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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 131 > Articles > Little Luminaries, Ample Adversaries

Little Luminaries, Ample Adversaries

by christinetran

NEOPIA - Imagine that you're a spectator in the Battledome, and before you an Aisha armed with nothing but a measly plastic knife is going against a Skeith who has a body of horrendous size and an even larger urge to destroy those who are weaker than itself. Who do you think will turn out triumphant in this battle? I'm sure that most of you said that the Skeith would be able to take down that Aisha with one hand tied behind it's back, and that is true... for most cases. But lately, the Neopets Team has been creating plots and battles where the 'little guy' surprisingly overwhelms their much larger and much stronger opponent. If you disagree with me, than please allow me to take you on a backwards path through past Neopian wars and plots.

Lost Desert War

I'm pretty sure that most of you remember the Lost Desert War. If you don't remember it, let me help refresh your memory. It was the war of the Lost Desert. Got it? Good. To continue on, during that war, the enemy was Dr. Frank Sloth. Of course, Dr. Frank Sloth wasn't the only rival which you had to defeat in order to triumph. Instead, you had to go through this humongous pink and green Mutant Grundo army, all of whom were armed with their super strength and fearsome multi-blasting... things. To top it all off, after all the evil Mutant Grundo's were defeated, you had to go against this beast made out of the rocks of Neopia, cleverly named 'Rock Beast'. This Rock Beast was tall, hard-edged, and wide, so believe me when I tell you that it'll take more than just a few stabs with your Sword of Domar to take it down.

Now that I'm done describing the rough and tough army which belonged to the enemy, let me describe the 'heroes' of this war to you. Warning, if you're expecting some brave, macho looking Grarrl to be the hero, you're in for a big surprise... or should I say a rather small and puny-looking surprise? The hero of the Lost Desert War, my fellow Neopians, was a little Bruce who handsomely sports a flowery flannel, a pair of round sunglasses, and one strand of hair atop his rather green head. Not to mention his lovestruck addiction to the little scarab coin tied about his neck. This 'hero' is named Brucey B, and he was the Neopet which all of Neopia depended on to defeat the evil Dr. Sloth.

To be Frank (pun intended), I'm just a bit confused on how a little green Bruce armed with super short kicks and flying fists of flesh was able to make one of the most feared denizens of Neopia run and hide... both confused and very, very, surprised.

Meridell Plot I

The enemy which was used in the first Meridell Plot was huge, purple, menacing, evil, had wings, and to top it all off, he had a super cool orb which he could use to make his kingdom all pretty and nice-looking. But getting back on topic, the enemy's name was Lord Darigan, and back then, he was super evil and super strong. Now that you have an image of a proud and powerful Korbat amid all his purple glory, I would just like to add the fact that the orb (which makes kingdoms all nice and pretty-looking) made Lord Darigan twice as powerful and twice as dark as he was before. Since this evil being is so humongous, you would think that the Neopets Team would've made an equally humongous hero to destroy Lord Darigan, but they didn't. Instead, they took a page out of the Lost Desert War's book and created a little hero once more.

Lisha, the hero of Meridell Plot I, was a young and yellow Aisha who magically went back in time to the olden day city of Meridell. Oh, before I forget, she was also accompanied by her three close friends who weren't that strong as well. Of course, since Lisha was young, inexperienced, never truly fought an opponent before, and wasn't exactly strong, she was bound to become Meridell's hero! Ironic, isn't it, how such a small thing could save such a magnificent kingdom from an even larger enemy.

Although Lord Darigan and Lisha were huge parts in this plot, Jeran, a Lupe who was Lisha's long lost brother, was also a hero in this huge plot. Jeran was a slight improvement on the hero's part, for he had some experience with the sword and wasn't exactly as weak as his sister, but if you compared Jeran to the towering figure of Darigan, the purple will definitely defeat the blue.

Meridell Plot II

Only a few chapters of this new and wonderfully drawn plot was released during the writing of this article, but it's obvious that the enemy in this plot is buff, big, and (once again) purple. Lord Kass, a Darigan Eyrie who sports an impressive looking suit of armor, took over the evil title of Lord of the Darigan Citadel, and because of this, he turned evil as well. From the looks of it, though, Lord Kass is built, and it's quite obvious that he's been in a number of wars and had many victories in the past. Once again, the enemy is big, purple, and experienced... let's see how the heroes look, then.

Since the heroes of the plot aren't exactly introduced or thrown into our faces yet, there are some possible candidates. For instance, Jeran and Lisha could be the heroes once more, but it isn't likely, since they have to share the limelight eventually.

Another possible candidate who could take the title of 'hero' of the new Meridell Plot is that sweet little Usul who was introduced in Chapter 4. From the looks of it, she is sweet, kind, wholehearted, and very nice. Although these are qualities that every good-willed hero should have, she doesn't have the strength, agility, and prowess that every true saviour should. She is one of the most unlikeliest Neopian who would be able to defeat the formidable form of Lord Kass, which is why she is such a likely candidate!

One other possible hero of this new plot, ironically, was the evil being in the first plot of Meridell. Lord Darigan... or should I just call him 'Fluffy'? Rather not... I like Darigan better. Who knew that a thing who was once so wholesome looking could turn into such a weak and wragged little thing? Oh well, that's Neopia for you. The only reason why this fallen Darigan could be a possible candidate for a hero is because he's so weak and helpless, which are some of the qualities which past heroes of Neopia have. Who knows, maybe Darigan got influenced by the kindness of the Usul and turned good... or not. Though it would be quite funny to see Lord Kass go against 'Mr. Scary'.

Although I really enjoy the fact that the Neopets Team encourages the saying that 'little people can do big things', don't you think they're taking it a bit too far? Don't get me wrong, I adore Lisha, Jeran, Brucey B, and I'm starting to take a liking to that little Usul, but I would like to see a strong hero in the near future of Neopia. Until then, you would most likely find me begging strange and weak-looking Lenny's to help protect me from the White Weewoo's of doom.

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