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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 123 > Articles > How to Beat Invasion of Meridell

How to Beat Invasion of Meridell

by highlander298

GAMES ROOM - Many queries from many people had been sent to me about how to beat the game. Therefore, I had decided to write an article on this matter. Hope this helps.

Best Troop Combination

There are many different combinations of troops. Some have completed the game with the original troops while others have made changes to their combination by dropping a Moehog for a Grundo, for example. While playing the game, I found that life is easier with one more Grundo or one more Skeith.

A combination that I suggest is the two Skeith, two Grundo and one Techo combination. Starting with the Skeith, Skeith can teleport instantly from one position to another. Extra moves that once were needed to move the Skeith could now be use to inflict damage to the enemy earlier. With a earlier reduction of enemy, the amount of damage to be healed will be less and the possibility of losing a soldier will be reduced.

Two Grundos will provide more healing power. One would realize that the healer cannot heal himself and healing potions are limited. With two Grundos, you need not worry about losing a healer. If five soldiers are hit, with two Grundos four of the soldiers could be healed the same turn without waiting until the next turn where it might be too late in the early stages. With two Grundos you can have ease of mind knowing that you will never lose any soldiers to the enemy.

A Techo is needed to wield the +6 sword of deflection, which is the most powerful tool in the struggle against the invaders. A Techo starts with low attack strength and it is necessary to increase its rank quickly to increase the strength bonus.

Contrary to what people think, my Grundo and Skeith has never been enchanted by the invaders. The ten missions were completed without a Moehog carrying his sword, which can break enchantment.

Grundos are as good as Scorchios with their magic lightning spell, which allow Grundo to hit opponent two spaces away. Furthermore, there is the benefit of additional healing power, which will surely outweighs the benefits of the shooting ability of the Scorchio.

Right Equipment
Type of Equipment
Best in Whose Hands
Berserker Battleaxe
Attack bonus: +5
Magic Lightening Spell
Attack bonus: +2 In the hands of a Grundo: +4
Sword of Deflection
Attack bonus: +4 In the hands of a Techo: +6
Amulet of Teleportation
Defence bonus: +2 In the hands of a Skeith: +4
Plate Armor
Defence bonus: +7


Above are weapons that are essential for completing the game.

The berserker battle axe and the sword of deflection are necessary for inflicting damage to invader Grarrl and buzz during mission 9 and 10 where their defence is 29. To hit a invader, a roll of 30 and above is required. The maximum strength bonus and dice roll is +5 and 20 respectively. Getting a score of 30 would require a weapon of +5 and above which would be the berserker axe and the sword of deflection.

Magic lightening spell is much better than the healing scroll since it always heals to full strength no matter the hit point level. Furthermore, the ability to hit another opponent two spaces away allows Grundo to help another comrade.

Teleportation is important to save moves wasted on moving into position. The extra moves can be use to inflict some damage before the other enemies arrive. Skeith can teleport to places where their comrades need help, replacing them when their hit point is low and there is no healing potion nearby. Armed with the berserker battle axe Skeith can strike after teleporting. Teleportation can be realized with the equipping of the amulet of teleportation.

Plate armor is the defence item which give the highest protection with a +7 to defence. What is great about it is that anybody can wear it. With this layer of protection, the chances of being hit is much less.


Position two soldiers side by side or with the enemy between them. This will allows the two soldiers to combine their attacks on the enemy, eliminating the enemy in a shorter time.

Use teleporting Skeith to replace soldier that have been reduced to hit point of below eight. The injured solider can move away to let the Skeith teleport in. This will prevent the solider from being converted into the enemy. The injured soldier can then move to consume a healing potion.

Teleporting Skeith can save moves, which could be use to do additional early damage to the enemy than without teleporting. The early strikes might convert the enemy if their defence is low enough and the soldier is lucky enough.

Converted enemies can be use to take damage from left over enemies by placing them above the enemy. There is risk in that the converted enemy may change back into an enemy. However, in the early stages where the Grundo has no healing scroll this is necessary to absorb damage from the enemy and stay alive.

For mission nine and ten, it is wise to combine the firepower of the two Skeiths and the Techo to destroy the invader faster. As there are five invaders to five soldiers, the way to combine attacks is to use converted enemies equipped with armor to draw damage from the invaders and then teleport the Skeiths to assist the Techo

Use two Grundos for increase healing power. With more healing, the possibility of losing a soldier is less and the soldiers can take whatever damage the enemy throws at them.

Use walls that are present to reduce the number of invaders attacking at any one time. Since the invaders move in a downward vertical motion they are blocked by their own side when there is a wall that prevents them from moving down.

Points to take notes

When you are dropping one soldier for another, wait until the second round before acquiring the scared item, as your newly acquired solider will gain an increase in strength and defence of +1.

It is dangerous to have an invader and an enemy together inflicting damage to a soldier. The enemy can inflict damage up to 13 hit points. This damage combined with the invader's damage will reduce the soldier's hit point to a very low value. Therefore, for those being attacked by two or three soldiers, it is important to heal them first. Heal to full if necessary.

Watch for the Skeiths, as they have low defence being equipped with the amulet of teleportation. It is best to heal them first.

A lot of determination and perseverance is needed to fight to the end. Hope these tips prove useful. Feel free to Neomail me for any more inquires.

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