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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 140 > Short Stories > Destiny or Duty

Destiny or Duty

by immortalmina

Five pets walked slowly up the spiraling staircase to the top of the Hidden Tower. The leader suddenly took to flight. The brown Lenny’s long legs dangled near the other’s heads. His Light Footed Lenny Boots helped him become faster. “I’ll meet you at the top! I’ll make sure it’s safe,” Mordecia_ told them. His beak had a gold crescent moon birth mark across it. Morry flew upward showing the Dazzling Lenny Sword strapped to his back.

     The four pets left kept walking up. In front was the Halloween Lupe, Chaney_Talbot. He was dressed in a black biker jacket and jeans that are not only two sizes too small but were torn and shabby. The werelupe had an Iron Lupe Sword in his paws. His left paw had a gold crescent moon scar on the palm.

     The next pet was the desert Aisha, Artemisluv. She was dressed in a white toga and had a gold crescent moon tattoo on her forehead. The little Aisha hummed as she walked up the stairs. She was happy to finally be free of her Neohome.

     Next went the brown Grundo, _A_J_Rimmer_. Rimmer wore the Moon Goddess Guardian uniform: a white dress shirt that has a gold crescent moon on the upper left arm, a brown tie that had a gold crescent moon near the bottom, khaki pants and black combat boots. On his forehead was a white H. The Grundo carried no weapons. He can not touch anything or be touched due to a Swirly Rainbow Potion mishap. Next to him was his petpet Diddler, Holly.

     Lastly was the Christmas Zafara, Zerendipity_. She wore a white leather uniform that looked somewhat like Koya the Korbat Huntress’. The Zafara had a quiver of Forest Arrows on her back, a Rugged Zafara Short Sword on her side and had a bow and one Forest Arrow in her hands ready to be fired. Her petpet Batterfly, Karma, rode on her shoulder. She had a gold crescent moon birthmark on her right wing.

     The four pets met up with Morry in the store at the top of the stairs. “My Lady, it is safe for you to speak with the queen,” Morry told Artemisluv. Artemisluv wanted to speak with the Queen of the Faeries, Queen Fyora.

     “Thank you!” Artemisluv smiled. She walked to the front of the store and found Queen Fyora standing there. The queen looked down at the Aisha with her lovely purple eyes.

     “Look at you. Last time I saw you, you were a student in my Queen Lessons class. Now you are going to be the Goddess of the Neopian Moon. I am very proud of you,” the Queen said in a sweet gentle voice.

     “Thanks to your class I think I can do it too! Does it ever get easier, though?” Artemisluv asked.

     “How do you mean?” The Queen didn’t understand the Aisha’s question.

     “Well, the Guardians are around all the time and I never get to go anywhere or do anything.”

     “You want to know if there will ever be a day when you are free, like before?” Artemisluv shook her head in a agreement. “I’m afraid that is over. What you gave up in freedom you will gain in other ways. You will be a great Goddess. Do not worry.”

     “Halt! Who goes there?” yelled Zerendipity who was guarding the door.

     All the Guardians ran to the door, all but Rimmer who hid behind the queen. A royal Uni walked in. “My name is Sir_Darius_, I have come to get weapons for Meridell.”

     “Let him through!” the Queen demanded. The Guardians moved out of the way of the Uni. The Uni looked tired.

     “Sir_Darius_?” questioned Zerendipity.

     The Uni stopped and looked at the Zafara. His eyes seemed to recognize her. “Zerendipity_?”

     “Wow, Darius. It seems you have gone up in ranks!” Zerindipity stated. She ran to the Uni and hugged his neck. The Uni looked happy by this.

     “Zerendipity, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you in Meridell? There is a war going on!” Darius asked in a harsh tone.

     Zerendipity frowned. She wanted to fight but couldn’t leave Artemisluv. “I have a new duty. I’m sure Meridell can survive without me,” she told Darius.

     “This isn’t like you. You always fight. Meridell needs you!” the Uni shouted.

     “Artemisluv needs me more! I’m sorry Darius,” sadly Zerendipity told him. Darius looked upset. He shook his head. He then stumbled over Holly and fell through Rimmer.

     Rimmer looked shocked. “How rude of you! Walking through a Moon Goddess Guardian!” Rimmer yelled in his aristocratic-like accent.

     If Rimmer looked shocked then the Uni looked terrified and bewildered. “I’m... sorry?” he stuttered.

