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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 128 > Short Stories > The Valentine’s Day Secret

The Valentine’s Day Secret

by bqueen6430

"Valentine's Day is tomorrow," announced Mrs. Green, the teacher of Early Neopian History at the Neoschool. "Be sure to make your valentines in time. I want everyone to get one, so no one has hurt feelings."

     Silver, the silver Wocky (obviously!) listened impatiently. She waited for the lunch bell to ring. Finally, it did.

     "Class dismissed," stated Mrs. Green.

     The pets scrambled for the door, then for their lockers, to deposit their books and go to the cafeteria.

     Kristin, a cloud Aisha, had a locker next to Silver. The two of them were best friends. "I hope I get a valentine," said Kristin hopefully.

     "Me too!" Silver agreed enthusiastically.

     "Silver!" Kristin shouted excitedly. "Look!" She pointed at something inside Silver's locker.

     Silver's gaze followed Kristin's outstretched paw. "It's a Valentine!" she exclaimed gleefully. She picked it up. A smile spread across Silver's face as she read the Valentine from her Secret Admirer. She was glad to receive at least one Valentine, but whom could this one be from? I have to find out, she thought.

     "So what does it say?" Kristin asked eagerly. "Who is it from?"

     Silver read the valentine aloud. "It says, 'Hi Silver! What's up? I hope you have a fantastic day. Love, Your Secret Admirer.'"

     "You have a Secret Admirer!" Kristin moaned enviously. "Who could it be?"

     Silver heard footsteps from behind her. She turned around.

     Joe the Gelert walked down the hallway, surrounded by his friends. Joe was incredibly handsome. There wasn't a girl pet in the school that didn't like him.

     As Joe walked by, a thought came to Silver. "Kristin," she whispered, her excitement mounting, "what if... what if my Valentine is from... Joe?!"

     Kristin's eyes widened, but then jealousy got the better of her and she narrowed her eyes. She never got any valentines. "Fat chance," she snapped rudely.

     Silver stared at her. She was startled. That wasn't how Kristin usually spoke to her.

     Kristin continued huffily, "Joe is way too popular. You wouldn't stand a chance with him. I bet he doesn't even know you exist."

     Anger surged through Silver. "Well, at least I got one card! You have none! The big ZERO!"

     Now anger was burning in Kristin's eyes as well. She glared menacingly at Silver and flounced away.

     "I don't need her," Silver muttered defiantly. "Some best friend she is. She's just jealous. I'll show her. I--"


     Silver turned around. Tom stood in front of her. Tom was also a Wocky, a glowing Wocky. He was nice. Tom wasn't near as handsome as Joe, but Silver did consider him a kind friend.

     "Oh, Kristin's just jealous of me," she explained bitterly.

     "Because you got a valentine and she didn't?" Tom questioned curiously.

     "Yes, and I--" Silver stopped. "How... how do you know?"

     "W-w-well... e-everyone knows. There's a... a rumor... going around… ahem… going around the school," Tom stammered, looking slightly embarrassed.

     "Oh," Silver murmured. Then, out of curiosity, she said, "Do you know who sent it?"

     "I haven't heard," Tom replied. "But, gossip travels like a forest fire in this school. I'm sure we'll find out by tomorrow."

     "Yeah, maybe," admitted Silver. She shoved the rest of her books into her crowded locker. "Kristin won't want to sit with me at lunch. Would you like to?"

     Tom blushed slightly. "Okay. I usually sit alone. I have no friends."

     "That's not true!" Silver said, a little too loudly. She lowered her voice when some other pets stopped to stare. "I'm your friend." She smiled cheerfully, and together they walked to the cafeteria.


Kristin was sitting at a table next to Veronica. Veronica was a Uni, and she was unbelievably vain and extremely stuck-up.

     Silver couldn't help overhearing their conversation as she stood impatiently in the lunch line of hungry pets.

     "So, if you haven't heard," said Veronica smugly to Kristin, "I'm having a super-awesome party at my NeoHome tomorrow. I wanted to only invite the cool pets," she motioned to everyone at the table, "but my owner said I have to invite the whole class. Ugh. Nerds included. But it'll still be super-awesome! There will be music and decorations... and even a dance floor!" Veronica smiled. "Maybe you'll get to dance with Joe like you wanted!"

     Silver felt another sudden rush of anger. It would sure be rude of Kristin to dance with Joe at the party when she knew how much Silver liked him, but Kristin wasn't Silver's friend anymore. Silver sighed glumly and sat down next to Tom.

