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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 127 > Articles > Faeries in Focus: Fyora

Faeries in Focus: Fyora

by plushieowner

FAERIELAND - Fyora. Tea Drinker. Savvy Hidden Tower trader. Purple cushion lover. Hates Jhudora. But did you know she knows kung fu and likes sushi? Oh, did I mention she is the Faerie Queen ruler of Faerieland?

I waited patiently outside the large door of Fyora’s Faerie palace. Royal purple and pinks everywhere. The palace was gigantic, the longest turret seems to just disappear into the clouds. A bright, sunny Tuesday, perfect day for an interview. Weewoos were singing in the Heart Trees outside in the palace gardens. Very well kept, as you expect. Fyora has very high standards. I rang the door bell with notebook in hand.

Had the interview all organised with Fyora’s publicist and everything previously, so I was all ready for to meet Fyora for a friendly chat. Or so I thought?

Plush: Hello! My name is Steffanie, and I’m here to hold an interview with you, Ms. Fyora. It's a real honour to meet you.

Fyora: What, nonsense!? Who are you?! Go away, I’m busy. Excuse me, I’m baking Faerie cakes. Sorry, you’ll have to go.

I was greeted quite impolitely by a woman who has renown in Neopia for her nice manners and hospitality. Fyora looked extremely stressed about something.

Talk about a mood dampener! A bright, inspiring young journalist sitting on Fyora’s doorstep with no interview to do and to show anyone. Oh great, this is going off to a wonderful start. She almost slammed the door in my face but she gave me kind another chance to introduce myself a bit better.

Plush: Oh, sorry. My username is Plushieowner (Or you may call me Steff if you like) and I’m an Times Journalist. I believe you were expecting me. Or maybe not?

Fyora: Ha! Journalist, that is what I assumed. Meh. Journalism. No offence, that is rather a corrupt profession. They always twist the words of the interviewees and make it seem like the interviewee wants pity for having a tragic childhood. It's rare for me to ever do interviews. I usually beat the press off with a shovel, but all that seems to do is make them come closer and more interview hungry.

Plush: We aren’t all like that. Most journalists don’t bite. We just try to show things in a different light or different point of view, that's all.

Fyora: Nevermind, why don’t you come in? I don’t like people freezing on my front door step. I’m going to boil some tea. By the way, do you know any good personal assistants?

She invited me in. This girl definitely seemed to like purple furnishings. Purple cushions, purple footstools, purple curtains, basically lots, lots and lots of purple. Very good taste, purple is my favourite colour. We walked through what appeared to be the formal lounge room and dining room. I commented politely on her beautiful home, try to steered away from her seemingly negative opinion about the media.

Plush: No, sorry I don’t. Nice home, very pretty.

Fyora: I need to fire this assistant. Organising an interview without my knowing, the house could of been a total mess. All I ask is half a day off once in a while or a little down time to myself to keep me sane.
Thanks, I pride myself on that. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. *giggles*

Plush: Did I come at a bad time? If so, I will leave and come back at another time that is more convenient for you.

Fyora: Sorry, I accidentally sold a Baby paintbrush for 60k this morning. I feel like such a newbie. Alright, I’m ready to sit down for an interview, but it better not take that long.

We sat down at a table in the kitchen. I finally get my proper interview. I began to prepare my questions, but she briefly interrupted me for a minute.

Fyora: Before we start, I have a few things I want to sort things out.
I care for adopted Neopets from the pound.
I volunteer at the Soup Kitchen and other charities.
I don’t like Jhudora, she’s as evil as a muffin.

Plush: Right, that answered a few of the questions on my list! Um..

I checked off a few off the questions in my starry notebook and was ready to fire away with questions.

Fyora: Before, we start I’m going to make some tea. I love tea. So calming. Hope you don’t mine if I pour one for myself. Would you like one as well?

Plush: No thank you, I’ll pass. First question, Ms. Fyora. Any pet peeves or Neopets you really hate?

Fyora: Filing Tax returns for the Hidden Tower. Come on, you subject me to this. *laughs*

Of course as I said before, I don’t like Jhudora, since she likes purple and steals from my wardrobe. But she goes overboard with the purple, she looks like a walking eggplant. Less is more, I assume you know that. She doesn’t.

