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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 128 > Articles > Is Your Pet a Baby at Heart?

Is Your Pet a Baby at Heart?

by resurrectedwarrior

PET CENTRAL - From the time of its release til now, the Baby Paint Brush has stirred quite a bit of controversy amongst Neopians. They seem content to argue to no end discussing everything from the Baby Paint Brush’s effect on pet’s coordination and comprehension to the advantages it must provide to Battledoming pets. However, no matter how much they debate, they never seem to come to any sort of conclusion on the possible benefits or disadvantages of the Baby Paint Brush.

While the object of this article is not to contribute this endless Baby debate, I have to wonder, does a pet’s color dictate its maturity level? Wouldn’t it make more sense that younger pets would act more immature than older pets regardless of their color? If it’s true that a pet’s color has no bearing on maturity, then we must ponder the question . . . who are the real babies among us? Could your Darigan Moehog be a true baby? If your Usuki Usul is always making messes and incorrectly pronouncing things, could it be that your Usul is a baby at heart? How can you know for sure?

Well, before you throw your pets into the NeoHospital for observation, why don’t you run your pets through this little maturity test brought to you by Dr. Resurrectedwarrior, eh? Be sure to write down which answers best suit your pet so you can see how your pet scores in each category at the end of the test. Enjoy!

1. One day your pet seems extremely bored. It’s so bored, in fact, that it asks you for a paint set so it can make a picture. You, being the wonderful owner that you are, give your pet all the supplies that it needs; paints, brushed, and high-quality paper straight from your sketch book. When you check on your pet several hours later, you find:

A. high quality, multicolored snot balls decorating the ceiling. Apparently your pet has a stash of slushie straws . . . and a runny nose.

B. the most beautiful painting you ever dreamed possible.

C. paw/hoof/claw marks on the wall, complete with sloth stick-figures.

2. As you’re discussing the finer-points of Korbats with your pet, it asks you why they hang upside-down, except it mispronounces “upside-down” and says “upslide-down”. You ;

A. kindly correct the Neopet.

B. blink in shock, “What was that?”

C. think the mispronunciation is cute, let it slide, and mimic its incorrect pronunciation from then on.

3. The day has finally come to weed your NeoGarden. So, after making a few threats and eventually promising hotdogs and a game of 200m Peanut Dash, you and your pet go outside and begin to pull out less-than-desirable plants. Your pet:

A. gets distracted by a Beekadoodle, then the Peos in your pond, you have to continually remind it to do its chores.

B. rolls its eyes at you, but keeps weeding until it’s done. The faster it works, the faster it can go to the Peanut Dash field, right?

C. not only jumps with joy at the thought of ‘chores’, but keeps track of how many weeds it pulls out, “One, two, three, five, sixteen, eight . . .”

4. Dinner time! You’ve ‘fixed’ a wonderful dinner for your beloved pet; omelette fresh from Tyrannia, hotdogs from Hubert’s Hotdog Stand, and best of all, Slushies! In preparation for the slushies, your pet:

A. licks its lips (or beak) in hungry anticipation, “Yay! Slushies!”

B. calmly savors its food, then politely thanks you before slurping down the slushie.

C. giggles and throws hotdog relish at you.

5. After waiting in line for several hours for a pair of ‘Chomby and the Fungus Balls’ tickets and working for several additional hours to earn Neopoints, you trot home and happily tell your NeoPet to get ready for a special dinner out. It happily runs off into its room and re-emerges a few moments later perfectly dressed for the occasion. It is wearing:

A. it’s best cap, boots, and jewelry (if it’s a girl).

B. a nice Chomby and the Fungus Balls jacket.

C. a bib and pacifier bracelet.

6. After finally getting over your flower-arranging obsession, you decide your next project will be to devote an entire room in your NeoHome to your Lost Desert Pottery collection. You labor for months buying the supplies you need and arranging things perfectly. One week after finishing your project, you hear a huge crash coming from the direction of your beloved room. You rush to your collection to find that an entire shelf of pottery has collapsed and every piece from that shelf is broken on the floor . . . save one. It is in the paws/hoofs/claws of your pet. It looks up at you and:

A. begins to cry and pleads for forgiveness.

B. looks terribly guilty and tells you what happened.

C. holds up the single piece of unbroken pottery and grins, “Lookie what I gots all-by-myselfess!”

7. After saving up Neopoints for months, you’ve finally been able to reach the amount you need to take a nice family vacation in Mystery Island. When you tell your pet the great news, it:

A. hugs you, then runs down the street to tell its friends.

B. is amazed you would spend so many Neopoints, hugs and thanks you, then it asks if there is anything it can do to help raise more Neopoints for the vacation.

