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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 128 > Continuing Series > Prancer and Moachy: Part Three

Prancer and Moachy: Part Three

by cebu_that_meows

In our last story, another petpet, a Lady Blurg, comes to live with Prancer's family. Moachy recognizes this Lady Blurg as Tredpa, an evil being who, long ago, tried to destroy all the Neopets and Petpets in Neopia. Moachy tried to destroy him, but was unsuccessful. Tredpa fled, and has been missing for many years. Now that Moachy knows where he is, he has one thing on his mind: he must destroy Tredpa.

"Destroy him?" I gasp. "How are we supposed to do that?"

     "I'm not sure exactly. But it has to be done," Moachy responds.

     I ponder this for a moment, until I am interrupted.

     "But for now," Moachy starts, "we have to keep a constant surveillance on him."

     "What does 'surveillance' mean?"

     "It means that wherever he goes, we go."

     All of a sudden, Reli, Bunnicula, and Tredpa come in the room. Reli looks around excitedly, and practically shouts, "Hey Prancer! Meow, Cebu and I are going to the Shrine, and we decided that this time we'd let you and Bunnicula come! And your petpetpets, too! Won't this be fun? Come on, we're leaving right now!"

     "Drat," Moachy whispers.

     "What's wrong? Like you said, we're probably safe as long as the map is buried, and the map is buried…"

     "-Right here in the Lost Desert."

     "What? That makes no sense!"

     "Exactly. The first place that someone would look is Threyo. That's why the Threyans buried King Jured, and the map, in the Lost Desert. It's the place you would least expect it to be."

     "And somehow Tredpa knows that."

     "Exactly. Come on, we have to follow him."

     Moachy gets in the palm part thingy of my paws, and I waddle downstairs to Meow, who is waiting by the front door with Cebu. Meow picks me up and walks outside. Reli flies out after him. He's hanging on to a Drackonack backpack stocked with food and drinks. I see Bunnicula's head poking out of the top too; with the same terrified look he had earlier. He absolutely hates flying! Tredpa is sitting on Bunnicula's head. He looks at Moachy and sneers, and then sticks his tongue out at him. Moachy pretends not to notice, and tries to look happy about going to the Shrine. But I can still see the look of fear in the back of his eyes.

     "Okay, let's go!"

     We started walking, if you can call it walking (Reli is flying, and Meow is sort of hopping along. Cebu is the only one really walking.), down the road. We walk for about an hour, and then stop for lunch.

     Reli drifts down to the ground, puts down, and opens the backpack. Bunnicula hops out, Tredpa still sitting on his head. We all gather around in a circle as Cebu passes out sandwiches (Chokato Ghostkersandwiches for Meow and Reli, Leftover turkey for the rest), carrots, chocolate chip cookies, and Neocola to drink. My eyes gleam as she takes out a green apple, my favorite! I quickly snatch it out of her hands and go off a few feet away to nibble on it. A minute later, Bunnicula joins me, a carrot grasped tightly in his paws.

     "What's up Prance?" he asks, using the nickname he occasionally uses for me. "Umm... not much," I respond nervously, seeing Tredpa still on his head. Man, does he ever move? I look closer and see that he is dead asleep.

     "That's cool," Bunnicula says before he sits down to eat his carrot. As he sits, he bends his head forward, and Tredpa comes sliding off, landing with a soft thump on the sand. Bunnicula giggles softly, done with his meal. "I'm going to go get one of those cookies. Can you watch Fluffy for me?"


     "That's what I named my Lady Blurg. Doesn't it fit him perfectly?"

     Yeah, perfectly, I think to myself. Who wouldn't name their homicidal bug Fluffy?

     As Bunnicula hops away, Tredpa opens his eyes, stands up, and looks at us.

     Moachy jumps down onto the ground. "Tredpa. We meet again."

     "Yes. Hello, Moachy? Isn't it?" A sly grin spreads across his face. "I remember you. You're the pathetic little Moach who tried to destroy me one-on-one, aren't you?"

     Moachy is scared. I can literally see his body shaking.

