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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 31st day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 6 > Articles > Proof That Cheaters Do Win

Proof That Cheaters Do Win

by yoyoyo1019

Many Neopians do not take advantage of the great game called Cheat! So, I decided, out of the kindness of my heart (^_^) to clue you guys in. (Please note that this is not something you can read instead of the rules. You should read them first or you will be a bit confused.)

Cheat! is a great way to make neopoints. I usually make about 1000 NP per game, so the 50 NP price is worth it if you know how to play. Plus you'll get a pretty fancy looking trophy for your cabinet.

On the other hand, if you don't know how to play, well that's why you're reading this, isn't it. So why don't we get started?

In The Beginning
In the beginning of the game, our lovely neopets team decides to let you go first. When you are picking the card value, you should try to pick the highest or the lowest card you have, because you do not desperately need to catch up to anyone this early in the game. Also, this will insure that, for now, there are no gaps in the values of your cards so you will be less likely to have to resort to cheating.

How To Catch Someone Cheating
When someone has taken their turn, you are faced with two of those ugly gray buttons. Should you accuse them of cheating or "let them slide"? Well, there is a very easy way to figure out if someone is cheating. Try and follow me here.

There are only four cards of each value, right? Yes, that's right. So let's say Chuffer Bob the Meerca plays 3 nines. Look at your cards. If you have two or more nines, Chuffer Bob is cheating because three and two make five, and if you remember, there are only four nines and you know for a fact that since you have two of them, no one else can have more than two other ones.

So basically, what you do is add the number of nines (or whatever value) they say they have played to the number of nines (or whatever) that you have and if the total is more than four, the person is cheating, and you should push the top ugly button to accuse them. You will get a small amount of neopoints, and the cheater will get the pile added to their hand. (As you know, if you read the rules like I told you to.)

There is also another way to catch a cheater but it is not very reliable, so you can skip down to the next section if you want.

Chuffer Bob the Meerca just played 2 sevens. You have no sevens so that is just fine with you. No one accuses Chuffer Bob of cheating. Now it is Little Timmy the Tuskaninny's turn. He goes and plays 4 seven's. He must be cheating, right? Chuffer Bob just played 2 sevens. Well right now, I would not accuse Little Timmy. Why? Well, because he might not be cheating. Hehe I know what you mean. The answer is: You don't know if Chuffer Bob was cheating. He could have been. I will point out, though, that if this is the case, Little Timmy, with all four sevens, should have figured that out before his turn, but that is why he is a random computer player and not a real person. (Unless you were almost out of cards and he wanted you to think he was cheating so you would accuse him and get the pile added to your hand...)

It's My Turn Again - What Do I Do?
When it is your turn again, you will probably be allowed to pick from three card values: The value the person before you has just played, the value one less than that, and the value one more than that. If you need to catch up to someone or get ahead, or if none of the values is your highest or lowest, choose the value of which you have the most. If you don't need to catch up, and the numbers are not in the middle, then pick the highest or the lowest, for reasons mentioned in the first section. If the person before you has been accused of cheating, the pile will be clear. You will get to pick any card value, so you should (say it with me now) pick the highest or the lowest, except when you need to catch up, in which case you pick the one of which you have the most. Very Good!

But I Don't Have Any Of Those Three Cards!
Okay, okay, you don't have to whine about it. All you have to do is cheat.

Won't They Catch Me?
Not if you follow these simple instructions: First decide which value you are going to say you have played. Try to pick one that hasn't been played that much. Next, pick the value you are really going to play. This should be your highest or lowest card because you should never cheat more than one card because then it will be easier for them to figure out you are cheating. After you have made both decisions, click Go! and hope for the best!

Remember that these characters are not actual players. They accuse people randomly, so if you get caught it does not mean you are a bad cheater, it just means the game will go on a little longer.

Anything Else?
Yes, there are a few tips I still have to tell you:

1) If someone is playing their last card, accuse them of cheating whether you think they are or not. Chances are you will be right and if you are wrong, the game will end anyway because they have won.

2) Make people think other people are cheating. Make people think YOU are cheating. Be devious. That's what Cheat! is all about.

Well I hope you enjoyed my long, slightly boring guide to Cheat! and I just know you will all be whizing through the levels getting trophies and also getting rich. Just remember that this is mostly a game of luck so if you do not win the first time try it again. Now go out there and Cheat! Hopefully no one will accuse you of cheating.

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