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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 128 > Short Stories > A Special Valentines Gift

A Special Valentines Gift

by chia_lover01

With only four days until Valentines day, Snow the plushie Bruce was in a hurry to find the perfect gift for her owner. As she rushed through the crowded streets of Neopia Central she hardly glanced at the elaborate decorations hanging from the lamp posts, sparkling of red, white, and pink.

     Suddenly, something caught her eye in the Valentines day shop window. She pressed her face against the window and right up in the front was a big, shimmering, heart shaped ring, in a red velvet box. Snow’s heart jumped with joy, she found the perfect gift! Her eyes then dropped from the ring to a tag in front of it. It read, “Valentines Day Ring 50k.” Snow’s eyes widened in disbelief. She looked down at her hand and counted the Neopoints she had collected, only to find she didn’t have nearly enough; 10k to be exact.

     Maybe I can haggle with the owner! Snow quickly thought to herself. She walked into the shop overconfident and stepped up to the counter. There stood before her an older looking male Gelert with a stern expression on his face. With an irritated voice he said, “May I help you?”

     Snow was too excited to recognize his stern expression and replied, “I’m hoping you can. You see I was wondering if you would give that Valentines Ring in the window for 10k… that’s all I have… and anyway I think its way over priced.” Snow gave the owner the biggest smile she possibly could, in hopes he wouldn’t be able to resist her cuteness.

     The owner gave her a surprised look, and started to laugh uncontrollably. Snow found this as a very bad sign. “I don’t think so little missy, that ring wont sell for any less then the asking price. It is a very sought after item this time of year,” the owner said while looking at her as if she was a mental patient that just got out of the Neopian hospital.

     Snow’s eyes started to tear, as she ran from the shop as fast as her stubby legs could go. Unfortunately, she wasn’t looking were she was going and ran into a nicely dressed, middle-aged Blumaroo. “Oh dear, are you okay, sweetie?” the Blumaroo said with a gentle expression.

     Snow looked up to the lady with wide eyes and said between sniffles, “Not really, I went to the Valentines shop to buy my owner a Valentines ring for a gift… but… but… I didn’t have enough... so I tried to haggle with the owner... but he just laughed at me.*sob* *sob*”

     “Aw, there there, what if I said I could help you save up enough money before Valentines Day for your owner’s gift,” the lady Blumaroo said sweetly to the sad Bruce.

     Snow wiped her eyes dry, “Really?! Could you really help me?”

     The Blumaroo nodded with a smile on her face, “I sure can, come with me. I have a little shop of my own down the street. You can come after school everyday and help me with it, and in return I will give you enough Neopoints to buy your owner that ring.”

     Snow jumped with glee and followed the Blumaroo all the way to her shop. There the Blumaroo showed Snow what she would need to help her out with and Snow agreed to meet at the shop right after school for the rest of the week.

     Snow then started off home again and couldn’t stop smiling. Her worries seemed to have been lifted and all she could think about was that shimmering ring in the window. When she reached her Neohome she spotted her owner trimming down some bushes in the front garden. She ran up to her and gave her a big hug. “Hi to you too. What was that for?”

     Snow looked up at her owner while still squeezing her, “Oh nothing, just wanted a hug.”

     “Well, in that case,” Snow’s owner then picked up her little Bruce and swung her around in a big bear hug. They both giggled and after she put Snow down they both felt a little dizzy.

     When they walked back into their Neohome a blast of sweet smells came forward from the kitchen. “I made your favorite dessert tonight, Strawberry Bruce Muffins!”

     Snow squealed with delight, she couldn’t wait to sink her beak into one. Her owner was so good to her, that was why she wanted to get her that ring so badly.

     For the next four days straight Snow walked from school, past the Valentines shop, to the small little shop at the end of the street, were the kind Blumaroo lady was waiting for her. She couldn’t help gawking at the Valentines ring she had her heart set on as she past the Valentines shop everyday. When she reached the little shop, she helped with anything the Blumaroo needed. Whether it was just dusting the counter tops, or helping with boxes of merchandise.

