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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 123 > Short Stories > No Ordinary Egg

No Ordinary Egg

by charmedhorses

Although it was January, the sun was shining brightly over Neopia. A light fog presided over the busy city, but even so it could have been mistaken as summer.

     In the center of town, buzzing with activity was a beautiful park filled with all sorts of lush trees and flowers. While normally they would have lost their leaves or wilted by then, they remained in bloom due to the unusual heat spell.

     "Beautiful weather we're having, isn't it?" a Christmas Scorchio commented to his owner.

     "Too bad winter isn't like this every year!" Another pet exclaimed, chuckling.

     Neopets and owners everywhere were talking about it, wondering what the cause for it was and making plans to go to Mystery Island while it was still nice.

     "Uggg," groaned a Faellie from atop a baby Gelert's back. "When's it going to snow? So much sun isn't good for a petpet."

     The Gelert laughed. "Aw, come on Trini. Lighten up and enjoy it while it lasts."

     "Honestly, Trin. I don't see what you're so cranky about," a rainbow Tonu said as he walked alongside the Gelert.

     "Now, now, Puppy_Trix, Ramoose_," a teenage girl said. "Let Trini be grumpy if she wants to be."

     "Thank you, SeaZ0ne," the Faellie said. "At least someone respects my ways."

     The Gelert shook her head in amusement. "You're one of a kind, Trini."

     "That's for sure," Ramoose_ said. "Neopia would be a disaster if there were two of you."

     SeaZ0ne heaved a sigh. "Be nice," she instructed. Nevertheless, the shadow of a smile could be seen in her face. Her pets were always giving each other a hard time and they all knew it was in good fun.

     A silence settled upon them as they followed the path winding throughout the park until suddenly Puppy_Trix shouted, "Look!" and raced forward. Trini lost her balance and was thrown to the pavement, but the Gelert didn't falter. Instead, she stopped a few yards ahead of them to peer at something on the ground.

     "What is it, Puppy?" Ramoose_ asked as they hurried to catch up.

     "Yeah, what was that all about?" Trini asked, dusting herself off and flying up to where Puppy_Trix was standing.

     The Gelert seemed oblivious to the arrival of her family, but continued staring down at the object in front of her with curiosity. The others followed her gaze and furrowed their brows, for on the ground lay a most peculiar object. It was round, about the size of Trini, and a creamy sort of color with slightly darker spots scattered across the shell.

     "Oooh! An Easter egg hunt!" Ramoose_ exclaimed. "Is it Easter already?"

"No, it's not Easter," SeaZ0ne said. "We just had Christmas!"

     Trini nudged at the egg with her foot. "Then what's it doing here?"

     "Trini! Don't hurt it!" Puppy_Trix cried.

     "It looks like it's been abandoned," SeaZ0ne said.

     "Abandoned? It's an egg!" Trini exclaimed. "How do you abandon an egg?"

     "Trini," Puppy_Trix began. "This is no ordinary egg. A Neopet is going to hatch from it."

     "Cool!" Ramoose_ shouted. "Can we keep it, SeaZ0ne?"

     SeaZ0ne looked doubtful. "I don't think so. You guys give me enough trouble as it is. Why don't we just take it down to the Lost and Found."

     "But, SeaZ0ne, we can't just leave it to strangers," Puppy argues. "It needs love and care at this stage of its life."

     SeaZ0ne seemed to waver and Puppy_Trix pushed on. "Let us take it home and care for it while we track down its owner." The Gelert paused, then added, "Please?"

     SeaZ0ne broke. How could she turn down a plea like that? "Oh, alright. You guys win, but just until we find its owner."

     "Aw, SeaZ0ne, you're the best!" Ramoose_ exclaimed.

     "Under no condition am I giving up my corner of the room," Trini stated firmly.

     Puppy_Trix rolled her eyes. "Don't be silly."

     "Come on, now. Let's get the egg and head home," SeaZ0ne said.


"What's it doing?" Ramoose_ asked anxiously as SeaZ0ne opened the door to their Neohome and let them in.

     "Still nothing," Puppy_Trix said exasperatedly. "Just like it's been doing the last five times you asked me."

     "Aaw," Ramoose_ said as he followed Puppy_Trix inside and to the kitchen.

