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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 5 > Articles > Be the King of Dice-A-Roo

Be the King of Dice-A-Roo

by TinkyTinkerBell

Dice-A-Roo is one of the many games, where it seems the only thing that matters is your luck. However, after winning a couple of Faeries and the jackpot twice, I have found out that there is more to this game than it seems. In this article, I'll discuss all the different kind of prizes that I have encountered and why it is one of the best games at Neopets.

The Basics
First, let's go over the basics. It costs five points to play and you can play until your pets get bored. There are five dice, and you play the game by rolling one at a time. You start with the red die, and then move to the blue one, the green one, the yellow one, and lastly the silver die. Each die has a certain amount of faces, and each of these faces will get you a special effect. For example, to move on from one die to another, you have to get the "Proceed" face. The aim of the game is to get to the Silver Die and win the Jackpot. The Jackpot usually ranges anywhere from 100 NP to 30,000 NP. Don't get your hopes high though, it is rare to get to the Silver Die, let alone win the jackpot!

The Dice
As previously discussed, there are five dice in this game. Each of these dice have almost the same faces, except the stakes get higher as you move on. In this part, I'll discuss all the prizes I have encountered. Please understand that this entire article is in accordance with my experience with Dice-A-Roo Some things might be different for you.

Red Die
Stakes aren't very high, and there are no prizes in this die. A lot of the times I lose the game on this die and get frustrated, but to capture this game, patience is needed! You will most likely move on from this die to the green one (or die) within a few minutes. The longest I have been stuck on this die was for ten minutes, and each of those ten minutes, I had my fingers crossed, waiting for the Proceed Die. Chances You'll Lose: High

Blue Die
Very similar to the red die, however, the stakes do get a little higher. I frequently lose my game at this point, but there have been several times where it showed the flag and let me proceed. The only new face in this die was "O Nothing Happens," where nothing happens. Chances You'll Lose: Very High

Green Die
Now, the fun starts! Obviously, the stakes get very high and it gets tempting to just take the money and leave. However, eagerness to reach the jackpot strikes and you continue to play. In this die, you'll encounter food items sold at the Fresh Foods, including Neggs! I have won a Negg once, and enough food to fill in my empty inventory. Some of the food items I won were meatless meatballs, nachos (worth 800+), baby food, etc. Chances You'll Lose: Normal

Yellow Die
You'll be glad you didn't stop playing when you get on this level. The stakes get higher and you can also win lottery tickets! I usually win at least two lottery tickets every time I am lucky enough to get on this die. Even though you don't get to pick the numbers, you still have a chance at winning the lottery jackpot which is usually worth more a lot! Chances You'll Lose: Extremely High

Silver Die
Consider yourself very lucky if you get on this die. It is very rare to make it this far and be alive. The prizes in this round are very high! You can win Faeries and the jackpot. Your pets can also gain levels in this die. In one round, I had won a Faerie and one of my pet gained a total of three levels! You also have a chance of winning the jackpot here. However, be careful, the Pant Devil does steal items from your inventory in this die, so keep on clearing it as you win! Chances You'll Lose: High

Sixth Die????
If you play the game, you'll see that the Blumaroo mentions that there is a Sixth Die (shhhhh! secret!). I have never been at the Sixth Die. When I get the Proceed button on the Silver Die, it doesn't take me anywhere. However, NeoPets is full of secrets, so there is no saying whether it exists or not!

Now that you know about the prizes of this game, how about some tips?

Attitude Matters!
Your attitude towards this game really matters. At first, I also played for the points-- hoped that someday I'd get to the jackpot. Just a week ago, I read a small editorial at a Neopets Fan Site about how you shouldn't play for the jackpot because your chances are very slim. There are better things to win in this game. For example, you can win food worth over 1000 NP, which will cover the costs of any previous games you might have played. Therefore, play for the food, and not NP. You'll see how you seem to make more profit in the game that way.

Trust your heart!
If you have a lot of points in your pot, and feel that you should take the money and leave, then do so. I have had over 100 points in my pot and felt that I should take the points and start over. Of course, I didn't listen to my heart and the next few rolls were the dead end. Listen to your heart, always. Your heart can't guide you wrong.

Frustrating Points
If you play this game, I guarantee that you will be frustrated, no matter how your attitude is! Why? If you are playing for Points, it'll take you a lot of games to reach the jackpot (unless you are very lucky), and a lot of times you'll find that your very first roll on the green die caused you to lose! Below are some frustrating prepared to encounter them!

*Very first roll (red die) was a "game over"
*In all of your five games, you lost in the first roll.
*You have been playing for 10 minutes and are still on the Red Die.
*You passed the red die, the blue die, the green die and the yellow die. First Silver Die roll was a "game over."
*You went through the entire green die without winning a single food item.
*Your first roll in the Silver Die was the Jackpot of 100 Neopoints. (After the jackpot, your game is over.)
*...And more! This list is a never ending type of list.

Curiosity Questions
Here are some answers for all the Curious Cats.

Q. What have you won from Dice-A-Roo?
A. Four Faeries, Jackpot (total : 500 NP), Food (total : 5,000 NP) and Lottery Tickets. One of my pets gained a total of 4 levels, and another gained 1 level from this game.

Q. If you have reached the Jackpot so many times, why do you say it's rare?
A. I play a lot of times! An idea of how much I play: my pets got bored of the game, and wouldn't let me play Dice-A-Roo I had to play Gormball instead.

Q. Are there any other prizes?
A. Probably! You don't think I have seen them all, do you?

Q. Should I not even care how many points are in my pot?
A. No, you should care. But I don't normally take the points unless they are more than 50.

That is all for now! Now get going and play a game of Dice-A-Roo I'd love to hear how you do in this game. Good Luck.

I'd like to credit littlelysshu for giving some great advice in their article on Dice-A-Roo

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