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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 130 > Articles > Igloo Garage Sale Explained

Igloo Garage Sale Explained

by starry__night__sky

IGLOO GARAGE SALE - Ah, yes… that wonderful little snowy shop on top of Terror Mountain…Well, that’s not what this article is about. Ha, I had you fooled, didn’t I?! Actually… probably not, but I can always pretend! Mua ha ha! Ah hem… onto other matters… such as the actual article. This wonderful piece of literature is actually about Igloo Garage Sale… the game. If you want some tips and hints, keep on reading. If not, read anyway!

First off, I’ll explain the controls. You control Mika, who is the blue Chia at the bottom of the screen, and is the one on the left of the screen on the main menu of the game. The other Chia, who is yellow at the top of the screen when you are playing and on the right of the screen on the main menu, is computer controlled and named Carassa. Basically, one of six items will appear at the top, where Carassa is. Carassa will move over to the item, and when Carassa reaches that item, it will begin to drop. Here’s where you come in. Use the left and right keys to move your Chia, over to where the item is falling. If you touch the falling item, good job! You’ll earn points, the exact number depending on the item. You can also jump, by pressing the arrow key, but I would not suggest using this control because it slows you down quite considerably. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of your screen while playing the game, you can see the timer and your current score. When the timer runs out, the level is over. You will get a game over if you let five items fall to the ground, or a piano hits you. Another major aspect of this game is the bonus you can receive at the end of each level. You can get this bonus by catching every item that falls, with the exception of the bomb and the piano. If you manage to catch every item, the bonus will be the total amount of points you received during this round. For example, if your current score was 350, at the beginning of a level and you managed to catch all of the items that round (we’ll say 50, just for the sake of argument) then your total score would be 450.

Now, just what are those items, how many different ones are there, and how much is each one worth? There are eight different items. Please look to the chart below for their names and point value.

Little pink bag?*-1 point

Yellow and Blue Chia Pop-2 points

Red Scorchio Morphing Potion-5 points

Rainbow Hairbrush-10 points

Fifty Dubloon Coin-50 points

Bomb-Explodes if you catch it, momentarily stunning you. If it lands on the ground, it will stay there for a while, and then explode. If you’re near it when it explodes, you’ll be momentarily stunned.** (If you let it hit the ground, you will not lose the usual two points)

Piano-If you catch it, GAME OVER! (If you let it drop, you won’t lose two points, just like with the bomb)

There you have it! Now, don’t forget, for every item that you miss and it hits the ground, you will lose two points. Onward and upwards to the next section!

I’m sure by now you want a couple of tips! I always find it a lot easier to play this game when I have little or no distractions. For example, you might want to turn off whatever Instant Messenger you might use. I’m not saying you should be some sort of antisocial Anubis, but still! It really is a good idea. You should not be switching back and forth between the game and other websites, all Neopets of course, because the time between levels really is quite short. Also, if your timer is going to run out pretty soon, such as you have one second to go, you should jump and try to get an item currently falling. I can’t tell you how many times I haven’t been watching the timer, and just barely missed a Fifty Dubloon Coin because of it. Believe me on this one, you don’t want it to happen to you. Another good point is that when you get to some of the harder levels, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch every single item. If you find yourself with two items falling, and you know for sure you can’t get one, than go for the item worth more points. If you manage to catch it, or even if not, always at least try to get the other item, as long as you know it’s not completely hopeless.

Remember, practice makes perfect! You may not be an expert right away, I sure wasn’t! I know I, and plenty of others, found the controls of the game a bit hard to get used to, because Mika slips a bit when you try to stop, or change directions. Trust me, you’ll get used to it! Just keep practicing and playing, you’ll get much better in time. Who knows… someday, you might even get a trophy! For a trophy, you do need an extremely high score… as with all game trophies. This score, for a first place trophy, you generally have to receive a score of 1700-2200. To get on the top 200 high score list, you usually have to get a score of 1350+. Good luck!

*I have absolutely no idea what this item is! I have attempted to find out by posting on the Help Message Board. I have received a variety of answers, everything from peanuts, to cookies, to pie mix. If you find out what this mysterious bag is, feel free to Neomail me!

**You can actually still catch items while stunned. You just won’t be able to purposefully move. If you were already moving, however, you will keep moving in that direction. The time you continue moving depends on how fast you were going when you where stunned. If you happen to touch an item that is falling, you will catch it.

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