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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 140 > Short Stories > Blaring Heat, Warm Water, and a Mystery Island Tour

Blaring Heat, Warm Water, and a Mystery Island Tour

by chocolateisamust

Never had anybody witnessed a day hotter than the 14th day of the Hunting, Year 6. The sun glared down upon all lands of Neopia; even Terror Mountain was warmer than usual.

      And all of the residents at 124241 Harbour Lane, Mystery Island, were, as many, not taking the immense amount of heat very well.

      “I’m burning,” Sareona, a purple Acara, complained, resting her head wearily on the kitchen table.

      “Me too,” her older brother, Marr, groaned.

      “Aww, cheer up!” their owner, a young girl named Chocolate, exclaimed from the other end of the kitchen. She plodded clumsily over to them. “The Neopian Times said that the weather will go back to normal by Wednesday!”

      “Wednesday?” Sareona asked, jerking back up. She let out an exasperated sigh. “It’s only Friday!”

      “This isn’t fair,” Marr, her green Wocky brother, proclaimed.

      “Ditto,” the Acara said. “I wish that there was some way to cool off.”

      Chocolate grinned, wiping a strip of sweat from her forehead. “I have an idea!” she announced.

      “What?” Marr shot a skeptical glance toward his owner. Normally her ideas were less-than-perfect.

      She didn’t reply immediately, but simply stared optimistically at her pets. “Swimming!” she finally cried out.

      “Where?” Sareona instantly inquired.

      “Well duh! We live on Mystery Island! What surrounds an island?”

      “Water,” Marr muttered.

      “Yup!” she chimed. “So you and Sareona can go swim in the ocean!”

      Sareona tilted her head, thinking about her owner’s suggestion. “I guess we can go… I mean, if Marr wants to,” she said. The Acara didn’t sound very enthusiastic about it aloud, but in reality, she wanted to go very much.

      So she was happy when Marr agreed to go swimming. “Let’s go get ready now, and then we’ll go,” he stated.

      The Wocky then hopped to his feet and scuttled off to his bedroom. Sareona followed suit.

      Ten minutes later, with sandals slipped on all paws, towels clutched tightly against their chests, and sunglasses on their faces, the siblings ventured off toward the beach.

      They walked on local streets for a little while, but then reached the ‘public’ part of the island.

      There was no lack of tourists, despite the blistering heat. Owners and pets who resided elsewhere filled every street and every corner, as well as every shop and stand. The beach was not any different.

      Marr and Sareona managed to find an empty area of sand, though, and after dropping all of the things that were unnecessary for swimming (which was everything they had brought, quite frankly), the Wocky and Acara ran through the mazes of beach blankets and umbrellas until they reached the water.

      The pair burst into it, immediately splashing around in the cold, comforting water. But suddenly, Sareona stopped. She stood there for a moment, but then realized that the water was terribly warm; not at all cold.

      She groaned, scooping a floating seashell into her now-soaking wet paws. Nowhere, not even the ocean, could escape the heat!

      “Marr,” she said, stopping her still splashing brother dead in his tracks, “this is so unfair.”

      It was only then that the Wocky realized the temperature of the water, and he heaved a sigh as he nodded dismally. “Where else can we go?” he asked.

      “I dunno,” Sareona replied, sighing as well. “How about to the Tiki Tack?”

      “Nah, that’s not gonna be any cooler. The Rock Pool?”

      “Do we really wanna look at Maraquan Refugee Petpets?”

      “The Tropical Food Shop?”

      “No.” Sareona bit her lip, running out of ideas. She slowly started drifting toward the shore, and Marr followed suit.

      In the distance the two saw a 15-passanger-tour cart roll by. Nothing out of the ordinary; tours ran frequently, and they were used to them. But suddenly the tour seemed like it would be a superb idea when Sareona saw tour-workers fanning all of guests with giant palm leaves.

      “C’mon!” She cried, grabbing her brother’s paw. She half ran, half swam the rest of the distance to shoreline, and then burst full throttle toward the tour-station, where carts left every 15 minutes.

      “Sareona, have you forgotten about our belongings?” Marr asked, confused.

      “We’ll come for them later!” the Acara panted. She continued toward the station.

      The line for the tour was very long, and the two could instantaneously tell that they were two of few (if any other) locals.

      “This island is so hot,” a Christmas Lupe in front of them grumbled to his owner.

      “Yeah, it is,” the owner agreed. “I don’t know why we even came here,” he added softly.

