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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Relaxing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 128 > Articles > The Best Adventure Spots in Neopia: Terror Mountain

The Best Adventure Spots in Neopia: Terror Mountain

by neo_star_queen

HAPPY ICY FUN SNOW SHOP - H-hello adventur-turers! It's m-me again! Boy is it cold up here on T-terror Mountain! I stopped in this shop t-to see if I could buy a cup of hot cocoa, or m-maybe some borovan so that Neofaerie and I could w-warm up, but all they have in here is snow food! Well, maybe writing this adventuring guide to Terror Mountain will help me take my mind off the c-c-cold!

Happy Valley: Since Happy Valley is a relaxed, easygoing type of place to adventure, I decided to leave it as just one spot, instead of breaking it down into different places inside Happy Valley. Happy Valley is a cheerful, charming place at the base of Terror Mountain, where it never storms, only snows gently! There are lots of shops down here, and even a castle and an ice rink. Also, it's a great place to play Kacheek Seek! Skill Level: Beginner

The Cave of the Snowager: Shhh, I think he's sleeping right now! I'm currently in the cave of the Snowager, and is he ever big! Almost as big as that pile of treasure that he's lying on. Although most Neopians just take a piece treasure and run when they come here, grateful that they haven't been turned into ice, the Snowager's cave is a lot bigger than that simple icy dome that he usually sleeps in. Oh no, there are so many different sorts of tunnels and secret passageways deeper inside the cave, that probably no one has explored them all, not even the Snowager himself. And unexplored land is one of the best kinds to adventure on! Skill Level: Intermediate - Very Advanced, depending on how far in you go

Garon's Ice Caves: Garon the lupe was a great adventurer. He explored the Ice Caves, the Faerie Caves, and the Uber-Faerie caves, and he was only 6 years old! (He's one of Neofaerie's idols.) Neopians were forbidden to enter all 3 caves a while ago, which made them all the more tempting to explore. Well, it sure is cold in the Ice Caves. There are still a lot of traps that haven't been sprung yet, such as the gigantic rolling snowballs (those ones hurt; I know from personal experience) and the dagger-like icicles hanging off the ceiling (dangerously close to my head, I'd like to add!), so be careful. Skill Level: Intermediate - Quite Advanced, depending on how far in you go

Mountain Ski Lodge: A long time ago, a bunch of the Neopets staff checked in to this hotel for a vacation. However, instead of getting the vacation that they wanted, it turns out that there was a murderer and the staff were in serious danger! The mystery is over now, and the murderer was found. Now, the Lodge is empty, and there are a few rooms that the Chia Police have denied entrance to all Neopians, even reporters and adventurers. The place is probably haunted though, so I know I'll be avoiding it like the NeoFlu! Skill Level: Intermediate

Blizzard District: Go Southwest from Mika and Carassa's little igloo home, and wrap your scarf as tight around you as you can, for you have found Blizzard District! Why is it called Blizzard District, you ask? Well, lying between the Rocky Mountains, Blizzard District is known for its raging storms, roaring wind, and freezing weather. Pets that are used to warm weather are advised to stay away from this place! Also, lighter pets (and owners too!) could easily get swept off their feet by a strong blast of wind. Furthermore, the Blizzard District slopes gently uphill, so by the time you're at the top, you're standing on top of an icy cliff on the Rocky Mountains, looking out over the entire mountain! It's a sharp drop if you fall off the cliff, so be careful! Actually, Blizzard District is a good place for cross-country skiing, if you don't mind not being able to open your eyes due to all the snow and wind blowing in your face. Skill Level: Advanced - Very Advanced

And as usual, here are a few tips and pointers to keep in mind while adventuring on Terror Mountain!

- Wear warm clothing whenever visiting Terror Mountain, especially if you plan to climb to the top. Whenever I go up there, I make sure that I wear my scarf, my Wellington boots, and my Eyrie sweater! (Unis Clothing needs a wider selection of winter clothes!)

- If you're cold, don't eat anything from the Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. Trust me. Now, if they moved that shop to the Lost Desert, think of how much better sales would go!

- When you're in the Ice Caves, look where you're going. If you haven't noticed, there's a large crack in the middle of the ground! Sheesh! Who put that there? Also, there is a smaller (but still deadly) crack near the Neggery.

- Do not take your loud-mouthed, rambling neopet to the Snowager unless you enjoy getting blasted. Do not take your loudmouthed, rambling owner either, or you're loudmouthed, rambling petpet, or anyone/thing that is loudmouthed and rambles, really.

- Don't eat the Wintery Petpets shop. I know it looks like a gingerbread house, and it looks very tempting and delicious, but the shopkeeper will not be happy, and he'll whack you with a broom. Repeat after me: being whacked by brooms is not fun. Good!

Well fellow adventurers, I hope this guide has helped you prepare for your adventures on Terror Mountain! If it hasn't, blame Neofaerie. If you are unhappy at me in anyway, blame Neofaerie. Whatever it is, it's not my fault. Well, start practicing your pirate talk, because my next guide will be The Best Adventure Spots in Neopia: Krawk Island! See you then!

Today's random adventuring tip: Adventuring = exciting. Exciting = fun. Fun = happy. Therefore, Adventuring = happy. So what are you still doing here, go get adventuring!

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