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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Short Stories > A Letter to Kass

A Letter to Kass

by da_guild_l0ver

Dear Kass of the Citadel of Darigan,

     I hope that this message gets to you soon. Kass, I haven't contacted you for ages, and I see that you've fallen victim to your anger for Meridell.

     I remember the old times, when you were an innocent young Eyrie from the Citadel. Darigan, for some reason, had been your rival back then, always trying to get ahead of you. But you were special. You didn't let Darigan's words make you angry. You could easily ignore them. But now, you act like you cared about the harsh words Darigan used against you. Just the word, "Darigan" makes you angry. Any time I made a topic about Darigan, you simply referred to him as, "The Citadel's leader who couldn't really lead anything."

     Darigan was acting peculiar, though. The first time he saw you, I could tell that he couldn't stand you. But at the same time, I also saw fear in his eyes. I believe that he was trying to get you out of the Citadel, but couldn't do it as residents would think badly of him for kicking somebody out for no reason. Perhaps Darigan knew that you would replace him as the lord of the Citadel...?

     And then, you had to experience the horror of seeing the Citadel of Darigan go down to dust, when Meridell stole the orb. That's when you started to change. I remember it with my own eyes. Hatred for Meridell started rushing through your veins. When you went outside, you didn't smile and greet your friends anymore. You tried to look like you were calm, when you were furious, staring at the faraway Meridell.

     Then, you became cold and didn't even notice me, when I was near. If you ever did see me, you'd quickly turn your eyes to someone else, as if you never knew me. Anger was taking over you, and it was spreading fast.

     Do you not remember how we first met? It was the Battledome that had made us become pals. When in fight, you took caution and examined your opponent's attacks, thinking of a strategy. I see you fight now, and it's like you're another neopet. You don't even care to see what your opponent is doing. You just quickly grab your weapon, and charge at your opponent. But you still share one thing in common with yourself before.. You're always persistent; you never give up. But, with your actions of fury right now, I can't tell you that your persistence is a good thing.

     I came to know you a long time after your infancy, but I'm sure that you didn't act then like you are acting now. Just seeing pictures of your childhood tells me that you were even more joyful than before. The anger you have is not a growth spurt, and is very hard to get rid of, but still can get rid of it, if you have the will to.

     We had lost contact for a while there. That made me decide to go to your own house, and confront you. I came in and we sat down. You glared at me, and I started talking. Perhaps you remember our talk so long ago...

     "Hey, Kass, it's me. Remember?"

     "Yes, GL, I certainly remember you."

     "I thought you forgot me. So much malice has filled your heart since the last time we met.."


     "Kass, don't you remember the times you had before anger had filled you?"

     "You think now that Meridell has stolen the serenity of this Citadel, I should be happy like before?"

     "Well, Kass, I understand. No one can be happy after what has happened. But you shouldn't let your anger take control of you either.."

     "Ah, so now, you're blaming my thoughts toward this?"

     "I'm not blaming you, or what you think."

     "Listen, GL, my time is short. I have to leave."

     "You're not in front of a thousand people, Kass. This isn't how you usually act."

     "This is how I always act, GL."

     "You didn't always act like this. You used to be a happy, determined Eyrie. You thought nothing could ever bypass you."

     That's when my words got to you. Your old personality came back for a few seconds, and you started feeling sorry for a lot of things you said. But, suddenly, your cold self came back, and you left the room with fury. I knew something was wrong.

     While I was there, I looked around your damp, dark room and noticed one important thing. One thing from the times long ago was in your room. It was a piece of paper, which looked worn, as if it had been picked up everyday. On it was a drawing that I made, that I suppose I gave to Kass. At first, I didn't know what to think of that, but I soon enough realized that you had not thrown out all of your past. I hope that paper will help you to return to the way you were before.

     When Darigan was gone, all that ever came out of your mouth were hateful words toward Meridell. For that reason, a high Grarrl of the Citadel granted you to be the next lord. However, the Grarrl, could tell big differences from you to Kass, and I realized that he talked to you less everyday. I knew that Grarrl, loyal to Darigan, couldn't get out of his mind that Darigan wasn't in charge of the Citadel, and decided that he regretted ever letting another neopet ever rule the Citadel. He soon left the Citadel, in hope that Darigan still existed, in another part of Neopia. I have been quietly gathering information about Darigan, and I believe that the Grarrl has succeeded in his quest to find him.

     Yes, I'd have to say, Meridell has done some terrible things. But the best way to respond isn't always bitterness, or wanting to confront Meridell. A good thing to do, is to watch from afar, and wait to see if Meridell will change.

     I see that now, Kass, you are attempting to get rid of Meridell once and for all, so that no further damages to the Citadel will be made. Though, I beg of you to stop the war. Wars bring nothing but corruption and more anger to everyone. But I understand that you're having a hard time right now. I fear that new amulet that you obtained quite recently, that allows you to read minds. It must be depressing to be able to read minds, especially if you could tell some didn't like you as the new ruler. You must be aware of what people give you. Whoever gave you that amulet could be trying to take advantage of how you feel, or even worse.

     I will also make one last plea. Please try to lose your coldness, and regain your old personality. I understand that Meridell has caused you a lot of damage, but sometimes you have to forget the past and go on with the future.

     If you ever decide to change, you could go on a search to bring back the serenity to the Citadel. Perhaps the Orb really wasn't the item that caused the Citadel to be practically destroyed, when it was taken away. I really haven't seen anyone that's ever tried to even help the Citadel, but I mustn't get ahead of myself. But, I'm not pushing you to do anything. I wish you the best of luck.



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