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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Short Stories > April Fools Madness

April Fools Madness

by l3estest

"Pup, guess what Les said! We can have chocolate for breakfast!!" x3Sunnyx3 boomed out with his hyperactive voice as a sleepy and flabbergasted rainbow Gelert gave a whoop of joy. "Ha! You fell for it! April fools!!"

     Cutiebabypup's head immediately dropped back down onto his cozy pillow, which had a picture of Brucey B. on it. "You lied!!" Pup screamed.

     The electric Kacheek cocked his head slowly. "Yeah, Pup. That's why it's April Fools! On April Fools you trick other people!"

     "Oh! Okay! Sunny, Les said we're having chocolate for breakfast!!" The rainbow Gelert yelled excitedly, hoping Sunny would fall for it. Pup had always been known as the forgetful one of the family. He's not stupid or anything, but he does have a dreadful memory problem.

     "Well, it won't work if that Neopet just used it a second ago..." The usually hyper Sunny said as he gestures for Pup to follow him. Pup flipped over his covers then hopped out of his cozy bed. "Let's go trick Melodyz!"

     The two brothers skipped through the hallway as they made their way to their Faerie Ixi sister's room. There were pictures of everyone in the family hanging in the hallway, some recent and some ancient. When they eventually arrived at Melodyz's room, they saw her transfixed on the mirror before her, motionless. Pup and Sunny's eyes met each other. Along came confusion.

     "Is Melodyz okay?" Pup asked.

     "Oh, MEL's just Fiiine!" Sunny said. Sunny knew Melodyz was playing an April Fool's joke on them. After all, Sunny's done so many pranks to other people that a prank detector grew along with his other body parts.

     "Arg! How many times do I have to tell you NOT to call me Mel?!?!" Melodyz exploded. Her Faerie Ixi wings fluttered with rage. Melodyz considered Melody or Mel immature. She believes in calling Neopets by their REAL name. After all, it has to be there for a reason. "Do I have to tell you, like, a million times??"

     "Apparently so..." Sunny muttered. He took a last glimpse around Melodyz's room then gestured Pup to follow him out. "I want to tell you a plan that I have..."

     The two Neopets walked through the hallway heading to the living room. The weather outside was delightful. From what the two brothers could see, the sun was shining brightly on Neopians as they played pranks on each other.

     They strolled their way toward that green sofa. Sunny picked up a note on the coffee table.

My four dear Neopets,

There's an emergency in a land far beyond and I needed to leave right away. I will not be back until tomorrow evening. You need to prepare your own meals until then. Or else you'll starve.



     Pup stared at the letter, his eyes filled with concern. He could not believe Les (l3estest) would leave them famished! "I don't know how to cook!!! I don't wanna starve!!!"

     As Pup went on and on about how they are all going to die of a famine, Sunny's prank detector beeped inside his brain. "Pup, it's another April Fool's joke."

     A brown hair, brown eyed girl stepped out from behind the green couch. Her face scrunched up to a frown. "Sunny, why are you so good at identifying these things?" She gave a loud sarcastic sigh.

     "It's in my blood..." Sunny said, turning his head to Les. "Pup and I have some plans for April Fools to discuss..."

     "I guess you guys want me to leave you to discuss these matters, right?" Les asked.

     The electric Kacheek nodded.

     "Well, good luck on planning your frolic!" Les said with a grin. She trudged out of the room with a Meerca Whoopee Cushion behind her back.

     Sunny's eyes followed Les until she was out of sight. Then he pulled out a crunched up blueprint. Melodyz is up for the prank of her life! He thought to himself as he handed Pup the plan.

     Pup gawked at the mere blueprint. It consists some sloppy drawings of Usukis, one equally careless drawing of a Gelert hiding something, one Kacheek ordering the Gelert, and an Ixi screaming. It was as simple as can be yet Pup was still grimacing with frustration. "I don't get it..."

     "Okay, here's what we'll do. We're going to steal Melodyz's Usukis and I'm going to let you hide it in a spot that she is most likely not going to look. You have to remember the spot, of course. Then Melodyz is going to realize that her beloved Usukis are gone. That's our April Fool's joke on Melodyz... after all, Usukis are what she cares about most." Sunny explained, his brain taking him back to the year before, where he had hidden the Usukis in his closet and heard the most angelic scream in Neopia.

     Pup's eyes grew wide. "THAT'S A GOOD IDEA!!! But why's there a picture of Adam here?"

     "That's not Adam! That's Melodyz!" Sunny pointed out, chuckling. "But I suppose they look the same."

     A wave of puzzlement swept over Pup's blank face. It stayed like that for a few minutes, then the normal, light-hearted Pup returned.

     "When can we start?" Pup asked.

     "Well, Melodyz is supposed to come downstairs to feed Jennifer later... maybe we could take her Usukis then!" Sunny suggested. "Remember, her Usukis are always in her closet, stored neatly in a container..."

     The electric Kacheek and the rainbow Gelert chatted on and on about what they thought was the best April Fools caper.

     Neither of realize that an intelligent baby Kau stood by the doorway, listening to their every word, ready to expose their scheme.


"Sunshine, will you take out the trash, please?" Les' voice dictated. x3Sunshinex3 the baby Kau poked her head out from her copy of Flotsams.

     "Sure, Les!" The usual neighborly, shy Sunshine accepted the chore in an instant. She stood up from the Blue Bean Bag chair she was sitting on. The eldest Neopet of the l3estest family looked around their cozy living room. The fireplace crackled merrily. She was the only Neopet in the living room at the time. The others seem to be busy planning something. Of course, Sunshine knew what Sunny and Pup was doing to Melodyz, after all, she was the noble sibling that forewarned Melodyz.

