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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Articles > Questions for the Game Makers of Neopia

Questions for the Game Makers of Neopia

by cebu_that_meows

Games Room- Over my two years on Neopets, I’ve come across some strange things; weird messages on the Neoboards, and unusual looking petpets, for example. But I often find most of these strange things in the Games section, things that just REALLY make me wonder. So I finally decided to ask questions about these things, some justified and some just random thoughts, and who knows? Maybe someone will know the answer to these, or maybe I will get all of Neopia wondering these things too.

Treasure Maps

Cool! I didn’t know there are OTHER maps besides the Secret Laboratory Map! Does anyone even care about those other ones?

Attack of the Marble Men

So Barry’s marbles got angry with him and want to wreak havoc upon Neopia just because he forgot to put them away one night? Wow, my Kougra’s Red Aisha Plushie that’s collecting dust under his bed must be a Kass-in-training by now.

Usuki Frenzy

Why does Sally the Usul have such a normal name, when most pets in Neopia have stupid names along the lines of I_like_to_meow? And how can you make sure that she doesn't lose her Usukis? If she loses them, all that work wasn't worth it! And when you play the game, you always have to get the same ten Usukis. Why does she even have all those other ones?

Splat a Sloth

Why does the ‘Sloth’ have to laugh at me when I miss? Everyone else already laughs at me; I don’t need a sock doing it too. Unless he’s laughing cause he thinks I’m funny. Could you please make him specify?

Hannah and the Pirate Caves

Why did you have to make Hannah so pretty? She makes me feel insecure about myself. Could you please give her a unibrow and a large, sloping forehead?


What on Neopia possessed Kass to join this game and make people want to whack him with a bat?

Meerca Chase

He keeps eating and eating, but he never seems to gain any weight. Is he on some kind of Neopian diet plan? How many grams of fat do Neggs have anyway?

Meepit Juice Break

If their mouths were as big as their eyes, they would they be as dehydrated as they are now? And why are they only getting juice? Can’t you be nice enough to give them a milkshake or something? And maybe some cookies?

Carnival of Terror

Why not just call it Chia Clowns? That'll strike terror in any sane Neopian’s mind!

Extreme Potato Counter

Let me guess... the glasses and pink hair help make it more extreme?

Web of Vernax

Shouldn’t this game be called ‘Web of Spyder’, since technically HE’S the one spinning the web?


And so the purpose of this game is teaching people that cheating wins the game?

Igloo Garage Sale


Extreme Herder

So where’s just plain ‘Herder?’ Potato Counter has ‘Extreme Potato Counter’, so Extreme Herder should have a ‘Herder’!

Feed Florg

I feel SO bad for those poor petpets…

Escape from Meridell Castle

Are you SURE that Valrigard was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit? What if he's lying? HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THAT!?


Is this game for people who got their accounts closed and are really mad? Oh no! RUN, SNOWFLAKE! RUN!!


What are those? Tyrannian high rises?

Kiko Match II

I feel sorry for all those Kiko mothers who had all those twins!

The Castle of Eliv Thade

Why is he forcing poor Neopets to decipher his dyslexia when he should be repairing all those holes in his floor? And doesn’t he ever get sick of anagrams and just want to do a nice word search?

Ultimate Bullseye

As opposed to... beginning bullseye? And what are you doing, teaching our pets that if someone has an apple, we should shoot them with an arrow?


So, let me get this straight: there’s a Pteri? And he's... flying through a canyon? Begin chased by a Grarrl? What's he shooting with? Does he have a gun or something? And why doesn't he just fly out of the canyon? How do you feel about perpetuating the violence between long-time rivals Grarrls and Pteris? I didn’t even know there WAS a rivalry between the two!

Mutant Graveyard of DOOM

If it’s a mutant graveyard, of course it’s full of doom! Did you really have to add that last part?

Double or Nothing

How come you don’t let ME choose?!

Better Than You

Okay, so you’re older, wiser, have a job, and probably have more money, but that doesn’t mean you’re better than me! And if you are, you don’t have to brag about it!

Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars

How come that just because they are mutant Fuzzles you call them evil? They’re probably just misunderstood.

Kiss the Mortog

What if I don’t want to kiss the Mortog? Why can’t I kiss a Meepit instead?


Can’t I just eat the cheese instead of rolling it?

Faerie Bubbles

Why do the Air Faeries have the worst combo if it's allegedly the Dark Faeries who are evil? Is this a conspiracy? Is there something you aren’t telling us?!

And there you are folks, random questions about Neopian games. Will these get answered? Probably not. Will people laugh at me and think I’m insane for actually asking these questions? Perhaps. But this is for sure: I have achieved my article’s goal of confusing Neopia. And now that I’ve done it, I’d like to thank the following people for contributing and helping me: blubblub317, articuno_neo, christinetran, potatorewkiki, rushellefff, meowth4, lunagirl52, buddy33774, chocolateisamust, and barbcat00. Thanks so much everyone! As a big thanks, I will now allow my Raindorf to cover your Neohomes with dung :D.

Author’s note: Hope you had fun reading this! Questions? Comments? Feel free to Neomail me anytime! And thanks again to everyone who contributed!! You guys rock!!

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