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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Short Stories > End of the World

End of the World

by laurensama


     The Lupe turned his amber eyes slightly to look over at the grey face peering at him. The mutated Cybunny above him gently brushed her overly large ears out of her face, revealing a concerned grimace at she stared at her brother.

     “Tahoshi, what—“

     “Nothing,” he said with a sigh, turning back once again to the sky. Kuraiiro flopped on the ground next to the Christmas Lupe, her eyes studying him for a while time though no words were exchanged between the two.

     “What happened that day? You haven’t said a word all week; you’ve just been out here. It’s not like you Tahoshi, you’re always snapping and yelling and— “ At these words Tahoshi slowly sat up and looked over at the mutant Cybunny. The face that was once rigid and hard no longer reflected these qualities, now simply looking tired and haggard, as if something was eating away inside the Lupe, something that he could not get rid of…

     “I know what you guys are worried about, I can hear you talk about it at night. Don’t worry about it, alright?” the Lupe said in tone barely over a whisper that was instantly swept away by the wind that flew past. Kuraiiro tried to raise an objection, but was met only with silence as Tahoshi strode the length of the yard and gracefully leapt over the pristine white fence that sectioned off the yard from the rest of the wide open world.

     Though Tahoshi could not see the fence behind him, as he strode away from it, its image burned perfectly in his mind. It was his cage, his white prison… but he had now escaped his prison. But was it worth it?

     Tahoshi’s mind traveled back to the Faerie in the grove and her words. He had done something, but felt as if he did nothing. His mind swirled about with confusion and color that began to snowball into a headache that erupted beneath his furry skull so intensely that he had to sit down for a few seconds to regain his composure as the ground slowly shook beneath him in his mind. This was what he wanted; an adventure, something new and exciting; a way to jump the white fence and run until he simply could not run anymore…

     And yet here it was, laid out before him perfectly! It was all here for him to strive for, to run and capture for his very own forever, and yet he simply could not, he did not know which way to turn…

     Silently, the headache subsided, however his thought patterns still remained in a jumbled heap as he peered around his surroundings. Nothing here looked familiar, simply mirroring one of the expansive fields around Neopia central, lacking anything that would make it particularly distinguishable from the rest of the world. The pensive thought that had overtaken Tahoshi’s mind blocked out his sense of where he was going and what he was doing, landing him here at the end of the world…

     He gave a simple chuckle at his thought of it being the end of the world, it was so poetic, the last thing in the world he was. It was perhaps a phrase that Kuraiiro would have appreciated more for its literary sense, yet Tahoshi enjoyed it simply for its purely ironic ideals.

     “Where to, where to?” Tahoshi mused as he looked about for a sign of some sort. The expansive grass in the endless valley swayed and bowed as he walked past it, while the sky stretched for miles and miles in an endless sea above him. It was all for him now, all for him to explore as he pleased…

     What it would be like, Tahoshi thought, to break the swell of that sky above to soar above it and break it, break this feeling of confusion and trials. Could it be done? Should it be done? What would happen if I did, if I could break the sky?

     The Faerie entered his mind again and her words, but what had he done?! He had done nothing, nothing at all, but she said she did! But in that nothing had he perhaps done something? He didn’t know the answer, but he wanted to find out, he would travel to the ends of the planet to find it out. But here he was, at the end of the world, and there was nothing, nothing in sight…

     “Where do I go?” Tahoshi whispered quietly as he stopped in his tracks, his mental thoughts breaking into his speech. The wind howled an answer, but its ageless words were dead upon his ears and soared thought his mind leaving the Lupe as empty for answers as before.

     A crunch of ground broke through the windy whisper, causing Tahoshi to hastily turn around. His eyes painfully burned with the bright light that burst forth behind him, startling him, yet quickly reeled back into play once the light had died down, though not entirely.

     Before him stood two figures (or was it three? Tahoshi could not tell) eerily illuminated with the colors of the weakening afternoon sun behind him which glinted off their immaculate silver armor. There the majestic figures stood, proud and tall, fearing nothing, perhaps not even the darkness itself. Their silver seemed to reflect more than the sun, but a power, a power that Tahoshi had searched for all his life, but knew that he could never achieve. Behind them their wings flared out in unexplainable splendor. Their faces were hidden in shadows beneath the flawless helmets, staring at Tahoshi with nothing more than dark pits where their eyes were.

     He opened his mouth to speak, but another figure emerged between the two guards, one who Tahoshi thought he might never see in person. He felt as if his simply being there was some sort of disrespect, as if he should bow before such greatness, but the awe-inspiring presence of her simply kept him rooted as he stared at the Faerie Queen.

     Though everything about her was perfect in every way, her face was not what he had always seen it as. In every picture of her through books, magazines, the newspapers she was always smiling, always happy, her grin seeming to simply illuminate a room with some sort of magic that went beyond the powers of a Faerie

     But as Tahoshi gazed up at her porcelain complexion, her face… it wore an expression that held a power darker than the cruelest heart as she stared down at the pitiful creature before her with pure contempt.