C. jumps up and down, squeezes you around the neck ‘til you think you’re going to pass-out, then runs around with excitement until it hits a wall.

8. It’s finally the weekend, and you’ve decided to spend the day reading a good book in your library. As you sit beside your Advent Calendar fireplace, wrapped up snuggly in a warm blanket and Aisha scarf, you are suddenly aware there is absolutely no sound except for the fire. You can’t even hear dishes clanging in kitchen. Because of the silence, you:

A. are grateful for the lack of noise – your pet is being very considerate for once!

B. shrug it off, your pet is probably sleeping or reading as well.

C. remember the pottery incident and start to worry. What is that pet going to destroy this time?

9. Unfortunately, your pet has caught a case of D’achoo from the Wheel of Excitement. You bring it home and set it on the dung couch while you run off to find the Neopoints needed to buy the cure. As you’re looking through your sock drawer to find some extra Neopoints, you suddenly feel a tug at the bottom of your pant leg. Turning around, you find your pet:

A. asking for a slushie.

B. reminding you of where you put the extra Neopoints.

C. wiping it’s runny nose on your pants.

10. You’ve just bought your pet a tent in preparation for a trip to Terror Mountain. Your pet is extremely intrigued and begins to play with the toy happily. You leave for an hour, secretly wondering if your pet will do a good job setting the tent up in its room. When you return, you find:

A. a mess. Your pet has strewn poles, stakes, and tent canvas all over the room in a ill-fated attempt to put the tent together.

B. a perfectly put-together tent, standing beside your pets bed.

C. a new costume. Your pet has completely discarded the tent pieces and has been playing inside the box the entire time, pretending to be a clockwork Grundo.

Did you remember to write down which answers you chose? If you didn’t, I hope you have a good memory! Look at the scales below to see what maturity level your pet falls in:

7 – 10 A’s: While your pet isn’t a baby, it sure isn’t mature either! Your pet falls in the median; that place between babyhood and maturity. I’d definitely say your pet is a genuine, normal kid!

4 – 6 A’s: You pet may have some kiddish traits, but it’s not a complete kid. It has some qualities that may or may not be more mature. Depending on how many B’s and

C’s your pet scored, it’s safe to say your pet is either coming into the ‘kid’ stage or leaving it.

1-3 A’s: Your pet certainly doesn’t have many kid qualities! Keep looking through the scales to get a better idea of what maturity level your pet is at.

7 – 10 B’s: Woah, you’re pet is quite mature! It knows it needs to help out around the house and contribute to everyday tasks. You might be surprised to know many of us owners envy you! Helpful pets are hard to find!

4 – 6 B’s: While your pet is mature, it’s not that mature. Be happy your pet is showing signs of being practical and is willing to help you out around the house. But also enjoy the rambunctious times right along with those quiet times of profound insight.

1 – 3 B’s: You pet, ahem, doesn’t seem to be mature at all! Still, you should enjoy your pet’s strange habits and idiosyncrasies. You never know when your pet will grow up on you!

7 - 10 C’s: Umm . . . welp, apparently your pet is a genuine baby! Congratulations! Though I’m sure you’ve already noticed, your pet needs you all the time and, though it may be rather inquisitive and do things that urk you, it still needs you more than anything else. So, be happy that your pet is babyish – you’re your pet’s best friend in the whole world!

4 – 6 C’s: If you suspected your pet of being a baby, don’t be so quick to judge . . . your pet certainly has some baby-like qualities, but it’s just a wee bit more mature than a genuine baby.

1 – 3 C’s: Nope, be rest assured your pet is certainly not a baby. It carries certain childish traits, but it’s not a baby.

Half-and-half: Did your pet score evenly between two categories? Well, then be glad that your pet is between maturity levels. It may grow up to be more responsible, but don’t rush it. Being half-and-half is certainly an interesting place to be!

The well-rounded pet: If your pets scored fairly evenly (i.e. scored two 3’s in any category and 4 in another), then you have yourself a very well-rounded pet. It’s mature in some ways, yet immature in others. My advice to you is simply to love your pet just as it is. Enjoy the good traits right along with the bad. After all, your parents enjoy you!

Author’s Notes: Remember, this test was only to test maturity. If you have any ideas for future tests, or perhaps a better scoring system, feel free to Neomail me!

This article is dedicated to my littlest brother, Gabies007. Special thanks to my other little brother, Heero007, as well as my mother, Gabrielle0077, for helping me come up with ideas for this article!

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