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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 121 > Articles > A Guide to Wintery Petpets

A Guide to Wintery Petpets

by sugar6248

HAPPY VALLEY - In light of the season, I've decided to compile a guide to help you learn more about wintery petpets. I happen to own two wintery petpets, a Snowbunny and a Raindorf. My abominable snowball, who looks like a wintery petpet, is actually a spooky petpet. Some Neopians mistake abominable snowballs for wintery petpets, which is understandable. However, the holiday season has me focused on the wintery little creatures. Let's get started on the adorable wintery petpets.

What are all the species of wintery petpets?

Well, there's the two that I have: a Snowbunny, named Snowball, and a Raindorf, named babyRudolph. There is also the Yullie, Fir, Powtry, Polarchuck, Jinjah, Felf, Candychan, Ona, Snowickle, Feepit, Wreathy, and Garooda.

The Snowbunny is the one that is able to be painted in the widest variety of colors. Thirteen colors besides white, to be exact. Onas and Candychans are the most sought after wintery petpets, and also the most expensive. They are both unbuyable, meaning they average over 100,000 Neopoints. I love Candychans and Onas, however, I think the Raindorfs are the cutest wintery petpet. This is why I bought one for my Kau, and she loves him to death. The Raindorf is only available in one other color besides its natural one. The other color happens to be green, so I hope The Neopets Team will add more colors for it soon. On the 9th day of Celebrating, the Wreathy, Feepit, and Garooda were released. This year, the Advent Calendar rewarded certain Neopians with a white Ona Feepits were also given out by the Advent Calendar soon after.

What do the wintery petpets look like?

You can check out most of the petpets roaming around Neopia by clicking here. I will also proceed to describe them to you.

The Yullie is a cute little fellow who resembles a mouse. Its description mentions how it loves to hide in small places. Perfect description for a mouse, right? Yullies naturally are yellow with little green spots on them, but can be painted red or black. The Powtry looks like a tiny snowman with a puffy head. I wouldn't place them in the top ten list for cutest petpets, but I'm sure they appeal to plenty of people. This petpet is only available in the natural color of white, or you can paint them yellow.

You can guess what Polarchucks look like just by their name. They're cute little polar bears, who come in four colors besides the natural white one. You can paint Polarchucks blue, plushie, or brown. According to their description, they're quite chatty. Felfs resemble elves, however, they are quite mischievous little creatures. You can either have the natural green one, or paint it white. Firs closely resemble little Christmas trees, without the decorations. You have the option of the naturally green Fir, a blue one or a white one. I don't know why you would paint a little Christmas tree blue, but I think all of the colors of Firs are equally cute.

I know what the guys are probably thinking that they don't want a fluffy, cute petpet. Well, you're in luck, because there is a Snowickle, Wreathy, Garooda and various colors of Snowbunnies who aren't so adorably cute. Not to say that these petpets are only for boys, but I think they're not so preciously cute. The Snowickle is basically a baby Snowager. That's exactly what it looks like, and his description seconds my thought. You can also paint the little guy white or rainbow. You may wonder why I put the Wreathy under this category. Well, the moment I say it under the News section, I thought "Wow, it's a Christmas critter!" The Wreathy just doesn't appeal to me as one of the adorable wintery petpets because of this. However, opinions will undoubtedly differ over this. So far, the Wreathy can't be painted. The Garooda is a little chubby petpet, who is green and red. Garoodas also can't be painted as of now. They hate being picked up. On to Snowbunnies, for a more manly looking one, check out the Tyrannian, robot and ghost Snowbunny Possibly even the Halloween one is a more rugged one. You can also get an avatar by having a Snowbunny, so this is an added plus.

Based on what I've heard or read in Neopia, the cutest wintery petpets are the Candychan, Ona and Jinjah. Candychans have striped on their bodies, just like candycanes. The regular Candychan has pink and white stripes, whereas the blue one has white and blue stripes. You can also paint your Candychan rainbow, ghost, or plushie. I personally like the blue Candychan the best. Onas look like little teddybears with tiny wings. They also have a large star over their face. The natural Ona is light blue with a light yellow star on its face. Pink Onas are obviously pink, with a light pink star on the face. You can also paint your Ona ghost, fire, or invisible. The star on the Ona's face can't be seen on the fire and invisible versions. The white Ona is a different species than the regular Ona, since it was given out by the Advent Calendar. This means that a white Ona cannot be painted at all, and a regular Ona cannot be painted white. Jinjahs are associated with gingerbread cookies. You can own a naturally looking brown Jinjah, or opt for a red one. Your pet had better keep track of them, because Jinjahs love to run!

What do wintery petpets usually say?

Well, when everyone was on the hunt for the Whee! avatar, I decided to see if my Snowbunny knew anything about it.

Balofur: How do I get the Whee avatar?
Snowball shivers.

Wintery petpets never actually say anything. Most likely they will shiver, bury themselves into what they think is a pile of snow, or say "pllllrrrrr." They will also chirp loudly, stick their tongue out at you, and start to tremble uncontrollably.

I hope this guide has helped in your search for a wintery petpet, or understanding them better. Good luck in unlocking the mind of your cuddly wintery petpet!

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