     “I apologize to appearing this abruptly, however any other method of communication would seem too conspicuous, and I have not the time to clear up frivolous manners with the press,” the queen uttered in a frank manner with a voice that was decidedly different than the one he always pictured her as having.

     “I have received word that you met a Faerie, two in fact, and that you saved one of them. Is this true?” The Faerie Queen inquired in the same curt manner. Tahoshi’s heart began to beat as his thoughts flashed to the beautiful Faerie in the grove. She must have gotten back to her sisters, her kin, her life, everything! It was the only thing that Tahoshi could ask for, and perhaps… perhaps he would get an answer.

     “I did,” Tahoshi answered cautious, nodding his head in an agreeable manner. The Faerie Queen’s expression was notably different than what he expected it to be as her eyes went from a bored frown, to an almost enraged, disgusted grimace. The Faeries flanking her gave a small intake of breath at the Lupe’s words.

     “Section 3.3098.3202 of the coexistence code clearly states that no Neopet entity is to interfere with Faerie life or business without explicit permission by a court Faerie,” Fyora hissed, her voice dropping to a very sterile level. Tahoshi’s heart gave a strong surge of emotion at these words. They meant nothing to his mind, but to his heart it was pure acid that he longed to fling back at Fyora

     “I saved her...” Tahoshi began but was cut off but another sharp word by the queen.

     “You are one to talk, pet, “ she snapped angrily. “You speak of saving as if you know what it is, what is at stake. Such ignorance I cannot stand, especially when it could have been easily avoided if you—, “

     “ME?!” Tahoshi snarled, leaping forward quickly. He always prided himself on the fact that he was stronger than those pitiful emotions which willed the weak to do stupid things, but on this instance his heart had proven him wrong. Tahoshi knew within his very gut that charging at Fyora and her guards may very well be the last thing he would do, but he no longer charged for such trivial thoughts as that…

     “SILENCE!” the Faerie Queen screamed as the Faerie guards drew their sword in a flash of motion. The Christmas Lupe quickly snapped to his senses, screeching to a halt in front of the guards as their weapons rested gently on his nose, though ready to inflict pain at a moments notice. The shine from the armor blinded him, however he was already blinded by a force, by an anger which consumed his heart without mercy.

     “You are the reason for all of this, and this is your warning, pet. You are not to meddle in Faerie affairs ever again. If you wish to stay on this planet I would suggest you forget those faeries, you forget everything and you leave it to Faerie business.”


     “When you are a Faerie it shall be your business, but you are not, nor shall you ever be, you are a pathetic dweller on this land! You are not even a free Lupe, you obey an owner and as such if you wish to keep THEM in pristine condition I suggest you leave your nose out of places where it is not wanted!” Her voice shook with a rage and power that could crumble cities and destroy worlds. It was a voice that had made the evil shadows of the night dissolve with only a single syllable, but it was not enough to vanquish the Lupe who stared at her with his yellow eyes, marking her forever as an enemy. Her beauty to him was nothing, it was not pure, it was like that Dark Faerie… simply a charm to look at, but not to keep.

     “This is your warning, first and final. Do not make me intervene ever again…” she frowned before hastily turning away from the scene. The Faerie guards seethed their weapons, but not before shooting Tahoshi a look of pure loathing. He did not care though; he would take them on a thousand times and win each time if he had to, to get to Fyora, to prove her wrong…

     The trio of Faeries vanished in a fit of light that engulfed them in an array of sparkles. The excess light swept over Tahoshi’s body as he continued to stand there, dumbfounded and angry. The remnants of the light were so smooth and warm, but they did not belong to Fyora, they simply could not have. Her heart was not that of a Faerie, it was of a stone that could sink to the deepest depths of the ocean and not crush, not crumble.

     Tahoshi turned his eyes up at the sky looking for an answer. A lone stream of sparkles streaked across the sky as a small Faerie soared above. He wondered if it knew what he was, a criminal, a threat. Was it looking down at him with scorn and contempt as it floated in its realm above?

     Tahoshi flopped down on the ground and placed his large paws on top of his eyes. They ached and stung from the glaring light which the faeries had disappeared in…

     He had left to find answers, but instead found more questions, the last thing which he wanted, for his brain continued to sag and snap under the pensive weight of it all.

     “Where… where do I go?” Tahoshi mumbled aloud, wishing for an answer. There never was and it was not to be given, it was only to be taken.

     It was what Tahoshi wanted, a challenge, an enemy, and an object to be seized. The adventure he thought of only days ago was now real, yet it was not an adventure, it was a cage. His mind was not free nor was his spirit as this weighted heavily on his furry frame.

     And yet… Tahoshi wanted to know, he had to know. This feeling, thought stifling, was perhaps the most liberating feeling he had ever experienced in his life. It was not the same sort of cage that the white picket fence was, it was a cage with promise, it was a code without limits that Tahoshi yearend to test the boundaries of.

     His mind snapped to a solution, causing his eyes to spin wide open in a second. Slowly the Lupe gathered his bearings as he bolted up and sprinted away.

     This was the end of the world, he knew it. But if the end only brought questions, then perhaps the beginning of the world would provide answers…

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