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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Swimming, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 124 > Articles > Cheat!!! Can You Handle the Pressure?

Cheat!!! Can You Handle the Pressure?

by faith_starr

GAMES ROOM - If you are one of those people that like looking at the ads, you probably know that the ad for Cheat! asks if you can handle 'the pressure'. Let's make something clear first: With pressure they actually mean something else. It should be: Cheat!!! (In colorful letters) Can you handle the extremely simple-minded and annoying Meerca Chuffer Bob that really is an embarrassment to the whole Meerca-race and is so ugly that you better close your eyes before you never want to play Cheat ever and ever again? But of course, it didn't fit the little image, so they replaced it with 'the pressure'. It's nearly the same after all.

People that have never played Cheat before, won't understand this very well. So, if you're one of those people, I have nine words for you: Chuffer Bob is an ugly Meerca with a belt. That says enough. But if you really haven't played Cheat before in your life, I recommend doing it, because otherwise you may not understand some things in this article. And because it's a fun game too, of course.

And now: on to the topic. This article isn't all about Chuffer Bob, but also about all the other things that have to do with Cheat. Like cards. Or...

...The players

There are ten players in Cheat. Let's introduce them.

Capara: Capara is a Kyrii that has never won a game for as far as I can remember. You can't say much about her, because she's only in one round. If you beat her you'll get an avatar :)

Little Timmy: In Timmy's description, it says the Tuskaninny just started with the game because he wanted to look 'cool'. But when you are a beginner, you should watch out for this guy, 'cause sometimes he wins...

Branston: This Eyrie is pretty good, but he rarely wins. He tends to cheat a lot.

Chuffer Bob: You will read more about him in the other parts of this article. He accuses almost everyone, so he never wins the game.

Brucey B: A Bruce that is a bit annoying. When you're cheating, he or Princess Fernypoo are the ones that will catch you...

Kalora: You've got to watch out with this Kau. She cheats a lot, especially when you don't expect it.

Princess Fernypoo: An Acara who is cute most of the time, but when she is angry... *shivers* The terror, the terror...

Agent 00 Hog: It's funny when he's angry, but that's all with the positive things about him. Spectre: A Jetsam that appears to be very hard and blah blah blah, but the poor guy is really easy to defeat. And then... the golden trophy is yours!

Those were nine players, the tenth is you. I expect you know yourself better than I do, so I'm not gonna introduce you.

An extra tip for people that never played a card game before (if they exist)

If you want to play Cheat, you need to know that there are four cards of each number. Impressive, huh? So, if someone says that they played three nines, and you have two nines, they are obviously cheating. If they say they played one nine, they could be cheating. And if Little Timmy the Tuskaninny or someone else says he has played five nines, then you should begin wearing glasses. Remember, there are only four cards of each number.

The golden rule for more advanced players

When you've won one round, you are advanced, that means you already know that there are 4 cards of each number. And then... the terror comes... Chuffer Bob! A thing with a name like 'Bob' is a thing you can't trust. Yes, that counts for Punchbag Bob, too. I would say: accuse Chuffer Bob every time!! It's funny when he's sad. Hehehe... okay, that was cruel of me.

The last round of Cheat...

The thing an expert needs to remember is that Spectre isn't the 'ruler of cheat' like they say in his description. Since much people have a nice golden trophy of Capara sparkling in their trophy cabinet, much people have beaten him. WE are the rulers of Cheat and no Jetsam, whose name begins with 'Spect', can ever change that (Sorry Spectre_Jetsam). So, don't get discouraged by reading the description of the, so-called, 'ruler of cheat'.

Some more tips

1. Don't cheat, unless you can't do anything else. In the first rounds, you can cheat without getting caught, but later on you can't get away with that.

2. When somebody has played their last card(s), always accuse them. You have nothing to lose: if you don't accuse him, he or she will definitely win. By the way, when you only have a few cards left, you are mostly forced to cheat.

3. I know that your opponents act like they're real human beings, but you've got to remember that they're still virtual things. So leave the far-advanced logic behind...

4. If you know you will have to cheat the next turn and you fear they will caught you, accuse the player before you. If he is cheating, you can play cards of any value. If he isn't, you'll just get the pile added to your hand, and that doesn't makes a difference to what you would get if you were caught. It's even better, because you can play a card or more in the turn after you've accused someone, and at least you are rid of that.

5. I hope you know this already, but I'll say it anyway: You can leave the game whenever you want, when you return to the Cheat! page, you can just click on: Continue playing Cheat!.

6. Don't be too sad if you lose. It's a good game if you've made a profit (Which you will, see 'The positive and negative points about Cheat').

The positive and negative things about Cheat!

Let's begin with the negative things. If you want to hear my opinion, there is only one negative point about Cheat...

-Chuffer Bob The Meerca

Looking at him makes everybody sick, so that's kinda negative. All the other negative points I've heard are as silly as Chuffer Bob is. Okay, I won't go that far. They are nearly as silly.

-You must pay 50 NP to play it!

You will win all these Neopoints back. You get NP at the end of a round, and when you caught someone. You must be really really really bad at this game if you won't make a profit out of it. Really, I would bet my Scarabnova on it... If I had one.

-It's so complicated!

Cheat is not complicated. People who say this have obviously never played Round Table Poker before. That's complicated. I can't remember the difference between a straight and a flush, and I don't know how some people can, but Cheat isn't complicated.

And now the positive points...

-You can win much NP with it.

-It's not a flash game, so even people with a prehistoric computer can play it.

-You can get a secret avatar from it!


-You can win battlecards with it.

-It's easy.

-You can play it as many times a day as you want!

-Cheat! is with an !. They must have had a reason for that!

So, when The Neopets Team ever decides to put a rating thingy on non-flash games, I'm sure Cheat! would get a 10/10 from everyone :)

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