Plush: Piffle, I just bought a Neohome and had to pay a heap load of tax. So hard to earn a living in Neopia. I get paid virtually nothing as a Times Reporter. Am I supposed to live off fanmail?
Does something smell burnt? Is the palace on fire?

Fyora has calmed down a bit, feeling more comfortable about being interviewed. The interview seemed to be going well, up until..

Fyora: Oh golly gosh, my Faerie cakes are still in the oven. One sec, I better get them out of the oven.

Plush: Thought I smelt cookies.

She raced to the oven and took the tray of Faerie Cakes out. She touched them, like looked as black as tar around the edges.

Fyora: Ouch! Hot! Hot! What now! They were a bribe for Illusen.

Plush: Pop down to the Faerie Mart later on and buy some cakes. I’m sure she won’t realise they are home-made.

Sorry, this is going off topic. I’ll get back to the interview questions. Lots of people think you are very pretty. Any beauty tips for young Faerie wannabes? Sorry, I know you get that question a lot.

Fyora: Er, never been asked that. The media never get far enough in the door for interviews. Besides you, Ms. Plushieowner being the exception to that.

Beauty tips? Water from the Rainbow Fountain and make-up. Trust me, I look like a cross between a dried prune and Darigan when I wake up in the morning. (No offence, Darigan fans. I don’t root for evil.)
Warning, if you meet me in the morning, wear dark glasses. I look like a hideous Snowager-like monster.

Plush: Not a morning person, either? I envy those people.

Fyora: I envy those people who can sleep in. Curse, 6 am starts!

Plush: Poor thing! Is there anything that people may not know about you?

Fyora: I like sushi, bet nobody knows that. Yum!
Also, I have a blackbelt in Kung-fu. I do find that fun. I may be cute, but can kick serious Faerie behind. My crystal staff isn’t just for looks, it is for protection from Hidden Tower looters.

Plush: I better watch it. Heh.

Fyora: Kung-fu Fyora, sounds such like a cute nickname! Don’t you think?

Plush: Yes, very cute. Like Dr. Sloth? Curious, I have heard rumours.

Fyora: Yes and no. I like baking pies; don’t get to do it very often, though. In the past, he used to steal them off the windowsill when I left them to cool. He doesn’t do it anymore but I still haven’t forgiven him.

I have heard he’s been working out, lately. What a man! *sigh* I have heard Frank is as bluff as Darigan on that new TCG card.

Plush: That card, yeah. Darigan, Redeemed. Darigan’s still kind of hunky in a strange sort of way. Slothy, if you read this be warned you may lose this fangirl to the dark side. Oops, you are both evil.

Fyora: *smiles*

Plush: I heard from people that you are a really serious person, but now that I’ve met you I have realised you are more ‘down to earth’ than serious. Being ruler of Faerieland, do your feel people take you seriously? That is quite an important job.

Fyora: Yes, I do worry about that sometimes. But considering I treat my job and my personal life as separate things, if perfectly okay.
Being serious is part of my job, so I have to be. For example, I can’t be giggly and stupid like a schoolgirl with a crush to the boy she’s sitting next to in class.

I must admit my job can be quite fun at times. However, I don’t like the tradition of kissing baby Lupes on the heads during election time, though. Gross.

I’m a fun person. I have a weekly children’s show called ‘Fyora’s Faerie Funtime Hour’, which features me making a complete eel out of my myself. I’m actually quite insane. I’m probably the only person in show business that doesn’t mind working with kids.

Plush: Thank you for allowing me into your beautiful home, optimistically I didn’t disrupt your day too much. So kind of to allow me to have the rare chance of having such a interview with you, Ms Fyora. I really appreciate it. Pleasure, meeting you.

I curtseyed to the Faerie Queen, Fyora. We exchanged goodbyes and a few cake recipes.

Fyora: The pleasure was all mine. I have realised journalists aren’t all bad after all, Steffanie. *burp* Oh, excuse me... I’m so unladylike, do forgive me.

My final thoughts on Fyora the Faerie Queen:

Maybe she could of given me a royal pardon for that burp? Nah, she’s only Faerie... she's just like the rest of us.

Interviewing her, I realised you can’t have a judgement on someone you haven’t met.

Overall, I realised what a fun loving, witty and intelligent Faerie Fyora was when she eventually came up out of shell and opened up her thoughts to me in this interview.

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