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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 6 > Articles > Shoyrus vs. Scorchios

Shoyrus vs. Scorchios

by silvermoonLupe

For as long as there have been different species of NeoPets in Neopia, there have been debates between their owners. For example, is the Wocky a cat or a fox? Should Lupes be allowed to hunt Chias? But there's one debate that I'm very surprised hasn't gotten much attention. Scorchios vs. Shoyrus. They're both dragon-type NeoPets, fiery, and friendly. So why are these species so similar? How did they develop?

The current most popular of the two is the Shoyru, also the most popular NeoPet of all. Most of the Shoyrus I've come across were painted in one of the ten awesome colours they're offered in. (Only five for Scorchios, not counting invisible and the cheap Christmas.) When Shoyrus became available in rainbow, the price for a rainbow paintbrush SKYROCKETED to unbuyable. Not only are Shoyrus adorable in their many fashions, but they're easily trained! Hardly do I see a Shoyru below level three! On the other side of things, most of the Scorchios I've seen are level one and in the adoption center. How could the Shoyru be so favourable? I, myself, am witness to this phenomenon.

My first pet was a Scorchio, but she has long since moved on to a new owner, and I now proudly own four Shoyrus total. It's something about their large, intelligent eyes. They just seem to say, "Love me! Train me!" Either that, or they have some hypnotic power and are planning to take over Neopia, but I'll save that theory for another day. You would think that Scorchios would shine over Shoyrus in the Battledome, but that's not true! If you examine them closely, you'll see that the Shoyru has larger, stronger wings and a slim and quick body. Huge advantage over the pudgy and slow Scorchio. Also, Shoyrus have quick temper and get attached to their owners, which is PERFECT battling temperament. Since Shoyrus put so much trust in their owners, they're great companions and hardly ever abandoned.

My theory on how it all came to be this way dates back to medieval monarch Neopia. Back then, not all NeoPet species had been discovered yet, and there was only one dragon-type. This species looked more like the modern Scorchio, with small wings that prevented it from straying from it's volcanic habitat. This was a time for legends and fantasy, and so many stories were made up about Scorchios being fierce and burning down villages. Since nobody dared find out the truth, all the stories were believed. Soon, in the mind of a medieval Neopia, the Scorchio was so large it could swallow an entire army and use the king's castle turrets as toothpicks. Then one day in the volcanos, a baby Scorchio was born with large, floppy, wings--much different than the small, compact wings of his species. As he grew up, developed a definite talent for flying. He'd soar over the volcanos, pumping his strong wings and doing flips and turns. This, however, made his fellow Scorchios jealous. They stopped letting him play with them, and told him his flying talent was "foolish." Sadly, the little Scorchio decided that this wasn't the place for him, so he left his homeland in search for where he belonged. He traveled from land to land without stopping, which was easy when you could go by flight, but soon he got so tired he felt as if he would collapse. Seeing a nearby castle in the dark of night, the little Scorchio flew in through the window and laid down on a bed to rest his weary wings.

Wow, what a good sleep, the little Scorchio thought as he stretched and opened his eyes. When he saw where he was, he gasped. Of all the castles he could have stopped at, and all the windows he could have flown into, he had found his way the king's bedroom. He tried to tiptoe off the bed to escape through the window before the king woke up, but it was too late. The little Scorchio shook with fear of being thrown into a dungeon as the king looked him over. But instead of calling for his guards, the king held out his hand. In it was a morsel of food. Starving, the little Scorchio eagerly took it, and since then he became the king's faithful pet. The king loved the friendly little dragon and offered a reward for any others of his kind found. To the little Scorchio's surprise, soon another was reported! A female with the same floppy wings he had! Naturally a perfect match. This new species was named the "Shoyru." Since they were castle pets, Shoyrus no longer needed their claws and spikes, and so they slowly disappeared as the Shoyrus were bred. However, the people refused to believe that these adorable companions were the Scorchios legend told of, and so the fear had not disappeared. Shoyrus were trained to be lookouts, thus the development of their large eyes, and castle guards, thus the development of their fighting spirit. Soon, they were clearly independent from the Scorchio species.

And so, the Shoyru became the intelligent, strong, and adorable companion it is today. But don't forget the Scorchio! Living isolated in the volcanic regions, Scorchios have developed tough skin and even a little magic in their heritage. Scorchio or Shoyru? Which one do YOU train?

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