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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 128 > Articles > Customize Your School Supplies

Customize Your School Supplies

by dancepixie100

NEOSCHOOL - With Neoschool on its way (hopefully), you might be racking your brain to decide exactly what school supplies you should buy for your pets. You’re going to need to stock up on plenty of pencils, pens, erasers and notepads for your pet’s enrollment in Neoschool. And you wouldn’t want to buy your Faerie Cybunny a Sloth ruler or your mutated Lupe a bright Chia pencil holder. With this article, you will be able to buy supplies that coordinate with your Neopets’ personality and likes.

Colorful/ Pretty School Items

If you and your pet are drawn towards pretty, sparkly things, you’ll want to buy a selection of rainbow or Faerie colored items. Your choices for pencils include: rainbow pencil, pencil of nova, pencil of: Earth, Light, and Space Faerie, Dark Faerie pencil, and Water Faerie pencil. The pencil of the Earth Faerie is quite interesting because "this pencil grows as you write, so it will never get shorter or run out of lead." Everyone at Neoschool will be jealous when they see your pet with an everlasting pencil! Also, the pencil of the light Faerie might come in handy if your pet procrastinates doing homework because it glows when the lights are turned off.

Of course you’ll be needing a few erasers to go along with your selection of pencils. Here you can choose between the Faerie eraser, rainbow negg eraser, or green Faerie eraser as well as others. But be careful because the green Faerie eraser "is flawed and will only rub out green pencil." The rainbow negg eraser might be a better choice because according to its description, "it rubs out 7 colours of pencil in one stroke!"

Why not add a few pretty pens to your shopping list? You can choose between the Faerie pen, Air Faerie pen, Earth Faerie pen, Light Faerie pen and fire Faerie pen. These glittery pens will make quite a fashion statement in algebra class. Your pet will be solving 4x+6=7x in style!

Now that you have your pretty pencils, erasers, and pens, your pet will need some notebook paper to write on. Some popular notepads are earth, water, light, and fire Faerie notepads. The shimmery notebook, yellow star notebook, and angelic notebooks are a few other alternatives.

Top Picks: My top selections for pretty or colorful school items is the pencil of nova, rainbow negg eraser, air Faerie pen, and shimmery notebook. Now you have a pre-made pack to send your pet off to Neoschool with! Or you can mix and match your favorites to make your own sets.

Pet- Related School Items

For those of you who are avid Aisha lovers, crazy Chia fans, or kicken` Kougra supporters, you will love these options for pet- related school items. One of the most popular supplies are pencil holders and cases. With these spiffy little containers, your Neopet can store all of their pencils and pens. There is a large selection of Chia pencil holders in assorted colors, as well as a Meerca pencil case, yellow Tonu pencil case and a starry Poogle pencil case. With the unique storing arrangement of the Chia pencil holders, the head flips open to reveal a secret compartment! Your pet may even want to hide their notes and other trinkets in it.

Your pet may find the official Usuki pens, white Aisha wobbly pen, disco Aisha pen, Faerie Kougra pen, or red Techo pen interesting. The funky disco Aisha pen will be much loved by a pet who is always excited and cheerful. And why go with just a regular basic pen when you could have a more creative red Techo pen? I’m sure that whatever you chose, your neopet will be the star of the class with their own personalized pen!

Backpacks are a must for any Neoschool student. How else are they going to carry all of those Neopian History textbooks? Luckily, there are many pet-related backpacks to choose from. How about a disco Aisha backpack, Grundo backpack, Quiggle backpack, or blue Cybunny backpack? The choices are endless! The cute Quiggle bag even has pop-out eyes to goggle at all the teachers.

Haven’t had enough pet-related school supplies yet? Well, maybe these assorted supplies will add a touch of fun and creativity to your shopping list: Quiggle scissors, Aisha pencil sharpener, blue Cybunny lunch box, yellow Tonu ruler, blue Draik ruler or green Poogle ruler. The rulers are complete with a slider at the top so that your pet can remember how long the last thing they measured was. Now that will definitely come in handy for Algebra class!