     "Have you heard about Veronica's party?" she demanded of Tom.

     "Yeah," Tom answered, not really paying attention as he cleaned the thick glasses he wore.

     "Are you going?"

     "Maybe. I really haven't decided yet," was his reply.

     "I'm going to go. Maybe I can find out who sent me that valentine."

     Tom nodded and continued chewing.


All everyone talked about the next day was Veronica's party. Tom did decide to go, but only for the refreshments, as he continued to remind Silver.

     After school, Silver picked out her prettiest dress. It was emerald green and it matched her eyes. She braided her tail and twirled in front of the mirror. "I think I'm good enough for Joe," she said confidently. "I'm going to prove Little Miss Kristin wrong. I'm going to dance with Joe." She added just a little touch of make-up to her face and left for Veronica's house.


Tom was waiting for her at the refreshments table. "You look nice," he observed, blushing a little.

     "Thank you," Silver beamed. She half-expected Tom to ask her to dance. When he didn't, she said awkwardly, "Ummm… I'm going to go dance."

     He nodded, and she set off looking for Joe. Silver wasn't sure, but she thought she had seen a flicker of disappointment in Tom's brown eyes.

     Sure enough, Joe was dancing beside Kristin.

     Silver walked up to him and introduced herself boldly, "Hey, Joe! I'm Silver. Want to dance?"

     Kristin turned to glower at Silver. She opened her mouth to say something spiteful, but Joe interrupted.

     "Sure, uhhh... what'd you say your name was?"

     "Silver," repeated Silver fervently.

     "Right, Silver. Sure, I'll dance." He turned away from Kristin and began to dance with Silver.

     Silver was grinning joyfully. She was actually dancing with Joe, the coolest Gelert in school. But when she glanced haughtily at Kristin, she felt an abrupt pang of guilt.

     Kristin looked sad and hurt. A tear slid slowly down her cheek and she left the party immediately.

     After about five minutes, Veronica came strolling casually over to Joe. "What's up, Joe? Are you having fun?"

     "Yeah. Great party, Veronica!" congratulated Joe.

     Veronica's eyes narrowed nastily and she declared, "I bet you'd have more fun if you danced with me."

     "Really?" Joe inquired. He turned away from Silver and started to dance next to Veronica. Veronica arrogantly tossed her mane and smirked at Silver.

     Now Silver knew how Kristin had felt. She hurried to the exit.

     Tom was waiting for her there. One glimpse at his face told Silver that he had witnessed the whole thing. "How about we ditch this party and go play Cheat?"

     All Silver could do was nod mutely. She swallowed, and then said, "Let's go to my house."

     "All right," Tom agreed willingly. "But I have to do something first."

     "Then I'll meet you there," Silver insisted.


     Silver frowned at him. "Why can't I--?"

     His explanation was simple. "You need to make up with Kristin first."

     Silver sighed, and reluctantly trudged to Kristin's NeoHome.


Both Silver and Kristin agreed that they were both sorry, that Joe and Veronica were rude, and that they were still best friends. Silver invited Kristin to come play Cheat with her and with Tom. Kristin gladly accepted.

     When they arrived at Silver's house, Tom wasn't there yet. But there was a large, rectangular package on the doorstep.

     "I wonder..." Silver mused vaguely. She walked up to it. Her name was on it.

     "It's for you, Silver!" Kristin proclaimed. "Another thing from your Secret Admirer!"

     Silver avidly peeled off the shiny wrapping paper printed with red hearts and discovered an enormous box of chocolate truffles.

     "Wow!" Kristin gasped, but this time the resentful note was missing from her voice.

     Tom was sauntering down the street towards them. Once on the doorstep with them, he questioned, "What's that?"

     "It was here on the doorstep!" Silver responded happily. "Hang on, there's a note... it says, 'Happy Valentine's Day, Silver. Love, Your Secret Admirer.'"

     Tom's mouth began to water. "A whole box of chocolate truffles..."

     "I'll share them with both of you," Silver decided simply.

     They went into the house and played round after round of Cheat. The truffles were a big hit. It was a lot of fun. I have such wonderful friends, Silver thought. And a Secret Admirer, she added as an afterthought. Silver reached for another chocolate and glanced up at Tom. Is it just me... she wondered, or is there a special sparkle today in Tom's eyes?

The End

Author's Note:Thanks for reading, and have a Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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