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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 137 > New Series > New Beginnings: Part One

New Beginnings: Part One

by chocolateisamust

I’ve always been one whom another would classify as a dreamer. Endless hours of my life were wasted away sitting on the furry grey Meowclops Chair, which was placed right behind the large purple-tinted window in the front of my medium-sized Neohome. I’d stare off into the distance – my Acara eyes vacant, expressionless – and just think about an assortment of things (Ranging from my owner and brother to the Giant Omelette which sat in the Tyrannian Plateau). Some would call it worthless, claiming that there were much better things to do out there in Neopia than just think. But then again, I had never been one to listen to others. Afterall, those who disapproved of my ways were very people who only cared about the lesser things in life (Like having the highest score in Usuki Frenzy, or earning enough Neopoints to possess an Ultimate Riches bank account).

     So as the others pranced around all lands of Neopia, trying to accomplish whatever valueless goal they had their mind set on, I just sat there on my chair, watching them… assuming that I’d never have to join the same fate…


“Oh Audria, Haylin, time to get up! I made Hot Cakes for you guys!”

     A peppy female voice rang throughout the Neohome at 1571990 Aisha Avenue.

     I groaned, slowly opening my bright-blue eyes. Lately, my owner had been getting my younger brother and I up early to ‘prepare for Neoschools when they finally arrive’. At first I had been wary of this idea; less sleep meant less time for dreams. But after I realized that it also meant that I had more time during which I could sit in front of the window and think freely, her decision clung onto me like a Mootix clings onto a petpet.

     So I thrust the bed sheets off of my body and staggered to my paws. My oversized Faerie Caves T-shirt – which acted as a night-gown – scraped against the shaggy white carpet below me, and I grabbed a knob on my Kau print dresser and pulled it outwards. The drawer slid open, and I then rummaged through its contents to find my outfit for the day.

     I ended up with an I Love Chezzoom T-shirt and a dark denim skirt – nothing out of the ordinary. 4 out of 5 days I was wearing some sort of T-shirt, accompanied by a skirt.

     After that, I quickly brushing my blue fur with a yellow glittery brush, I slammed the dresser drawer shut and quick-walked out of my room. I wanted to get some of the hot cakes before Haylin ate them all.

     “Hi Audria!” my owner – Emerald (Em for short) – piped once I entered the flower-wallpapered kitchen. She smiled at me as she expertly raised a full mug of golden juppie delight in only one hand and took a sip.

     “Hey Em… Haylin…” I glanced at my brother – a green Shoyru – as I carelessly plopped into an empty chair.

     “Hi,” he mumbled, stabbing at a syrup-drenched hot cake piece with a plastic fork. Ever since Em had caught him using a metal fork to abuse the gift of running water, she had ordered him only to use ones made of plastic, and even then, she was careful.

     Sighing, I reached over for the pitcher of gooseberry juice that was sitting a few inches away. After pouring some of the liquid into my cup – which was placed behind the red plate in front of me – I picked up a hot cake from the glass platter in the center of the table.

     I sat there, eating the delectable breakfast, until Em announced that she was going out to do the daily errands (Like collect the bank interest, play a few games, do some shopping etcetera). Haylin and I bid her farewell, neither of us worried at all. And although now I wish that I had just looked at her one last time when she walked out of the kitchen, I didn’t. I simply continued eating.

     When I finished munching on the hot cakes and slurping down my juice, I stood up and walked the short distance to the Meowclops chair. When I arrived at the piece of furniture, I slowly slid into it – letting my body absorb the warm, cushy feeling. I then fell into my trance mode – my eyes lost all expression and I just stared. I stayed like that ‘till somebody started pounding on the front door.

     “Can you get it, Haylin?” I called to my brother, too comfortable to answer it myself.

     “No! I’m busy! For once you do it!” he barked back.

     I heaved a deep sigh, but then obediently stood up and trudged to the door. Once there, I grasped the handle into my paw and turned it.

     The blue-painted wood swung open, and I was now staring into the eyes of a friendly, yet mysterious looking Wocky, who was wearing a white lab-coat.

     “Is this 1571990 Aisha Avenue – EmeraldJade5555’s home?” she asked in a nasally voice.

     “Yeah… erm…who are you?” I asked, scratching my left arm tensely.

     “MarkollaEvs – I work at the Neopian Pound… I am here to take,” the Wocky glanced at a clipboard in her paws, “AudriaFay – blue Acara -- and HaylinRove – green Shoyru -- there to be adopted by another owner. Their current owner has officially given the before listed pets – which are her only two pets, there are no other siblings -- up as of 9:39 am on the 3rd day of the Eating.”

     I snorted in disbelief. “You’re kidding me… right? What’s your real purpose here?”

     “This is my real purpose here, m’dear. And the proof is right here.” Gently, Markolla set the clipboard into my paws and gestured towards a signature on the bottom.

     In sloppy handwriting the name EmeraldJade5555 was written. My heart seemed to be thumping in my throat – that was definitely Em’s signature.