      And then behind Sareona and Marr, a group of Faerieland-dwellers chattered happily about how magnificent of a vacation that they got to go on.

      “I wonder where all of our neighbors and such are,” Marr muttered, eyes surveying the area for any familiar faces.

      “They’re probably in their houses eating Ice Lollies drinking cans of ice-cold Neocola,” his sister stated. She yawned, worn out by the sun, which was shining more intensely than ever.

      Marr nodded.

      “Next tour is now loading!” a voice yelled from outside of a stationed cart. “5 per row! Please pay admission of 50 Neopoints to me as you board!”

      Sareona turned toward her brother, eyes wide. “I forgot about admission! So much for this!” she scowled.

      “Hold on, there, sis,” Marr replied, flashing a wily grin. “You do recognize that voice now, don’t you?”

      “N-no,” Sareona stammered.

      “Well,” Marr began, “it just so happens that I know the pet who works here sometimes. And that voice belongs to them.”

      Sareona frowned. “Who is it?” she questioned.

      “My old friend, Ryauni,” he declared.

      “Her?” the Acara asked. “Doesn’t she live across the street from us?”

      He nodded. “I’m pretty sure that she’ll slip us in, NP or not.”

      “Can’t she get fired?”

      “She can’t if nobody ever finds out.”

      Even though Sareona felt uncomfortable with her brother doing it, Marr cooked up a getting-on-for-free-plan. And it worked.

      The pair now sat sandwiched in-between a few different pets; one, a pair of red Ixi, the other a lone spotted Kyrii. The Ixi had two bag loads of souvenirs, and that immediately gave away their state as tourists. The spotted Kyrii was from Neopia Central, a fact that was revealed by the home-address tag pinned onto her backpack.

      “Here are some lovely natives!” the Coconut JubJub who was leading the tour exclaimed, gesturing toward a group of Mystery Islanders, who were dancing in hula skirts to the left.

      Sareona burst out laughing at that (despite trying to hold herself back), because one of the dancers was the Aisha who sat next to her in class. So this is the job that she brags about, The Acara thought.

      “What are you laughing at?” the Kyrii next to her asked. “Do you not appreciate the Mystery Island culture? Are you one of those spoiled pets from an exquisite Faerieland home?”

      “No, no,” Sareona responded, stopping her laughing abruptly. “I’m actually from here… it’s just kinda a funny story behind those er… dancers.”

      “Oh, inform me,” the Kyrii stared expectantly at Sareona.

      “Well, um… sorry if this spoils it for you, but those are actresses. The blue one’s in my class at school.”

      The Kyrii rolled her eyes, obviously in disbelief. “You really need to do a better job at lying if you do so in the first place.” She turned away.

      Sareona shrugged, and simply enjoyed the coolness from the leaves that were being fanned upon her.

      The tour soon ended, and the cart stationed. Marr and Sareona hopped off of it, and then headed back toward the beach to get their belongings.

      After a few minutes of searching, the pair found the sand covered items. They slipped their sandals on, slung the towels around their shoulders and shoved the smudged sunglasses onto their faces.

      They then slowly headed back to their house.

      The pair was immediately greeted by their little sister, Carridell’s, frustrated yells. “I’m bored!” she exclaimed, pounding her fists on the table. “And hot! The sun’s really bright today!”

      “Carri, honey, please do not damage the table. I know you’re bored, but this won’t help it.” Chocolate was visibly annoyed by her youngest pets’ actions. “Here, why don’t you go swimming at the beach? I’ll get Franklin to come with you. Okay? FRANKLIN, COME HERE!”

      Sareona and Marr exchanged amused glances.

      “I think we best leave this to them,” Sareona whispered, sneaking off toward her bedroom.

      “Agreed,” Marr did the same.

      And on the way to his bedroom, Marr saw his younger brother, Franklin, trudging toward the kitchen.

      “Hey, Franklin,” he said, undertone.

      “What?” the Aisha muttered.

      “I’ll give you one word of advice: Don’t go swimming.”


      “The water’s warm.”


      “And it’s really, really hot outside. But don’t worry; if you stall long enough, it’ll get cooler. It’s supposed to do that by Wednesday.”

      Franklin simply rolled his eyes and walked away. Marr grinned.

The End

Author’s Note: Ryauni belongs to me on my other account, and Marr, Carridell, Franklin and Sareona are on my main one. Neomail me if you have anything to say about the story. Thanks.

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