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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Articles > Good Games for Gamblers

Good Games for Gamblers

by pippin_fan15

GAMES ROOM - Gambling... it’s fun and addictive; what more could you want? Well, before you go running off to the game room to gamble all of your Neopoints, read this guide. I am going to explain what gambling is all about and the best games to play if you want some Neopoints back. While I do not have my Ph.D. in Gambling 101, I think my guide will help you become more aware of what gambling is all about. If not, then just Neomail me with a big complaint (just kidding).

The main thing to remember about gambling is this: gamble moderately. What does that mean? Don’t waste all your Neopoints on the slots. Whenever I go gambling, I take a certain amount out of my bank account first and ONLY spend that. That way if I loose it all, I have not really wasted all that much. Depending on your personal budget, you might want to start out with only 1,000 NP (like myself) or you might want to go with 5,000 NP I really would not go over 5,000 NP because what if you end up loosing it all? Five thousand Neopoints is plenty for one day’s worth of gambling.

Here are the guides on some, not all, of the gambling games available. I am only going to discuss that one’s that I think are worth while. While all gambling is risky, you can be successful at some of these games, if you know how to play.

1. Bilge Dice

Game level: somewhat challenging

Addictive level: very addictive

Risk level: some

Control level: tons

Neopoints involved: 10 NP to 200 NP

Probability of winning: very good

Bilge Dice is a very addicting dice game. You choose your ante, how many Neopoints you are gambling, and go from there. You choose how much you gamble, which is nice, and you choose what dice you want to keep. All that you can not control is the dice they give you. This is a fun game that does not require a lot of Neopoints You can really win at this game once you become good. I highly recommend this game because you can win a lot once you master how to play it.

Personal Tip: make sure that you get your one and four first. If you get four sixes and one four in the first round, don’t take all the sixes and the four because the game will be up. Likewise, don’t take four of the sixes and the four because there is only a 1 in 6 chance, or 17% chance, that that dice will end up being a one. Don’t risk it all. In this situation I would take the four and maybe one or two sixes, just to make sure that I have enough dice left to get a one. Have no clue what I am talking about? Go play the game.

2. Black Pawkeet Slots

Game level: easy

Addictive level: extremely

Risk level: very risky

Control level: practically none

Neopoints involved: anywhere from 1 NP to 450 NP

Probability of winning: some of the time

Like all slot games, Black Pawkeet Slots is very addicting. You can choose the amount of Neopoints to put on the line, but that is about it. The amount of Neopoints times the lines you choose equal the amount of Neopoints you spend. Ex: 5 NP times 9 lines = 45 NP.

This game is addicting because if you do not win the first time, you are going to want to play it over and over again until you do win. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!! This is a game that you must learn self-control at — or you will become broke!! Yet again, limit the amount of Neopoints you spend on this game.

3. Dice-A-Roo

Game level: very easy

Addictive level: somewhat addictive

Risk level: not very risky

Control level: almost none

Neopoints involved: 5 NP

Probability of winning: around 25% of the time

This game is all about pushing buttons. All you got to do is push the “Roll Again” button and you are off. From there you can either stop playing and collect your Neopoints or you can continue playing. This is a very risk free game. All it costs you is 5 NP, but you never know what will happen next. You can even win items from this game. During previous games I have won milkshakes, lottery tickets, shrimps, oranges, meats, and lots of other foods. I have even won the jackpot before (the grand total of 1,325 NP).

While playing this game, watch out for the addictive monster, because he will creep up on you. This game, like all gambling games, is addictive. Make sure that you don’t get to caught up in the game. Here is some extra stuff about the game that should help you while playing:

Levels (in order): Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver

Symbol meanings:

Triangle: next level up

X: Loss of Neopoints

O: Nothing happens

Check: Win some Neopoints

Skull: loose game or almost loose game

4. Double or Nothing

Game level: very easy

Addictive level: not very addictive

Risk level: not risky

Control level: almost none

Neopoints involved: 10 NP

Probability of winning: very little

Double or Nothing is much like Dice-A-Roo. It is a little different because you play 10 NP instead of 5 NP, and you don’t win as much. This game has 50-50 chances. Heads means you win, tails means that Snargan wins. Winning is much more difficult at this game because the first time that you win the coin toss, you just break even. It is not until the second time that you flip the coin that you win some Neopoints It is even harder to win on the third of fourth round, and if you loose, you loose all the Neopoints that you previously one. It is a confusing game, and not a good one to play if you want to win lots of Neopoints

5. Kiss the Mortog

(see Double or Nothing, because it is the exact same game except with frogs that explode instead of coins that flip)

6. Fruit Machine

Game level: very very easy

Addictive level: none

Risk level: none

Control level: none

Neopoints involved: none

Probability of winning: on average every 1 in 15 times you play

Fruit Machine should not even be in the “Gambling” section, but since it is, I shall explain it. Fruit Machine is a slot that you can only play once a day. It is the easiest game ever!! All you have to do is click the “Spin the Wheel” button and sit back and relax. Sometimes you win something and sometimes you don’t. It is really an easy game. You can win money (usually 50 NP) and even some cool items. I have heard a *rumor* that someone has won a Skunk Paint Brush from this game. Cool, eh?

7. Guess the Weight of the Marrow

Game level: very very easy

Addictive level: none

Risk level: none

Control level: tons

Neopoints involved: none

Probability of winning: practically none

This is an easy game with lots of control. You choose a weight between 1 and 400 and if you right you win; if not you loose. That is all there is to it. You have all the control in the world, because you choose your own number. And it’s a free game!! What could be better?

8. The Neopian Lottery

Game level: very very easy

Addictive level: some

Risk level: lots

Control level: none

Neopoints involved: 100 NP

Probability of winning: slim to none

Just reading all the information provided above should keep you away from this game. It is a game that has lots of risk, no control, and the probability of winning is slim to none. Why would anyone play it then? Because the jackpot is definitely worth trying for. The prize fund has been over 2.5 million Neopoints before; and if you are the only one who got all the numbers right, you get the whole jackpot to yourself.

It is a very simple game. Pick six numbers that are between 1 and 30. If you are one of the people with the most winning numbers, you win.

9. Wheel of Excitement

Game level: very very easy

Addictive level: some

Risk level: some

Control level: none

Neopoints involved: 150 NP

Probability of winning: good

This game, like all the wheels, has no control whatsoever. You spin the wheel and hope that something good happens. As many know, you can win up to 10,000 NP on this wheel (that is why so many are playing it – they want the avatar). But besides the avatar or the money, this wheel is good for other stuff. If the Pant Devil steals something from you (you have to land on him first), then you him as a Battledome challenger; which means that you can have that defenders of Neopia trophy that you have always wanted. Money wise – you can win 100 NP, 200 NP, 500 NP, 1,000 NP, 2,000 NP, 10,000 NP, or if you land on the “?” slot you can win any amount of Neopoints. You can also get something from the healing faerie. All in all, I think playing it is worth it.

If you are going to play a wheel, this is the wheel to play. The other wheels, The Wheel of Mediocrity and The Wheel of Misfortune, don’t have much to offer and do not give away as many Neopoints.

So, what have we learned today, besides that gambling is addictive? We have learned about some of the gambling games, some cool new secrets to the games, and learned which games to not waste money on.

Gambling can be lots of fun, if you don’t blow all your Neopoints on it. Make sure that you obey the number one rule of gambling, gamble moderately, and you should be good to go. So, go hit the slots and have some fun!!

About the author: She is typing this guide for gamblers at midnight from her house in California. She appreciates all comments, opinions, and constructive criticisms.

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