     "What do you expect it to do?" Trini asked. "It's an egg."

     "Well, isn't it supposed to do something?" Ramoose argued. "Like hatch?"

     "All in good time," Puppy_Trix said. "Now, we need to keep it warm. Do you have any old blankets, Ramoose_?"

     Ramoose_ nodded and retreated to the bedroom he shared with Puppy to look for them.

     "Well, it looks like you've got things under control," SeaZ0ne said to Puppy_Trix. "I'll just be in my room reading." And with that she left Trini and Puppy in the kitchen.

     "It's not very attractive," Trini said bluntly.

     Before Puppy_Trix could argue with her, Ramoose_ returned with a stack of towels. "Here you go, Puppy," he said, setting them on the kitchen table.

     "Thanks, Ramoose_," the Gelert said. She carefully set the egg down on top of one of the towels and wrapped it up. "Now, now," Puppy_Trix said soothingly. "You just stay right there."

     "Where do you expect it to go?" Trini retorted. "It doesn't have arms or legs."

     Puppy_Trix glared at Trini. "You could be a little more helpful, you know."

     Trini frowned. "It's an egg!"

     "Hey, Puppy, what should we feed it?" Ramoose_ asked as he rummaged through their cupboard. He held out a can of baby food and asked, "How about this?"

     "No, Ramoose_. It doesn't need to eat anything," Puppy_Trix said.

     "You're just gonna let it starve?"

     "What would it eat with?" Trini asked. "It has no mouth."

     "Oh, Trini, give it a break!" Puppy_Trix exclaimed. She adjusted the blanket around the egg and cradled it in her arms. "Say, Ramoose_," the Gelert began. "Would you mind bringing that old lamp we have in our room out here?"

     "Sure," Ramoose_ said and he disappeared to their bedroom, returning moments later with a rusty lamp in his hooves. "What are you going to do with it?" He asked as he set it on the kitchen table beside the spare blankets.

     "Well," Puppy_Trix said as she set the egg down on the blankets and positioned the lamp so that it shone over it. Then she turned it on and said, "The light from this lamp should keep the egg warm so that it'll hatch sooner."

     Ramoose_ nodded in understanding.

     "It's an egg," Trini said again.


"Trini, why don't you make some found posters?" SeaZ0ne suggested later that afternoon.

     "Oh, that's a great idea, SeaZ0ne!" Puppy_Trix exclaimed.

     "What should I put on them?' Trini asked skeptically.

     "Well, you can write, 'FOUND: one egg in Neopia Park.' Then you can draw a picture of it and write underneath, 'Contact SeaZ0ne at…' and then put our address. Here," she said, handing the Faellie some paper.

     "Oh, okay," Trini said, taking it. She sat down at the kitchen table, grabbed a loose pencil and began to scribble.

     Only a few minutes passed before Trini flew over to SeaZ0ne and handed her a finished sign.

     "Done already?" SeaZ0ne asked in surprise.

     Trini nodded and hovered over SeaZ0ne's shoulder while she examined it.

     "Where's the picture?" SeaZ0ne asked.

     "It's right there," Trini said, pointing to a hastily drawn oval in the middle of the page.

     "But, Trini, you can't even tell what it is," SeaZ0ne said, squinting at the picture in hopes of getting a better look.

     "Sure you can," Trini argued. "It looks just like it."

     "Let me see," Ramoose_ said, hurrying over to look.

     SeaZ0ne held the paper out for him to see.

     "Oh," Ramoose_ said. "Well, it's..."

     "What?" Trini asked.

     "Uh, never mind," Ramoose_ said. "Come to think of it I have to go do something." And he hurried out of the room.

     "Hmph," Trini grunted. "I don't see anything wrong with it."

     "Here, I'll help you," Puppy_Trix said, coming to the rescue.

     "Now there's a good idea," SeaZ0ne said. "Thank you, Puppy."


"Alright! That's the last one," Puppy_Trix said, adding a final sheet of paper to a tall stack on the table.

     "Finally," Trini said. "There's no way we need that many posters."

     "We'll see. Let's go hang them up around town," Puppy_Trix said. She picked up the stack and headed for the door, Trini flying behind her and then landing on her back.