     “W-what should I do?” I stuttered, my voice squeaking.

     “Gather up your sibling and then I’ll escort you two to the Neopian Pound. You’re only allowed to bring the clothes on your back – nothing more. Now please go get them… I promised Dr_Death that I’d be back by 10:45 and we still have three more stops.”

     Tears spilling down my face, I turned around and slowly climbed up the stairs (Where I knew Haylin was sitting in his bedroom, playing with his Plushies).

     “Haylin,” I whispered as I pushed open the door leading to his large room.

     “What?” he asked, glancing up at me from the back corner.

     “Em… she abandoned us. W-we havta go… now.” I sniffled.

     He laughed. “Yeah right, Audria. Em would never do that.”

     “I’m serious Haylin… I’m really serious.” My voice quivered more than ever, and I was trembling.

     He bit his lip. “You’re telling the truth… aren’t you?”

     I nodded. “I am… oh gosh Haylin… oh gosh… I’m sorry.”

     Nervously, he stumbled to his paws and walked over to me. Then, he did something he hadn’t done for a long time. Haylin hugged me. Tightly, securely… lovingly.

     “It’s not your fault,” he murmured, gulping. “It’s not –”

     “Hurry up!” Markolla’s voice yelled from the doorway, cutting my brother off.

     “Who's that?” Haylin asked.

     “That’s whose bringing us there… we gotta go now, Haylin. Just p-please remember that I love you. No matter what. Okay?”

     He nodded, staring up at me. Tears blurred his eyes, and as the Shoyru sauntered out of the bedroom, I took a deep breath. I glanced around his room one last time… trying to take a picture of it in my memory.

     Then I saw it… in the back right corner on top of his dresser. It was a photograph of my whole family, placed in a green leather frame. I rushed over to it, shoved it into my pocket, but then left the room as well.

     I met Markolla and Haylin on the porch, and the three of us immediately set off… Markolla wearing a stern, businesslike expression on her face, Haylin and I holding paws as tight as we could, eyes swimming with tears.

     As Markolla has earlier stated, we picked up three different families of pets along the way. The first family consisted of a Red Zafara and Green Kacheek. Both were not surprised by their abandonment – they seemed rather relieved as they left their one-room, cardboard-walled home. There were many reasons that could lead to one suspecting that their owner didn’t care about them – their names the biggest one. Hgjhaojgf888 and Olagnnaiit555. I couldn’t pronounce either, although the complicated words rolled off their tongues with ease.

     The next house had four pets, although only one was being abandoned. He was a Yellow Nimmo who wore torn overalls and a dirty white shirt. Although his full name was HandsomeHankFrederick, her preferred to be called simply Hank. Hank seemed fairly nice, although I did not take the time to socialize with him. I was too scared.

     The last house was abandoning all four of the pets. Each one held another’s paw, and they all wore looks of courage on their faces. But despite this, I could tell all of their insides were bursting with sorrow and fright. The entire family was colored yellow, and one was a Gelert, the other a Lupe, the next a Kyrii, and the last one an Aisha.

     After the last stop, the rest of the walk was done in complete silence.

     We arrived at the pound at 10:43 am – which meant Markolla had 2 minutes to spare. She immediately turned us over to Dr_Death, whose image had always sent a chill up my spine.

     He recited some of the ‘pound rules to us’ (such as no begging and whining, respect all possible owners etcetera), but then locked us all into cages. Two in each… but families were separated because ‘they were no longer truly family’.

     I was placed with a surly blue Eyrie who had already been at the pound for quite some time already when I had arrived. He categorized me as ‘ignorant and annoying’ when I asked him for his name. I could almost instantly tell that we would not become friends.

     So I simply sat next to the metal bars in front of the cage, peering at all the possible-owners walking down the pound corridor. When they found a pet they liked, they’d go ask the kind Uni at the front desk about them, and she’d tell the human as much as she knew about them. After that, if they still wanted the pet, adoption papers were filled out, and the Neopet was removed from the cage and dropped into the waiting arms of the person.

     I didn’t really care about the pets being taken from their cages and given to their new owners until I saw somebody take a Green Shoyru from a few cages down from me. It was Haylin.

     “Haylin!” I bellowed, pressing my face against the bars.

     The Shoyru swiveled around and looked at me, fear lurking in his eyes. “I have to go, Audria, but remember –” His remark was cut short when a teenage boy scooped my brother into his arms and then abruptly walked off.

     I sat there, tears streaming down my cheeks, moaning. The only thing in the world I had left was just taken away from me.

     “Shuddup,” The Eyrie snarled from a few feet back. “Life goes on. Ya just gotta deal with what it brings you.”

     “You try losing a sibling,” I snapped back.

     The Eyrie rolled his eyes. “Try losing 3.”

     With that remark said, I was silent.

To be continued...

A/N: Hey everybody xD Welcome to the beginning of my new story. I hope you enjoyed it, and Neomail me with anything you have to say ^^

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