them. Covered in a blanket of white, Naomi passed out.


Naomi woke groaning. She tried lifting her head, which was promptly pushed back down with a soft gesture. Naomi groaned again and opened her eyes. A green Lenny was bending over her, a concerned look hanging in her eyes.

     “Who are you?” Naomi asked quietly, a headache growing.

     “It’s me, Lea,” she responded. “We go to the same school, remember?”

     Naomi looked at the Lenny, confused. “I go to a school? What is school?”

     This time it was Lea’s turn to groan. Apparently, Naomi had a case of amnesia. “Look Naomi, you’re having a memory problem at the moment.”

     “Who’s Naomi? I like that name. It’s really pretty,” she smiled softly and tried to put her paw on her forehead, but some bandages were in the way.

     “You’re Naomi. You won’t remember things for a while, your head hit a tree, but it will all come back to you soon. Do you remember what happened when you passed out a couple of days ago?”

     Naomi thought hard. “I remember white. Lots of white. Then a lot of black.”

     “Makes sense,” observed Lea, “you were buried under three feet of snow. Do you remember Fae? You two were best friends.” Lea handed Naomi a picture. A blue Shoyru, apparently Naomi, was playing with a yellow ixi. A smile was frozen on both of their faces, captured by the camera.

     Naomi studied it. “No, I don’t remember, but I’m really trying.”

     Lea smiled patiently. “Well, you think about it. I’ll go make some breakfast.”

     Naomi nodded gratefully and focused her attention on the picture. They seemed to be having a good time. She yawned, and decided to take a nap. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.


Over the next couple of days Lea brought random items that might jog Naomi’s memory, but none of them worked. Naomi groaned. “I’m looking for it, really I am. But my memories just don’t want to be found!”

     Lea smiled. “Then let them find you. Don’t concentrate so hard. Tomorrow we’ll take a little field trip around Terror Mountain, okay?”

     Naomi smiled and thanked Lea for her efforts before falling back asleep.


The next day came and passed slowly. Lea showed her Grundo Snow Throw, where she used to play with Fae. She tried the Ice arena and Advent Calender, but nothing seemed to work. They ate lunch at the Snow Food shop. Lea sighed. “Let’s go to the Snowager and grab something next. He should be asleep about now.”

     Naomi nodded. Perhaps the answer would be there.

     They stood at the entrance half an hour later. “Alright, Naomi. You wait right here at the cave entrance and I’ll run in and get something. Don’t move away from this spot.”

     Naomi nodded and did as she was told. Lea inched closer, pausing every time the Snowager switched positions. She picked out a Negg, and made her way toward it. Holding her breath, she reached out to take the treasure. As it lifted free, other items came tumbling down. The Snowager reared up and narrowed its cold eyes at the intruder. It cried out deafeningly and lunged at her. Lea raced out of the entrance, and nearly had to drag a stunned Naomi away.

     Lea placed the negg carefully in the snow. “What was wrong with you, Naomi? Why didn’t you run?”

     Naomi’s eyes looked distant. “I remember now. It was clear, we were walking home. The clouds came, and the cry… it was the Snowager. We ran, but the avalanche; it was too fast... Fae! Where is she? Where’s Fae? We had so many good times together…so many happy memories… where is she?”

     Lea smiled. “You remember. That’s great! And…”

     Naomi stared at her. “But what about Fae?”

     Lea looked down and shuffled her talons. “About Fae…”


Naomi stared at the tombstone quietly. Fresh snow fell upon it, and it read;

     Beloved Fae

     May You Always Rest In Peace

     Naomi’s knees gave in and she fell to the fresh snow, sobbing. “Fae, why did she have to go? She was my best friend… my best friend.”

     Lea placed a comforting wing around her shoulder.

     “I remember now, all of it, but I wish I didn’t. Why can’t the past just stay behind me, where it belongs?”

     Lea looked at her sympathetically as a silent tear crept down her cheek. “Yes, Naomi, the past belongs behind us, but our memories belong in our heart.”

The End

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