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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 140 > Articles > The Sixteen Hour Race

The Sixteen Hour Race

by valerielundberg

GAMES ROOM - How one Neopian struggled her way into proving determination is all you need to be successful in the Game Room.

It started out as a dream. Could a single person make 100,000 NP in one single Neopian day by playing nothing but games? I had often wondered. There seemed to be tons of games to choose from, it certainly seemed possible. But was it? And if so, how hard could it be? Finally, I decided it was time to stop wondering and put it to the test. I was on a mission. I was going to attempt it.

So, on a day where I had nothing to do, I prepared.

Comfy chair? Check.

Snacks? Check.

Well rested? Check.

I banked my NP so I had zero on hand and went into the Neoboards Game Chat, and posted a simple message with the headline:

"I have a goal today, I am going to make 100k in one day by only playing games."

The rules for the challenge were simple. Start at zero, and work my way to 100k by only playing games. Games of chance or luck like wheels and slots were off limits. I was out to prove that determination, not luck was all one needed to succeed. 100k or bust, I was on my way.

I began working my way through games, posting my progress to the bystanders who gathered in the chat. I had been expecting a very cynical response, but I was pleasantly surprised. People were actually supportive, some even joined in to keep me company. Everyone wanted to see it done. We all loved playing games, and what was there to lose? A chance to beat a goal, make some new friends, rack up some NP, and improve our game skills? Sounded like a winning combination to me. And so it started.

I started simply. I decided I would start off playing the games I didn't particularly care for and save the ones I was better at for later in case boredom set in and I needed a pick me up. Because of this, the gain started out a bit slowly, but by 10k I was still feeling in top form. By 25k I was more determined than ever. By 50k I was feeling my eyes burn, but the people supporting me on the Neoboards kept me going by offering me their own game tips for each game I said I was currently playing. I had considered myself a "seasoned player" but boy, I sure learned a few things from the others' tips! I continued to play and by 75k, I was exhausted. Thankfully, I had planned ahead and saved some of those games I enjoyed which paid well. I played my favorites and my spirits were instantly lifted. On games that I knew I could reach the 1000 NP payout per game I tried to submit my score as soon as I reached the payout maximum in order to save time, only once did I stop to play a game I was decent in to the limit. (It was the best game of Gadgads I ever had, and it was so fun I just couldn't stop!) Though I was tempted to play some addictive games like Sutek's Tomb past the limit, I was already worrying about time so I kept prodding on, submitting max scores of my "good games" and focused instead on trying to get the best scores I possibly could on games I wasn't as skilled in. Before I knew it time flew by and I was at 90k.... nearly there!

And then time suddenly stopped flying, and hit a brick wall.

The last 10k to make was the most challenging. I was down to playing non-flash games and the NP started coming in very slowly. I had been awake playing for hours on end (stopping only one hour to eat dinner) and I was starting to feel the pain. On top of that, I was slowly running out of games. I had come so close, but the last few thousand NP to the goal was moving at a snail's pace. I felt ready to give up. Then I looked around the chat.

"You can do it! You're almost there!"

"We believe in you!"

"Keep going, you are doing great!"

I realized that most of the people watching and supporting had been there with me the whole time and I learned something: No matter how boring or tedious something is, as long as you have people there with you, no task is impossible. Even though I never spoke to them before, they stopped what they were doing for the entire day to help me though my journey. I made many new friends that day, and that alone was well worth the efforts I was putting in the experiment. It's amazing what one can do with a little support.

In the end, and 16 hours after I had begun the "100k Challenge", a game of "Pyramids!" pushed me over the goal. As I looked down at my 100,093 NP I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. Sure, I had made that much or more in a day before in trades or by stocking my shop, but never before had I taken such pride in something I earned like I did that day. I had beat my goal with hard work and proved a theory. The 100k was incidental, just the icing on the cake. I beat it. Or better yet, WE beat it. If it hadn't been for my support team on the Neoboards I probably would have given up. By the end of the day my appreciation for games was increased, I was more confident, and above all I learned how fast a group of perfect strangers with a common goal could suddenly become friends. It was amazing. Truly amazing.

So, would I recommend to others to take their own games challenge?

In a heartbeat. Not only is it fun, you can meet some great people and have a great time while you are earning NP And having fun is what it's all about, right?

Happy Gaming!,


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