Top Picks: Out of the pet-related school supply category, my favorites are: starry Poogle pencil case, disco Aisha pen, blue Cybunny backpack, and Quiggle scissors. You can buy these items as a pack, or feel free to create your own set.

Petpet- Related School Items

Almost everyone loves petpets and petpetpets. From the fluffy Babaa to the slimy Slorg, you can have these cute little critters at Neoschool... in the form of school supplies of course. If your pet raves about Mootix’s, then be sure to get a Mootix pen, ruler, and eraser. Out of all the petpet and petpetpet supplies, these have to be by far the cutest! The Babaa school supplies are also adorable. They include a Babaa lunch box, pencil sharpener, pencil case, and eraser. The Babaa pencil case is especially "fluffy and functional." If you have a cuddly Cybunny or Usul, they will love these items and won’t be able to wait for the first day of Neoschool!

If you have a Krawk, Skeith or Grarrl, they will appreciate a Drackonack backpack or a black Meowclops backpack, pencil tin, notebook, or pen. The black Meowclops backpack looks like a plushie... that can hold plenty of books too! Or maybe they will prefer the Slorg scissors, purple Slorg pencil holder, blue Slorg calculator, and pink Slorg backpack. The purple Slorg pencil holder will definitely "brighten up anyone’s desk." Slorg’s may be slimy, but these themed school supplies will be the next craze at Neoschool.

If you still want more petpet or petpetpet themed school supplies, be sure to check out the Turtum pen, notebook, and pencil case, the Angelpuss backpack and the Hasee backpack.

Top Picks: My favorite petpet or petpet school supplies is the Mootix pen, Babaa pencil case, Angelpuss backpack, black Meowclops notebook, and blue Slorg calculator. If you still can’t make up your mind about what school supplies to get for your pet, you can buy this pack, or of course make your own!

Evil/Mutated School Items

If you have a Darigan or Mutated pet, then you’re in luck because there are plenty of school supplies to match your pets’ personality. The inky pen might be messy, but it looks quite evil! The berry ink pen sure tastes yummy, and who wouldn’t want an edible pen? Or you can try using the MSPP pen with a scary looking Poogle on the top of it. Maybe the snotty pen does the trick with the gross slime all over it- geez what was Neopets thinking? Ewwww... And if your up for it, there’s always the hideous warty pen.

The erasers are almost just as bad as the pens. You have to be a serious evil fan to go for the Vira eraser, snotty eraser, inky eraser or berry ink eraser. By the time you erase your mistake, there might be even more gross snot trails all over your paper. Now what good is that going to do?

Some yucky notepads to complete your evil or mutated school supplies is the inky notepad, berry ink sketch book, MSPP notepad, snotty school book or dark battle duck notepad. The dark battle duck notepad might look cute and sweet on the outside, but beware! That battle duck might be coming up with some evil scheme to destroy your pets’ homework! And what is that MSPP Poogle smiling about on the cover of the MSPP notepad? Maybe he knows something that you don’t....

A few more random evil or mutated school supplies to add to your collection might be the Sloth ruler, Dr. Sloth backpack, Vira bookmark, Vira pencil holder, snotty ink, and mutated scissors. Your pet will definitely have an uber cool reputation at Neoschool with these scary supplies!

Top picks: Okay, so maybe evil and mutated things aren’t my favorite. But I still think that the berry ink pen, snotty eraser, dark battle duck notepad, and Sloth ruler are awesome. So once again, you can go and buy this pack and not have to boggle your brain with your own combination. Or feel free to mix it up a bit and decide for yourself!

Well now that you’ve thought a bit about what kind of school supplies to buy for your pet, start shopping! Be sure to find the best prices before making any decisions first because some of these school supplies are more expensive than others. I bet your pet won’t be able to wait for the first day of Neoschool with their new customized supplies! Oh, I have to go now... my algebra homework is calling.

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