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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Short Stories > The Real Grey Faerie Inside

The Real Grey Faerie Inside

by aqua_dragon_star

"I'm sorry I'm late, my faerie Jhudora," the Grey Faerie said, bowing down to her. "Here is the item you wished for. As you promised, can you please change me back into a normal faerie now? No offense, but I would've gone to Illusen so it wouldn't be much trouble for you, but I'm not to leave Faerieland, as I have no wings, and I can not fly," the Grey Faerie said as she handed a small wooden box to Jhudora.

     The purple-green faerie placed her fingertips on top of the box. She lifted the box and pulled out an item that looked much like a Wand of Nova, except darker, with purple and green lights popping out of it.

     "Hahahahaha!" Jhudora cried. "I now have everything I need to destroy Fyora! Hahaha!"

     "But you promised..."

     "I didn't promise anything. YOU are the one that made a promise, to get me this. I never said there was a reward. You never said anything about changing back. I'm sorry, but if you did, you gotta learn to speak up! You are a useless, ugly faerie! Place a curse on that small faerie! As whenever a Neopet places a finger on you, they shall also turn blue!" Jhudora yelled as she pointed the wand at her. It shot the Grey Faerie, and she passed out.

     "Hehe. Fools..."Jhudora said as she then shot the Grey Faerie again, and blasted her to the Haunted Woods.


The Grey Faerie woke up. She looked around. She was in the middle of the Haunted Woods, and couldn't fly back to Faerieland. Her legs were buried in the ground, and couldn't get out, so she couldn't walk around.

     "Help! Help!" the Grey Faerie cried. Just then a small Faerie Cybunny came leaping through the forest, finding the Grey Faerie.

     "Hi! I'm Hyora. I'm Fyora's Cybunny. She sent me to find you. Let me help you," she said as she bounced over. She swept away some hard tree roots and dirt, and made it so the Grey Faerie was free.

     "Thank you," the Grey Faerie said. She tried to hug the Cybunny, but the second she touched her, the Cybunny turned grey, and sad.

     "Is something wrong?" the Grey Faerie asked.

     "Not at all. Why would you think that?" the Cybunny then looked at herself. "Ah!" she said as she gasped at her look. "What in Neopia?"

     "I think I know what might have happened. An Air Faerie taught you to fly, even without wings, yes? Fly me back to Faerieland and I shall talk with Queen Fyora."

     Hyora and the Grey Faerie flew back to Queen Fyora at Faerie Castle.


"What? You say you," she said, pointing to the Grey Faerie, "are Baelia, and you," she said, pointing to the Cybunny, "are Hyora? Okay, first of all, Baelia is much prettier. Second, my Hyora is a Faerie Cybunny, not some mutant one! Anyway, I sent Hyora to find Baelia, who had been stolen by Jennumara many years ago. Neither ever came back."

     "You see," the Grey Faerie started, "Jennumara kept me in a cage, and ripped my clothes and wings. And then a young Kyrii saved me, and I had to change my name. I don't have a new name yet, though. I tried to do a quest for Jhudora, since I got transported to Faerieland, so she would turn me into a normal faerie. I did the quest, and she wishes to destroy you, my great queen. She then said something like when a pet touches me, they turn sad. Well, Hyora here came to my rescue, and and of course, touched me. That is our story."

     "If your story is true," Fyora started, "You, Miss Grey Faerie, will have to do some work around here, and earn Hyora a new Faerie Paint Brush from me before I will turn you back to normal. If you work the way my old servant Baelia did, then you are really her, and we shall give you and new name. Now go!"

     The Grey Faerie went off to do some work, with Hyora following.

     "Also, if what she said was true," Fyora said to one of her servants, "then it may mean war with Jhudora again."

     "My queen! I have news!"

     "About what?" Fyora asked the Battle Faerie as she came running in at lightning speed.

     "It is about the troops."

     "What troops?"

     "Jhudora's troops! Let me tell you the story. You will not believe this. I was walking in Faerieland peacefully, as I passed Jhudora's Cloud. That is when I saw it..."


"That is the story," the Battle Faerie said as she stopped talking about Jhudora using a Dark Wand of Nova to cast spells, and send troops into Faerie City.

     Fyora sighed, as whispered to the Battle Faerie, "I believe it is time for war." The Battle Faerie left, and Fyora looked out the window. "That really was Baelia. I have to find her! But first, I better get rid of Jhudora's troops."

     Fyora sent her faeries to battle Jhudora's. The Grey Faerie looked out the window of the Hidden Tower and watched the faeries get beaten. She looked around to make sure nobody was watching. The faerie glanced around, seeing a powerful sword in a small glass case.

     The Grey Faerie quietly opened the case, took the sword, and ran outside with it. She drew it, and started battling Jhudora's faeries.

     After long hours if fighting, only a few faeries remained, including the Grey Faerie. Then, out of the blue, Jhudora's soldiers disappeared. Jhudora then appeared.

     "Hahaha!" Jhudora said, looking at the Grey Faerie. "You think you can beat me, do you? Well look at... THIS!" she said as she held up a bottle. Inside was the Battle Faerie. "No one will be able to stop me now! First the Battle Faerie, then Fyora! After that, it is you!" she said and smiled. The Grey Faerie ran up to her causing Jhudora to drop the bottle with the Battle Faerie, and all her other bottles of captured faeries and empty bottles.

     The Battle Faerie came back to normal size and defeated Jhudora. The Grey Faerie then met back with Fyora, Hyora, and all the other faeries.

     "Thank you," Fyora said to the Grey Faerie. "Also, thank you for getting that Faerie Paint Brush back," she said, looking down at her freshly painted Cybunny. "I now declare you the real Baelia! I have the perfect name for you!"

     The Grey Faerie smiled and took deep breathes, wondering what Fyora had in mind.

     "I now declare our old Baelia, officially the Grey Faerie!"

     "Huh?" the Grey Faerie said to Fyora.

     "You are wonderful being a Grey Faerie. The only one we have. It is on the inside that matters, not the outside. Who cares if you don't look like a real faerie? That doesn't matter, because you are a real faerie. A real Grey Faerie. You may never be able to fly, but you are wonderful for who you are. Agree?"

     "Agree!" all the other faeries shouted.

     The Grey Faerie smiled.

     Even though you can sometimes change the way you look, your inside can never, ever change.

The End

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