     "I know where the map is. And I'm going to get it, find all the parts to my weapon, and complete my mission."

     Just then Bunnicula hops back, chocolate all over his furry face. Tredpa aka "Fluffy" closes his eyes and falls on his back. Bunnicula scoops his head down, picks up Tredpa, and says, "Come on. It's time to leave!"

     Moachy jumps in my hooves and I waddle over to Meow, and he picks me up and we head off again.

     It takes a while longer to get to the busy town the Shrine is in. Cebu says, that as long as we are there, she wants to stop by Osiri's pottery and see if there is anything she likes. While we are walking there, I see Tredpa's eyes half open, scanning the area.

     When we get inside Osiri's, Meow sets me down and Reli does the same to Bunnicula, then they go off around the store.

     Tredpa jumps off Bunnicula's head and runs.

     "Fluffy! Where are you going?!" Bunnicula cries, as he quickly hops after him.

     Moachy and I look at each other. It's time.

     I run, as fast as I can, which isn't that fast, but I am trying. I run, run, run, when I hear yelling.

     "Prancer! Where are you going?" It's Meows, and he's mad. He's running after me, trying to catch up. I run faster, and faster still. I can't see Bunnicula anymore; there are hoards of people all around the shops. Suddenly, I see a little black cape; Bunnicula! He comes to a stop in front of a shop, panting, trying to catch his breath. A few feet away from him stands Tredpa, scratching his chin, and staring at the ground. He seems really distracted, so I decide to sneak up behind him…surely. I didn't know what I'd do when I reached him, but I'd think of something. Bunnicula hops over to me, quiet, staring at his petpetpet and trying to figure out what it is doing, then stares at me for the same reason. I'm inches away from him, about to get his attention when…

     PLOP! An Apis sits right on top of him. I cannot believe my eyes. Neither can Bunnicula. He steps back, shocked. Meow, Bunnicula, and Cebu come running over, and at the same time so do a small, Pink Aisha and a girl who looked about 16. The Aisha picks up the Apis and sees the squished Lady Blurg underneath him, and then gasps.

     So does Reli. He steps forward, eyes wide open.

     "I am so sorry!" the Aisha apologizes.

     "My Lady Blurg!" Reli sobs. "It took me forever to save up for one!"

     The girl steps forward. "I am so so sorry! Please, let me buy you another one. We can go and get it right now. It's the least I could do."

     Reli instantly stops crying. "Okay!"

     Cebu and the girl talk for a minute, and Cebu asks if they can wait a minute while she goes and purchases a vase. The girl agrees, and Cebu runs quickly back to the shop.

     Bunnicula steps forward and sadly nudges the remains of his petpetpet with his nose.

     "I'm sorry Bunnicula," I say.

     "It's okay. I didn't even know him that well. He just slept all the time. Hopefully, this next Lady Blurg will be a lot more fun!"

     Cebu comes back, and we head out for the Shop Wizard.


We get back a few hours later, our plans of visiting the Shrine long abandoned (I really hope Coltzan wasn't planning on giving us a million Neopoints today. Talk about irony!) Instead, we had a fun day of shopping. Bunnicula has his new Lady Blurg, which he named Snowball. I asked him earlier if Snowball would ever be able to replace Fluffy, and he responded "Who?" Lucky for him, Snowball is very active and playful.

     A while after we get home, I sit down on the Welcome Room couch with Moachy (it's the Welcome Room, but it's decorated with Spooky Furniture. Cebu has a rather odd sense of humor) and I ask him about what he thought of today's events.

     "I'm glad that Tredpa has been defeated..." he says choosing his words very carefully.


     "But, I'm a little confused. How could a situation so dramatic, and involving someone so evil, end in such a funny way?"

     "Yeah, I was wondering that, too! Today has been very weird."

     "It's doesn't make any sense!" He slides off the couch. "What is Neopia coming to? Alert The Neopian Times! This must be stopped!"

     "Moachy, are you talking to me or..?"

     "No, no one in particular."

     "Okay. Just wanted to clear that up."

The End

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