     Sunshine took out the trash.



Pup stood at the doorway to Sunny's bedroom. He stood tall and self-satisfied. A large grin sprawled on his rainbow face. "I hide it."

     That was all the forgetful Gelert had to say to get Sunny's attention. Sunny's head perked up from playing with his Christmas Baby Blu, Joe. "Where did you hide it??!!" He asked, agitated. He was so enthusiastic that Pup nearly got tackled to the navy blue carpet below him.

     Pup gave his hyper brother another proud beam. "It's reeaally good! I thought about it for the longest time..."

     "Yeeees??? Tell me!"

     "I hid it… IN THE TRASH CAN IN THE KITCHEN!" Pup smiled widely, waiting for an answer from his brother.

     The two brothers both gazed at Sunny's wallpaper, complete opposite things in their heads. Joe finally gave a high pitched screech, which brought both pets out thinking mode, not that Pup was ever in it.

     "H-how could you have hid it in the trash??? I don't get it... WHY??? Do you know what Melodyz will do to our lives?? Our SOULS??" Sunny banged his head against the edge of his desk. Why had I let Pup hide it?? Why am I so stupid? He thought. "Why am I so foolish? So stupid?"

     Once again, Pup was confused. "Um, Sunny? You're not stupid! Just because you have a brother smarter doesn't mean there's no one in Neopia stupider!" Pup comforted, obviously still arrogant. "Adam's not too smart himself..."

     Sunny couldn't laugh. He had always enjoyed Adam jokes, but why was he so down? Maybe because his life was in grave danger...? "Well, we better go tell Melodyz... and say good bye to our dear lives... wait, not yet. When you went to dump in the Usukis, was the trash can empty?"

     "No! It was filled with garbage!" Pup said excitedly, bouncing up and down.

     "Okay, NOW we're dead. Les probably dumped the garbage out already. Melodyz will never see her beloved Usukis again and it's all our fault."

     "Should we go get it out and show it to Melodyz all smelly and stuff?"

     "Did you not hear my last sentence??" Sunny questioned with frustration. "Let's go tell her. Say good bye to Joe. Say good bye to my bedroom."

     Pup frowned. "Are you banning me from your room?"


"Melodyz, we have a confession to make." Sunny confessed as Pup and himself made themselves comfortable in Melodyz's princess-like bedroom. Faeries were drawn across Melodyz's pink wallpaper. Melodyz sat on her Beauty Bed with four different hair brushes by her side. She seemed composed and tranquil, which was the best time to tell Melodyz the appalling news.

     "What?" Melodyz asked them, glaring at them constantly, making sure they're not taking any precious item from her castle. Inside her mind was a tornado of whirling things that Sunny might say to fool her, but there seemed to be one rigid building in the center of the howling tornado that seem stable.

     At that exact moment, as if planned, Sunshine appeared at the doorway. She gave the Faerie Ixi a wink which made Melodyz sure that her idea (building) was right.

     "Well, where should we start? Well, see, this was all supposed to be some simple April Fools joke but it turned into a lot more complex than that. It was meant to do no harm against you or anybody in this house. But... I took your Usukis and told Pup to hide them. That's where everything went wrong." Sunny paused for a brief moment making sure that everyone was listening. "Pup sort of hid them in the garbage in the kitchen... then someone dumped it out."

     Melodyz shot up into the air like a rocket. "WHAT?!?! YOU LOST MY FAKE USUKIS??!!" Melodyz wobbled around dramatically. "I spent so much time sewing those things!!!"

     Pup and Sunny looked at each other.

     "What? Those Usukis aren't real?" Sunny quizzed, brown eyes filled with unanswered inquisitions. "Explain?"

     "Well, Sunshine overheard you two talking about this plan. She rushed upstairs to inform me, the misunderstood soul--" Melodyz began.

     All eyes on Sunshine. The baby Kau gave a sigh.

     "Okay, I'll tell. I heard you two discussing the blueprint, so I warned Melodyz. I didn't want her to have an emotional breakdown like last year... it seems like Melodyz had a trick up her own sleeve..." Sunshine continued.

     "Well, I sew up some old rags I got into shapes of Usukis and then stuffed them with cotton. I did that last year to equip myself if this happens again. It did. While Sunshine told me about this plan, I got out my fake Usukis then put them in the container in the closet. Pup, you fell for it."

     "Ohhhh, so that's why they were all soft and squishy!" Pup commented, pretending to squeeze one of them in his arms.

     "Now it's your turn to tell us your side of the story... NOW!" Melodyz ordered as Sunny quickly sat back down.


Sunny gave a great big sigh of relief as Sunshine, Pup, and himself left Melodyz's bedroom. He was also surprised that Melodyz didn't get mad... I guess that's one good thing that happened... He thought to himself.

     Suddenly, a loud, ear shattering scream came from Melodyz's bedroom.


     "We didn't do it!" He managed to yell back.

     "Sunny, fix that prank detector! April Fools!" Melodyz shouted back.

The End

Author's Note: Happy belated April Fools! I wanna throw some thanks to 6_moonlight_6 for proofreading (as usual). And I want to thank all the editors, especially Felicia (Snowflake) She's been so awesome to all us authors! Thank you! Comments, suggestions, question are welcomed in my inbox. As for rude notes, let's hope that they're super belated April Fools jokes ^_^

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