     At the end of the four days the Blumaroo did exactly what she had promised, she gave Snow the 40k she had earned fair and square. That day, after thanking the Blumaroo for all her help, she rushed out of the little shop all the way to the Valentines shop. She didn’t bother to look in the window for the ring, she just rushed right in, slapped the 50k on the counter, and asked to have the Valentines Ring wrapped in special Valentines wrapping. The owner of the shop this time had a look of sadness on his face as he grimly replied, “I’m so sorry, but I just sold the last Valentines Ring I have..”

     Snow’s face dropped in disbelief, she couldn’t believe her little Bruce ears… could this really be happening! “But I just saw it in the window the other day… are you positive there aren’t any more?”

     “I’m sorry, there is nothing else I can say…”

     Snow solemnly walked out of the store with big tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn’t feel like going home quit yet, and felt it wrong for her to keep such a large amount of Neopoints that she wasn’t going to use. So Snow decided to go back to the little shop the Blumaroo owned and return the Neopoints. When she walked in the Blumaroo rushed to the Bruce knowing something horrible had happened. “What happened sweetie?!”

     Between sniffles Snow didn’t say more then, “Here, please take these Neopoints back, I have no use for them any more.”

     The Blumaroo shock her head back and forth sternly, “No way am I taking those Neopoints back from you, you earned them. And what do you mean you have no use for them? Did that shop owner treat you wrongly again!”

     “No, he was actually nice this time… it's just… he doesn’t have any more rings to sell. So I now have no use for these” Snow opened her hand and seemed in no mood to argue.

     “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Snow, maybe you can go get her another gift. I’m sure there are plenty of wonderful gifts still available…”

     “NO, THERE WONT! THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING BETTER!” Snow was bright red with anger, she threw the Neopoints on the ground and ran out of the store once again in tears.

     The Blumaroo stood there in shock… no words could explain her deep sadness for the Bruce she had grown so fond of. She walked up to the front desk and opened the top drawer, to reveal a red velvet box. She had bought the Valentines Ring for herself a couple weeks earlier, but felt the ring was meant for someone else's finger.

     The next morning, the Blumaroo walked to Snow’s Neohome, set down the red velvet box concealing the Valentines Day ring along with a note, on her doorstep. She then rang the doorbell and left quickly to make sure she wasn’t seen. Back inside the Neohome Snow slowly walked to the front door. When she opened it to her surprised she saw the velvet box by her feet. She picked it up along with the note, and began to read, “Dear Snow, you need this more then me. Please share it with the one you love. Have a Happy Valentines Day.” The note didn’t say who the special present was from, but in Snow’s heart she knew who had left it.

     “Who is it Snow?” Snow’s owner asked suspiciously.

     “Oh, no one, it must have been someone playing a trick on us,” Snow hurriedly said. “Anyway, want to exchange Valentines gifts now?”

     Snow’s owner smiled, “Okay.”

     “ME FIRST!” Snow rushed to her owner with the red velvet box spread out in front of her.

     Snow’s owner looked in utter shock as she took the box from her, “Snow you didn’t have to get me anything...” She slowly opened it, revealing the sparkling, heart-shaped diamond, Valentines Day ring. She screamed with surprise and glee. “SNOW! It's absolutely beautiful! How did you get enough to get this… oh, never mind that. Come here and give me a hug.”

     Snow ran into her owner’s arms, with the biggest smile ever. Just knowing her owner loved it so much was enough to make her Valentines Day the best one ever. The rest of the day was just as wonderful. Snow’s owner had tons of gifts for Snow as well. They also made Valentines Cupcakes together and went to the big Valentines parade in the middle of Neopia Central. Snow couldn’t have asked for anything more, it just goes to show you how a little love can go such a long way.

The End

Authors note: Thanks to all of the NeoPolice Guild for giving me the support and love I needed to inspire me to keep on writing. Especially Aussied, Holly, Saphire , Ares, and Selina. Love you guys! :)

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