     "SeaZ0ne! We're going to hang the posters up around town!" Puppy called.

     "Okay, be back in time for dinner!" SeaZ0ne hollered back.

     "Wait for me!" Ramoose_ hollered, galloping up to them. "I want to come too!"


"How about here?" Trini suggested from atop Puppy_Trix's back.

     "Why, of all places, would we hang a poster on a garbage can?" Puppy_Trix asked.

     "A lot of people would see it," Ramoose_ pointed out.

     "Fine," Puppy said resignedly. Ramoose_ and Trini high-fived as Puppy_Trix hung a poster on the side of the trash can.

     "Oooh! I have a great idea!" Ramoose_ exclaimed. "Let's hang a poster in the window of the sandwich shop!"

     Puppy_Trix shrugged. "Okay. What gave you that idea?"

     Just then Ramoose_'s stomach gave a loud growl and he said, "I'm hungry."


"Time for bed!" SeaZ0ne exclaimed that night after they had eaten dinner and told her all the places that they had hung posters.

     "Okay," Puppy_Trix said, eyeing the egg still wrapped up below the light on the kitchen table. "Just let me say good night to the egg first.

     "Alright," SeaZ0ne said, "But make it snappy."

     Puppy_Trix nodded and began singing it a lullaby.

     "Aw, Puppy, what're you doing that for?" Trini groaned, holding her large ears.

     "I'm singing it to sleep," Puppy_Trix said defensively.

     "It doesn't have ears!" Trini moaned. "We do!"

     "Now, Trini," SeaZ0ne started.

     "Okay, okay," the Faellie said before she could say anything else. "I'll go get ready for bed while Puppy sings the egg to sleep. "But I don't see how it can sleep, anyway." Trini muttered as she headed to their bedroom. "It's an egg!"


The next morning SeaZ0ne, Trini, Puppy, and finally Ramoose_, woke up one at a time to find that the egg was just as they had left it.

     "It should have hatched by now," Puppy_Trix said with concern. "Any normal egg would have!"

     "Maybe it's not a normal egg," Trini said. From behind them, Ramoose_ added eery sound effects.

     "Very funny, you guys," Puppy_Trix said. "But I'm really worried."

     "Oh! Let me get that!" SeaZ0ne said, jumping from the table after they heard a knock on the door. "Maybe it's someone responding to your posters."

     Puppy_Trix, Ramoose_, and Trini waited in the kitchen as SeaZ0ne opened the door. On the other side stood an anxious woman, dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief.

     "Where is he?" She asked, letting herself in.

     "Where is who?" SeaZ0ne asked, following the woman, who had made her way into the kitchen.

     "My Pteri. I saw your poster," she said, waving one in front of SeaZ0ne's face. "Where's Bobby?"

     "Bobby?" Trini whispered to Ramoose_. "What kind of name is that for an egg?"

     "An egg?" the woman repeated, appalled. Then she caught sight of it, wrapped up beneath the light and gasped before hurrying to pick it up. "Bobby! What have they done to you!"

     "I tried keeping it…" Puppy_Trix paused. "Bobby," she corrected, "warm so he would hatch sooner," she explained.

     The woman looked horrified. "Hatch? Warm?" She shuddered. "This isn't just any old ordinary egg, my dear! This is my baby Pteri!"

     Puppy_Trix was speechless but Trini said, "You spent all that NP and your pet's an egg?"

     "Your manners are dreadful," the woman said to Trini. Then she turned back to Bobby, who was cradled in her arms and said, "Oliver's been worried sick."

     "Your manners aren't the best either," Trini said. "And who's Oliver? Bobby's pet rock?"

     "Yes, as a matter of fact he is," the woman said. "Now if you'll excuse me…" she said, pushing SeaZ0ne and Ramoose_ out of the way as she headed for the door.

     Trini slammed the door closed behind them as the woman mumbled, "Bobby, you poor thing, you've probably got a fever. Sticking you under a lamp like that. I dare say!"

     "Some people!" Trini exclaimed. "An egg for a pet and a rock for the egg." She shook her head. "That's just… weird."


Author's Note: Thank you so much for reading my story! I'm grateful that so many of you enjoy reading about Trini and her family! Please feel free to Neomail me with any comments, criticism, or other thoughts.

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