     “Time to go. Are you finished My Lady?” asked Chaney. The Aisha shook her head yes. The five then left the store.

     “If you ever want to help Meridell, then please find me!” Sir_Darius_ called as they left. Zerendipity once again in the back frowned and shed one tear.

     It was a long silent walk back to the Neohome. All five pets went into the Neohome ignoring the pink Lenny on the lawn. Once inside Artemisluv, Chaney and Zerendipity headed for Artemisluv’s and Zerendipity’s room. When the guardians moved in, for the time being until they move to the Moon, they had to share rooms with the other pets. Chaney shared Emerald__Weapon’s room(Chaney didn’t really sleep in there, he had to guard Artemisluv’s door). Morry in Methos5's room and Rimmer with Spike_aka_bigbad.

     Morry saw a pirate Aisha and his petpet pirate Puppyblew and called, “Methos5, just the Aisha I wanted to see. I want to show you...” his voice trailed off as the Lenny and Aisha went into another room.

     Rimmer and his petpet Holly thought they saw the spotted Aisha Emerald__Weapon. The two ran into the kitchen to talk. “Have I told you about the time I played NeoQuest II?” Rimmer loved to tell everyone how he played, down to every last boring move. Most hid to avoid it.

     Inside Artemisluv’s room the Aisha said, “Chaney, can you wait outside? I want to talk to Zerindipity alone.”

     “Yes, My lady,” Chaney said and did as she asked.

     Artemisluv sat on her bed and hugged her Faerie Queen doll. Lunaangel the Angelpuss angrily woke up and flew to the different spot on the bed. “She’s been upset for a few days. Immortalmina tired to trade for a Plushie Petpet Paint Brush for her. Something went wrong and she didn’t get it. I’d rather paint her black anyway. Too bad Angelpi aren’t available in that color yet.”

     “What do you want to talk about?” the Zafara asked.

     “Do you want to help Meridell?” the little Aisha questioned.

     Zerendipity looked at her. She didn’t really know what to say. “I have fought in every Neopian war. I always chose the side that I thought was right. In the last Meridell war with Darigan I chose Meridell. I was badly hurt. I laid on the battle field until a Whinny found me. The Whinny, Byron, got his owner to help me. Sir_Darius_ was only a blue Uni back then. He gave me a potion and helped me back onto my feet. I fought the rest of the war along side him. We were a great team.

     After the war was over, I didn’t know what to do. All I was good at was fighting. I left Darius in hope of finding my real path. It was then that Chaney and Morry found me. They explained to me my birthmark and what my path was.

     So, in answer to your question, I would love to help, but I am a Moon Goddess Guardian now and forever.” After she spoke the Zafara began to cry. It was a mix of sadness, pain and guilt. Zerendipity really did want to help Meridell.

     Artemisluv jumped off the bed and hugged her guardian. “I wish you could go. I’m sorry that I’m such a bother to everyone,” she told Zerendipity.

     At once the Zafara stopped crying. “You are not a bother. Don’t ever think that. Now I must go My Lady.” Zerendipity left the room. “You can go in now Chaney.” Chaney smiled. He could tell something was wrong, but decided not to ask.

     Zerendipity walked out the door and sat on the lawn. The Pink Lenny had gone home for the day. Zerindipity watched as the Sun set. It was a beautiful sight.

     “Here, love,” a voice that had an accent like Rimmer’s said. Zerendipity wiped her eyes and saw that a mutant Korbat claw was giving her a bag of Cheesy Neos. She took the bag and smiled.

     The mutant Korbat had two red scars, one over his left eyebrow and one was an X on both sides of his right wing. The Korbat had on a spiked collar. With him was a Tyrannian Doglefox named OZ. “Thanks,” she told Spike_aka_bigbad.

     Spike began to walk away. “Just remember, when things don’t seem right look at your wing. That’s the truth, love. She needs you more than anyone. Trust me.” He then stuck a Poisonous Lollipop in his mouth and headed toward the Neohome.

     “Spike...” was all Zerendipity could say. She looked at her wing and saw the birthmark. She was doing the right thing.

     “EEEE!” squealed Karma the Batterfly who was still on her shoulder. It fluttered off and jumped into the bag of Cheesy Neos. It began to eat very fast. Soon the bag was empty aside from the petpet. Zerendipity began to laugh.

The End

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